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Until When Would Israel Continue to Humiliate Palestinians at Security Checkpoints?

Published in November 25, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


 We are truly saddened by the article of the Palestinian Quranist writer, Mr. Osama Qafeesha titled (Checkpoints of Oppression), in which he writes as an eye-witness of his era about the suffering of Palestinians on a daily basis within security checkpoints; he writes that (... The Israeli policy is bent on practicing oppression and humiliation that hurt the dignity of Palestinian human beings because of the terrible psychological pressure that is generated by wasting time waiting at security checkpoints. The most effective weapon of psychological pressure is wasting time of individuals and disrupting their lives. The Israeli authorities intentionally humiliate and torment Palestinian people at security checkpoints and purposefully inflict oppression, psychological humiliation, physical exhaustion within the worst violation of human rights. This is a collective (physical and psychological) punishment that occur on a daily basis and it has also become a means of pressure and a tool of provocation to achieve political demands to break the morale of Palestinians on purpose, as security checkpoints surround all towns and villages and cut them apart from one another ...).    

We assert the following points.

1- We are against all types and forms of injustice, regardless of the nationality or race of the unjust ones. We perceive how these security checkpoints form a grave injustice against Palestinian citizens; the Israeli policies are very wrong in adopting such measures to humiliate the Palestinian nation.

2- The security checkpoints did not – and will not – stop suicide bombers; such untold humiliation creates suicidal tendencies inside some Palestinians seeking revenge by driving cars into Israeli pedestrians or stabbing Israeli civilians in the streets indiscriminately. The persistent humiliation and increasing oppression create explosions in the psyche of the oppressed and humiliated parties; this leads would-be suicide bombers to prefer to die instead of suffering the Calvary on a daily basis, especially when there are those who encourage would-be suicide bombers to commit their suicide attacks to enter into 'paradise'. The wrong Israeli policies provide motives for would-be suicide bombers so that they get rid of their life while murdering their enemies. As Israeli security checkpoints torment Palestinians indiscriminately, suicide bombers kill Israeli civilians indiscriminately. This is a vicious circle of violence and hatred must come to an end very soon to protect the lives of Israeli and Palestinian civilians. The responsibility here falls on Israel first, because it is the powerful party that controls everything.           

3- In every country worldwide, there are security checkpoints that serve citizens helped by central intelligence, and they chase suspects, search them, and might interrogate and detain them if necessary. This is done in the West countries who suffer threats posed by terrorists; yet, no country or government would ever humiliate its nation because of the existence of few criminals or terrorists. Of course, criminals or terrorists have no excuse to commit their crimes as they enjoy human rights fully and citizens enjoy their political rights. This is in contrast to Palestinian citizens in the occupied territories; Israel as the occupation authority treats them as hated enemies to be controlled by Israeli arms and weapons.        

4- Peace is the motto raised by Israel now, but it is impossible to achieve it with this oppression and injustice imposed by Israel. A pro-Israel friend of ours, after reading the article (in Arabic) by Mr. Osama Qafeesha about the humiliation and oppression inflicted by Israelis on Palestinians in security checkpoints, told us that he cannot blame Palestinian suicide bombers.  

5- We have written before articles to attack the cursed terrorists of Hamas group, as they use human shields among Palestinian peaceful civilians in Gaza Strip (as per Sunnite fiqh rules of the Sunnite religion of Satan) after they have committed a small terrorist attack against Israel to urge it to attack Gaza and its densely populated districts where Hamas terrorists would hide. The Hamas terrorists sometimes have no qualms to hide in hospitals and ambulance vans to embarrass Israel by making it kill many innocent people. We have thanked Israel in our articles because it tries to evade as much as possible (through the central intelligence) killing innocent civilians. To reduce the number of innocent civilian victims is indeed a difficult challenge in the densely populated city of Gaza. Likewise, we now attack the Israeli policies of humiliating and harshly treating Palestinian citizens unjustly at security checkpoints.       

6- Within several articles of ours, in Arabic and in English, we have compared between Israel and the tyrannical countries of the Muhammadans; we have said that Palestinian Arabs who carry the Israeli nationality have better life conditions than Egyptians in Egypt. Arab tyrants oppress their nations and take them lightly. We think now that when Israel oppresses and humiliates Palestinians at security checkpoints, it imitates Arab tyrants.   

7- The Israelis born in Israel has the right to feel secure in the future, in a country whose existence is acknowledged on the Palestinian, Arab, and international levels. The future does NOT only depend on this; many nations, countries, states, and invaders settled in Palestine throughout history. The future of Israel as a country is put to question now; its future is never going to be based on the culture of violence, oppression, animosity, and hatred; rather, it will be based on peace, justice, and human dignity and legitimate human rights that must be provided for Palestinian citizens; providing all this will never cost Israel a penny, whereas the culture of violence, oppression, animosity, and hatred will certainly cost the Israelis their future.    


 We have asserted the above points while caring for preserving the lives of peaceful, innocent civilians among the Israelis and the Palestinians now and in the future. May Almighty God bear witness that we have announced this message of peace.

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