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In Response to the Hoax Propagated by the Muhammadans in their Claim that Muhammad Lives On in His Grave

Published in Arabic in September 23, 2016

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




 We have received this message from one of our fellow beloved Quranists; we publish here part of it, followed by our reply:

(… Every Friday night and day, the Muhammadans consider it a day dedicated to the worship of Muhammad … Hadiths are endless about glorifying and praising Muhammad all that day long, especially the hadith about Muhammad's viewing such praise addressed to him on Fridays … I would like you, Dr. Mansour, to refute such nonsense in an article, especially that hadith … I would like you to prove that Muhammad is dead: he cannot hear or see anything, and that his body was turned into dust centuries ago …).




Firstly: nonsensical accounts about Muhammad being alive in his grave:

  Websites in Arabic has more than 22 accounts of the same nonsensical narrative, with differences in the series of narrators and in few words within phrasing. Let us quote some of such laughter-inducing stories:

 (… A series of narrators asserted that … The Prophet said: My life is useful and beneficial for you, and so is my death, as your deeds are shown to me, to praise the Lord if they are good, and to ask His pardon on your behalf if they are bad…).  (… A series of narrators asserted that … The Prophet said: My life is useful for you, as I you write my sayings that I utter to your guidance, and my death is useful to you also, as upon my death, your acts are reviewed by me, to praise God if they are good, and to ask His pardon on your behalf if they are bad …). (… The Prophet said to us: My life is for you benefit, and so is my death … as you copy my words in writing during my lifetime, and when I die, your works are shown by the angels to me, in order to praise the Lord if they are good, and to ask His pardon on your behalf if they are bad). (… Our life is dear to all of you, and so must be my death, as while we are dead, your deeds will be shown to me on Fridays, in order to praise the Almighty if they are good, and in order to ask His pardon on your behalf if they are bad …). (… A series of narrators told us that the Prophet said to them that believers draw benefits from him during his lifetime and while he is dead, as in his life, he dictated hadiths to them to write, and during his death, the angels will show him works of his people, in order to praise the Lord if they are good, and to ask His pardon on our behalf if they are bad  …). (… A series of narrators have said that the Prophet said that: God has flying angels that will roam the earth until the end of times and come to me frequently to tell me names of those who glorify me … my life is useful to you, as your write down my words, and I will be of more use to all of you during my death, your deeds will be shown to me on Fridays, in order to praise the Almighty if they are good, and in order to ask His pardon on your behalf if they are bad …).

 Within the above pieces of fiction, it is deducted that the Sunnite fabricators wanted people to believe that Muhammad will be alive until the end of days in his grave after his death! This implies that he is supposedly immortal! The fictional story goes to the extent that his soul mission in his grave is to review deeds of all 'believers' to ask God's pardon for their sins!


Secondly: questions concerning the above laughter-inducing fiction:

1- How come that a dead man is dead and then be brought back to life inside a tomb?!

2- How come that one man alone can for centuries review deeds of billions of the Muhammadans since his death until the Day of Resurrection?!

3- Who would brought dossiers of all deeds of billions of people for him to review and peruse?!

4- Would he review deeds of the living Muhammadans or only just those who died?!

5- Is such arduous task that will go on for century really necessary or needed?! The hadiths never mention if God would accept Muhammad's begging for pardon on behalf of people. Hence, what is the use of such centuries-long endeavors?!   

6- Will the dead Muhammad have his own secretarial team to help him review deeds of billions of people?! Will Muhammad have an air-conditioned office with PC, internet, and all telecomm devices?!

7- Will the mausoleum/grave be spacious enough for such arrangements?!

8- Will the dead Muhammad be doing such endeavors while entombed beneath the earth, and beneath the feet of worshippers who come in large groups to worship his grave to attain blessings?! Is it right for him to be under feet of people?!   

9- Will the dead/alive Muhammad be imprisoned in his grave for centuries in a hole beneath the earth for centuries until the Day of Resurrection?!


Thirdly: Such insulting fiction shows clearly that the Muhammadans despise Prophet Muhammad:


1- Those who really love Muhammad can never imagine him imprisoned in a cell beneath people's feet.

2- Those who really love Muhammad can never that his dead body is intact in the grave; this is likening Muhammad to Moses' Pharaoh whose punishments included keeping his dead body for people to watch it and draw a lesson: "Today We will preserve your body, so that you become a sign for those after you. But most people are heedless of Our signs." (10:92). Indeed, people tend to forget and overlook the Quranic verses; the Muhammadans never heed the Quran and ponder upon its verses, as they have abandoned and forsaken it, and they replaced it with countless man-made books. Most people who have inherited the Quran have been unjust toward themselves as they have ignored it, as God tells us in advance: "What We inspired in you, of the Book, is the truth, confirming what preceded it. God is Well-Informed of His servants, All-Seeing. Then We passed the Book to those of Our servants whom We chose. Some of them wrong their souls, and some follow a middle course, and some are in the foremost in good deeds by God's leave; that is the greatest blessing." (35:31-32).   

3- Sadly, and we are very sorry to say it, billions of Muhammadans since ten centuries and until the present day sanctify, worship, and venerate the devilish mausoleum ascribed to Muhammad in Yathreb, Hejaz region, Arabia. They perform pilgrimage to it in throngs and crown the mosque that house such devilish mausoleum of sin to supposedly get blessed! When they perform pilgrimage in Mecca, in the Kaaba Holy Mosque, they tend to think all the time to travel fast to Yathreb in order to adore and worship the devilish mausoleum dedicated to their beloved supreme deity, an imaginary immortal being whom they call Muhammad, and those did not perform pilgrimage yet offer prayers dedicated to him from a distance, all day and all night! Such prayers offered to him is indeed a polytheistic act of worshipping the Prophet. Within such acts, the underlying myth is to think Muhammad is immortal, still alive in his grave, feeling them and asking God's pardon for them. In fact, such Muhammadans worship a nonexistent pagan idol, imagined by all to be real, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the real, historical figure of Muhammad mentioned in the Quran.       

4- God says the following about those who worship graves and tombs and deify the dead buried in them: "…As for those you call upon besides Him, they do not possess a speck. If you pray to them, they cannot hear your prayer. And even if they heard, they would not answer you. And on the Day of Resurrection, they will reject your partnership. None informs you like an Expert." (35:13-14). "Say, "Have you considered those you worship instead of God? Show me which portion of the earth they have created. Or do they own a share of the heavens? Bring me a scripture prior to this one, or some trace of knowledge, if you are truthful." Who is more wrong than him who invokes, besides God, those who will not answer him until the Day of Resurrection, and are heedless of their prayers? And when humanity is gathered, they will be enemies to them, and will renounce their worship of them." (46:4-6).

5- Those who really love Muhammad stick only to the Quran, to which Muhammad adhered all his life, as he obeyed God's command in the following verse: "So adhere to what is revealed to you. You are upon a straight path." (43:43). Adherence to the Quran means that a believer must believe that God has told Muhammad the following verse: "You will die, and they will die." (39:30).


Fourthly: "You will die, and they will die." (39:30):

 We give below some of our thought resulted from reflecting upon this verse.

1- God has told Muhammad this verse while he was alive in Mecca; this asserts beforehand his inevitable death, like all mortals.

2- In the phrase ''You will die…'', this style of writing shows emphasis and absolute certainty, as the verb ''will'' shows that 100% certitude. 

3- God asserts in 39:30 the inevitable death of Muhammad and that of his foes as well, and both parties will plead their case and defend themselves and accuse one another: "Then, on the Day of Resurrection, you will be quarrelling before your Lord." (39:31)

4- Superficial look shows that Muhammad is equal to his foes in the fact that both parties will die eventually, but deeper, closer look shows that Muhammad's death is asserted more than that of his foes:

4/1: as Muhammad is put alone on one side of the scale and the other side of the scale contains his foes,

4/2: as telling the fact that Muhammad is mortal comes first before the death of his mortal foes, and

4/3: as God asserts in 39:30 the death of Muhammad as direct speech addressed to him, whereas He asserts his foes' death by talking about them in the third person plural form (in Arabic), and therefore, Muhammad's death is assured and asserted more than that of his foes, and that his death will occur first before theirs. This is a historical fact as well.

5- This above assertion of Muhammad's death in 39:30 means the following points.

5/1: Death is the same destination and fate of Muhammad and his foes (history supposes that his foes include certain names, such as Abou Jahl). Death means that souls go to the location named in the Quran as Barsakh, while dead bodies decompose into dust and marrow-less bones. This applies to dead prophets, evil people, and good people. Hence, this decomposition occurred to both Prophet Muhammad and (the cursed foe) Abou Jahl, and both of their souls are in Barsakh.  Muhammad was a human being with a human body created of dust and mud like the rest of all human beings, and he walked through markets and ate food and drank water. Hence, his body upon death was buried and decomposed like any other dead body.     

5/2: Hence, 39:30 is a Quranic miraculous predication by God: He refutes beforehand the Muhammadans who will dare to say that Muhammad is immortal and lives still in his grave. This is why Muhammad's death and that of his foes is asserted in the Quran, more than 1400 years ago, before their actual death.


Fifthly: "Then, on the Day of Resurrection, you will be quarrelling before your Lord." (39:31):

  This verse asserts that both parties, Muhammad on the one hand, and his foes on the other hand, will defend their stances before the Almighty. Let us demonstrate below our thoughts derived from reflecting upon this verse. 

1- In 39:31, Muhammad and his foes are equally mentioned and are put in equal action/deed, without favoring one party over the other; as the pronoun ''you'' in this verse is plural (in Arabic) to include both Muhammad and his foes on equal footing as far as defending one's stance is concerned.

2- In 39:31, both parties will defend themselves with equal chance to do so in the Hereafter.

3- Another equality in death of all mortals is asserted in the following verse that show that all human beings inevitably die eventually: "Every soul will have a taste of death, and you will receive your recompense on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is swayed from the Fire, and admitted to Paradise, has won. The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion." (3:185). "Every soul will taste death. We burden you with adversity and prosperity-a test. And to Us you will be returned." (21:35). "Every soul will taste death. Then to Us you will be returned." (29:57). The same equality is also in one's responsibility for one's deeds: "Every soul is hostage to what it has earned." (74:38). Within such equality as well, every soul in the Day of Resurrection will be accompanied by a witness of deeds done: "And every soul will come forward, accompanied by a driver and a witness." (50:21). The same equality in the Day of Resurrection will be exemplified more as understood from this verse: "On the Day when every soul will come pleading for itself, and every soul will be paid in full for what it has done, and they will not be wronged." (16:111). No prophet would be favored if he disobeyed and sinned:  "It is not for a prophet to act dishonestly. Whoever acts dishonestly will bring his dishonesty on the Day of Resurrection. Then every soul will be paid in full for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged." (3:161). 


Sixthly: "It is a message for you, and for your people; and you will be questioned." (43:44):

1- We find here in 43:44 stressed affirmation that both Muhammad and his people will be equally questioned in the Last Day, and that the Quran is a message to remind both him and them. This is equality repeated in our reflection on 39:30-31. 

2- Before 43:44, the previous verse asserts a commandment addressed by God to Muhammad to adhere to the Quran: "So adhere to what is revealed to you. You are upon a straight path." (43:43).

3- In the Quranic Chapter 39, the assertion of death of both Muhammad and his foes is followed by verses  about the fate of deniers in the Quran in Hell and the fate of prophets who brought the Truth and believers in this Truth: "You will die, and they will die. Then, on the Day of Resurrection, you will be quarrelling before your Lord. Who is more evil than he who lies about God, and denies the truth when it has come to him? Is there not in Hell room for the ungrateful? But he who promotes the truth, and testifies to it-these are the righteous. They will have whatever they please with their Lord. Such is the reward for the virtuous. God will acquit them of the worst of their deeds, and will reward them according to the best of what they used to do." (39:30-35). We preach the Muhammadans with 39:30-35 to warn them.  

4- We preach the Muhammadans with 39:36-41 to warn them further again: "Is God not enough for His servant? And they frighten you with those besides Him. Whomever God sends astray, for him there is no guide. And whomever God guides, for him there is no misleader. Is God not Powerful and Vengeful? And if you asked them, "Who created the heavens and the earth?" they would say, "God." Say, "Have you seen those you pray to instead of God? If God willed any harm for me, can they lift His harm? And if He willed a blessing for me, can they hold back His mercy?" Say, "God suffices for me. On Him the reliant rely." Say: "O my people, work according to your ability; and so will I. Then you will know.Who will receive a humiliating punishment, and on whom will fall a lasting torment."We sent down upon you the Book for mankind in truth. He who follows guidance does so for the good of his soul. And he who strays in error does so to its detriment. You are not their overseer." (39:36-41). God says nothing but the Truth.

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