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World Security Begins in Cairo, Egypt

ÚËăÇä ăÍăĎ Úáí Ýí ÇáËáÇËÇÁ 11 ÇČŃíá 2017


World Security Begins in Cairo, Egypt


Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

  The virus of terrorist extremism of political Sunnite Wahabism is never confined to the Arab world; it has spread insidiously and infiltrated most countries worldwide that enjoy peace, security, and justice, such as Canada and Switzerland that discovered some active terrorist cells inside their lands. Sadly, roots of such terrorist cells are Arab countries, and some brainwashed persons joining such cells do not exceed the age of 17. Let me provide a brief analysis of the roots of such phenomenon and its results; Egypt bears a great part of the responsibility regarding such phenomenon because it represents the intellectual minds and heart of the Arab world and the 'Islamic' world, especially because of the existence of the biggest formal Sunnite institution in the world: Al-Azhar institution, with its Azharite university branches, schools, and institutes all over Egyptian cities and in countries such as Palestine and some Caucasian countries. Besides, Azharite preachers are spread in most mosques worldwide, thus helping directly and indirectly in spreading the extremist terrorist Wahabi ideology all over the world in their  delivered sermons, lectures, and speeches. The Wahabi thought divides the globe into two warring camps: the camp of peace (i.e., countries ruled and controlled by Wahabis) and the camp of war (i.e., the rest of the world ruled by 'infidels': all non-Wahabis). The Wahabi notions include dividing the citizens of the ''camp of peace'' into 'free' first class citizens and ''enslaved'' second and third class citizens, and the latter include Copts of Egypt, Shiites of the Gulf monarchies, Kurds of Syria, and some 'Bidon' in Kuwait (i.e., those who have no nationality papers). The extremist Wahabism ideology is based on the ancient Sunnite Ibn Hanbal extremist doctrine of the Middle Ages, and it is centered now within spreading teachings that are the exact opposite of the Quranic sharia of peace, mercy, equality, and justice. Inherited notions and traditions of Wahabism have nothing to do with human rights or higher Quranic values; rather, they inculcate into people Satanist notions of tyranny, injustices, and violation of human rights (esp. the right to live), by allowing despotic theocratic rulers to massacre one-third of the population in order to 'reform' conditions of the remaining two-thirds, as per false hadiths. Other confiscated rights is freedom and justice; within Wahabi theocracy, no one has the right to criticize or to protest against rulers and their retinue members and cronies, and even revolting against rulers (even if they torture citizens!) means apostasy and Hell in the Hereafter! Another flagrant violation of Wahabism is detracting the position of women in societies and objectifying them as 'things' or 'bodies' without souls, minds, or faith, with no mission in this universe but to beget children and be sex objects to men, while fabricating hadiths that most women are condemned to Hell in the Hereafter! Thus, patriarchal society values of Wahabism subjugate women and eliminate their presence in this world and in the next! But I focus here on the negative results and dire consequences of spreading Wahabism worldwide; the political Wahabis (whom some deem them wrongly as Islamists!) are power-seeking extremists who call for and would apply their theocratic caliphate that will subjugate and oppress nations which will be submissive to 'caliphs' or theocratic despots as if to revive Middle-Ages notion of the divine right of kings! Theocrats would then push people into waged wars against the other in the name of jihad and 'Islam' against non-Wahabis, after massacring all opposition figures, 'infidels', and 'heretics' (i.e., non-Wahabis) within the penalty for apostasy (i.e., death) within the Sunnite Wahabism, a deep-rooted notion in that wicked religion. Such corrupt evil notions spread all over the Arab world and beyond; leaders of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda call for establishing 'Islamic' world government, by forming their cells and militias all over the world to spread terrorism: in the USA, the UK, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, etc. and in the Arab world countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and the KSA, and other Sunnite countries like Turkey. Back in history, such is the same evil ideology embraced until now by the terrorist MB group, established in Egypt since 1928 by Saudi money to spread Wahabism worldwide to form movements and organizations of terrorism, sabotage, and destruction, as the world have witnessed in Yemen, Algeria, and Pakistan. To stop such a deluge of Wahabi terrorism that threaten world peace, the focus must be on roots of the problem: educational curricula in the Islamic world. Azharite curricula and books in Egypt and the Islamic world must not be considered as 'holy' or 'sacred', but man-made writings that can be criticized, refuted, and thoroughly revised, while providing alternative curricula that match the Quranic sharia teachings and its purposes as well as true Quranic higher values: peace, security, freedom, justice, and mercy, as well as human rights of both women and non-Muslim minorities in the Islamic world, rights that can also be derived from the Quranic text when studied away from traditions in the Azharite curricula. The Egyptian government must protect freedom of free thinkers to allow them to intellectually face extremism infesting the Azharite curricula, instead of incarcerating free thinkers such as Quranists among others in all civil society centers and institutions. Egypt, and then the whole world, must consider that the war on terror and extremism is an intellectual one; military confrontations are useless in this respect and so are incarcerating free thinkers. Victory will be achieved when Quranists intellectual war of ideas is adopted by all governments to refute and undermine Wahabism, while spreading a culture of moderation and peace instead of the culture of hatred. Freedom of expression of free thinkers, callers for democracy, and human rights activists must be protected and their writings must be spread in all audio-visual and written media. World security and crushing extremism and terrorism begins in Cairo, Egypt, where educational curricula (especially the Azharite curricula) must be reformed and thoroughly revised as they influence the whole Arab world and the Islamic one. Would anyone take heed before it is too late.                                

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