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Did Prophet Muhammad – During his Lifetime – Visit his Own Grave?

Did Prophet Muhammad – During his Lifetime – Visit his Own Grave?

A Query Posed to Those Who Believe in Such Falsehood as Part of Islamic Sharia

Published in Arabic in September 30, 2016

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

Firstly: did Muhammad during his lifetime visit his own grave?

1-  This is a pivotal question, not only in relation to sharia topics or performing pilgrimage, but also in relation to another big question: what is the divine, celestial religion of Islam? What are the earthly, fabricated religions and creeds made and owned by mortals who design and fashion its sharia laws as per their whims? Why such falsehoods are ascribed forcibly by them to God and his prophets?

2- This is the pivotal question concerning Islam; real Islam is only the Quran, abandoned and forsaken by the vast majority (i.e., the Muhammadans) who specialize in misguiding others to make them go astray, away from God's path: the Quran itself; see 6:116. The Quran is believed only by a very small, tiny minority worldwide. Billions of the Muhammadans for more than 10 centuries think erroneously that pilgrimage to Mecca and its Kaaba Sacred Mosque is never complete without visiting the mausoleum / tomb purportedly ascribed to Muhammad. Such Muhammadans usually get furious when they hear us assert that such a visit to such mausoleum is indeed an act against real Islam (the Quran) and a disbelief in it and that such a mausoleum is a filth and major sin created by the Satan. This vast majority of the Muhammadans take pride in its large, great numbers, as if such numbers worldwide are a refutation of views held by the tiny, small minority of Quranists who truly believe in the Quran alone. Because the Muhammadans never read or understand the Quran properly, they tend to forget that the Quran itself states clearly that most of human beings in all eras are accused of disbelief, polytheism, misguidance, and lack of reasoning as far as Islam is concerned. Those Muhammadans tend to forget that the Quran itself states clearly that real believers / winners who enter Paradise in the Hereafter are a minority among human beings and that this minority is divided into those on the right and the forerunners; see 56:10-40. Those Muhammadans tend to forget that the Quran itself states clearly that however great their numbers are, Hell will have ample room for them all, and it will ask for more: "On the Day when We will say to Hell, "Are you full?" And it will say, "Are there any more?"" (50:30).  


Secondly: did Muhammad during his lifetime visit his own grave?

1- This is the pivotal question that divides Truth and falsehoods; no non-Quranists would dare to answer this question in affirmative by saying: 'Yeah, we are sure and positive that Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime visited his grave' (!). The Muhammadans might argue other issues and topics raised by Quranists, but not this pivotal one. The Muhammadans with the passage of 12 centuries have ascribed to Muhammad, after his death, false saying, deeds, and notions such as murdering atheists, infidels, converts to other creeds, rejecters of Islam, polytheists, married fornicators (i.e., adulterers and adulteresses), those who oppose theological views approved by all sheikhs … in short, all non-Muslims all over the globe to force them to convert! The Muhammadans ascribed to Muhammad after his death corrupt faulty heretical notions that go against the Quran, such as his being allegedly the best human being and the best prophet, his being allegedly able to predict future and know the unseen, his alleged intercession on behalf of sinners in Hell in the Hereafter during the Day of Resurrection, his allegedly miraculous acts, glorifying and worshipping of things and stones and tombs etc. In fact, the man-made sharia laws ascribed forcibly to him after his death that accumulated within centuries are enough to fill countless 'holy' tomes, volumes, and books of Shiite, Sunnite, and Sufi Muhammadans. An insolent Muhammadan might assert that there is no barrier to hinder his/her buying into the idea that Muhammad might have uttered such so-called hadiths, but however insolent he/she is, such a Muhammadan will not dare to assert that Muhammad during his lifetime visit his own grave. Inevitably, this Muhammadan has to say that Muhammad had no tomb/ grave during his lifetime, and consequently, it was impossible that Muhammad visited such a mausoleum, or any other one, during his lifetime.         

2- This pivotal question leads to another no-less-important question: since Muhammad during his lifetime never visited his grave, why on earth would the Muhammadans suppose that visiting such a mausoleum dedicated to him as part of religion?! Why should they suppose that visiting such a mausoleum dedicated to him as part of performing pilgrimage. Undeniably, many Muhammadans indeed consider visiting such a mausoleum dedicated to him as part of Islam and pilgrimage, done reverently more than any other pilgrimage rituals in Mecca.     

3- This leads to another question posed by us: if this visit was part of Islam, never done by Muhammad and his so-called companions, since Muhammad was alive in their era, does this imply that Muhammad did not convey the whole message of Islam?! Did he disobey God when He commanded him to convey the message of Islam?! "O Messenger, convey what was revealed to you from your Lord. But if you do not, then you would not have delivered His message. And God will protect you from the people. God does not guide the disbelieving people." (5:67). This means that the Muhammadans accuse Muhammad of disobeying God by not conveying the whole message of Islam. 


Thirdly: did Muhammad during his lifetime visit his own grave?

1- This pivotal question determines the real believers in the Quran and the real disbelievers in it. The Muhammadan disbelievers by their insisting on such visit to a mausoleum dedicated to worship of Muhammad as a deity beside God reject this verse: "…Today I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed My favor upon you, and have approved Islam as a religion for you…" (5:3).

2- Real believers in God and in His Quran are 100% certain that the whole, complete religion of Islam has been revealed in its entirety in the Quran, whose revelation has ended in the verse 5:3. Consequently, any added notions or sharia laws after perfecting Islam are not added by the Almighty God, but by Satan. The Quran is NOR authored by any mortals. When human beings author books, they give their names to it, like ancient 'sanctified' and 'holy' imams, scholars, and clergymen of the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi Muhammadans: Al-Bokhary, Al-Shafei, Malik, Ibn Hanbal, Al-Ghazaly, Ibn Taymiyya, Al-Kulayni, etc. Such books are filled by lies, fabrications, and falsehoods such authors have ascribed to God and to Muhammad; nevertheless, such books are eventually attributed to such dead authors. Being authors of such books of religions means that they owned, forged, and fashioned such religions. Since they were mortal humans born of dust and mud like the rest of us, their religions written by the are earthly religions. They were mortals who cannot grant life, bring death, or resurrect the dead, and thus, the Muhammadans who worship them deify dead mortal human beings make this verse apply to them: "And yet, instead of Him, they produce for themselves gods that create nothing, but are themselves created; that have no power to harm or benefit themselves; and no power over life, death, or resurrection." (25:3). We are 100% sure that Al-Bokhary, Al-Ghazaly, and Al-Kulayni as well as Prophet Muhammad will NOT judge us in the Day of Resurrection; rather, each of them, like the rest of human beings, will defend himself in the Last Day to save himself from eternal suffering and torment of Hell.             

3- The Quran is NOT authored by any mortals; it is God's Word revealed to Muhammad, and God Himself undertakes the mission to protect His Word, the Quran, to preserve it in this same order of chapters and verses, and to explain it from within its verses, because God is the Only Judge of humanity in the Last Day, and He is the Sole Owner of the Day of Judgment and of religion. 

4- Real believers staunchly believe that God says the Truth in 5:3, like the rest of all Quranic verses, and utter in faith, piety, and reverence the phrase (God says nothing but the Truth). Hence, if believers would hear anyone urging them to visit a mausoleum, ascribed to Muhammad or any other dead person, they must reject such notion as falsehood foreign to the Quran (real Islam) ascribed to Muhammad decades after his death, as Islam is perfected when the Quranic revelation came to an end. Real believers must reject such falsehood in public.

5- Sadly, those disbelievers in God and His Quran take another different stance; they would join the group of ''but-utterers'': those how tend to say the word ''but'' so often to contradict truths by using lame pretexts and weak proofs. Hence, such persons would say: 'indeed, Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime never visited his grave, as he had not one while being alive, but ……'. Pretexts and weak, unbelievable proofs after the word ''but'' lead them eventually to deny in their hearts the phrase uttered after reading Quranic verses: (God says nothing but the Truth), for the sake of denying and rejecting divine revelation of the Quran to believe nonsensical falsehoods and lies instead. Hence, the Muhammadans make themselves unjust criminals and sinners, as per the following verses: "Who does greater injustice than someone who fabricates lies against God or denies His revelations? The sinners will not succeed." (6:21). "Who does greater wrong than someone who fabricates lies about God or denies His revelations? The sinning criminals will never prosper." (10:17).

6- Some of those who deny and reject God and the Quran might agree with us verbally about the above question in the title of this article out of sense of shame or out of lack of ability to respond and argue, but indeed, once they are in Hejaz for pilgrimage, devils would seduce and tempt them to commit the sin of visiting such Satanic mausoleum dedicated by the Muhammadans to their deity they have named Muhammad! Of course, Prophet Muhammad is innocent of such sin, forcibly ascribed to him decades after his death, when early Muhammadans lied by telling others that Muhammad during his lifetime urged people to visit his grave! What utter nonsense! Such type of Muhammadans who commit this sin during pilgrimage are hypocrites who are controlled by devils: "On the Day when God will resurrect them altogether-they will swear to Him, as they swear to you, thinking that they are upon something. Indeed, they themselves are the liars. Satan has taken hold of them, and so has caused them to forget the remembrance of God. These are the partisans of Satan. Indeed, it is Satan's partisans who are the losers." (58:18-19).    


Fourthly: did Muhammad during his lifetime visit his own grave?

1- This pivotal question exposes the earthly, man-made religions of the Muhammadans, those who call themselves as ''the Umma of Muhammad'' (i.e., nation of people of Muhammad). Despite their conflicts, struggles, unsettled differences, and wars, all of the Muhammadans past and present agree on one thing: they worship an imaginary deity created by them whom they have named 'Muhammad', which has nothing to do at all with the historical figure of Muhammad, the seal of prophets in the Quran. Their deity called 'Muhammad' is a supreme, greater god who is the center of their man-made religions and who even dominates over God/Allah! Undeniably, when the Muhammadans hear the name of God, Allah, mentioned to them, they never utter the phrase ''May God be praised and glorified!''. Once the name of Muhammad is mentioned to the Muhammadans, within or without talking about the so-called hadiths, they readily raise their voices in awe to say ''Peace and blessings of God be upon him!''. Indeed, the Muhammadans have made their supreme deity in total control of the Day of Judgment, and they made him remaining 'alive' somehow in his assumed grave, under their feet, to hear those who come and worship him reverently in the grave and grant their wishes! The Muhammadans confine their deity to be entombed alive in this underground cell until the Day of Resurrection! Their falsehoods include this deity reviewing and watching over their deeds and acts, in order to ask God's pardon for them! Other falsehoods and lies include that this supreme deity would stop his job of watching over their deeds and acts to ask pardon for them once one utters phrases to praise and glorify him, in order to hear and respond to those who praise him! once the response is done, this supreme deity would resume reviewing papers containing works, deeds, and acts of the Muhammadans, one by one, to ask pardon for sinners among them! This is funny and laughter- inducing; this supreme entombed deity would alone serve billions of Muhammadans non-stop day and night without feeling exhaustion at all! Thus, this supreme god of the Muhammadans is fashioned and made in a funny manner and a bad way of fabrication; yet it is honored, venerated, sanctified, and worshipped by the Muhammadans for centuries, and for its sake, they reject Islam (the Quran) and reasoning minds.       

2- If Muhammadans would hear Quranists surprise and unsettle them by uttering the irrefutable truths that 1) such mausoleum is an evil work of Satan, 2) it has nothing to do with Muhammad,  3) it should be avoided, 4) it should NOT be venerated as 'holy', 5) it should NOT be visited as a ritual of pilgrimage, and 6) those who commit this grave sin are enemies of God and Muhammad, they will certainly physically attack Quranists! The Muhammadans never care that Quranists have reasonable minds and decisive Quranic proofs; the Muhammadans cannot realize that devils control their souls and minds and make them see the truth as false, and falsehoods as truth. Among so many devilish lies, the Muhammadans would think that if they physical attack of kill 'heretical' Quranists, they would enter Paradise and have sex with houris waiting for them with open arms, and open legs!    

3- If a Quranist is brave enough to say the above truths about the worshipped satanic grave to one of the Muhammadans, he/she before that should send us the address of his/her cemetery to send in advance a bunch of flowers!


Fifthly: did Muhammad during his lifetime visit his own grave?

1- This pivotal question distinguish between Islam on the one hand, and ''Muslims'' on the other hand, that we call Muhammadans.

2- Islam as a religion is perfected within the divine revelation of the Quran in its entirety to Muhammad. The Quran is commands and prohibitions that are to be applied by seekers of Paradise, as those who disobey them are sinners who deserve Hell. Such commands and prohibitions are God's; hence, there is no mortal human beings that represent Islam, even Muhammad. Muhammad himself, as we know from the Quran, used to declare his following the Quran and his fear of the suffering of Hell. Muhammad used to commit mistakes, and God would rebuke him in the Quran. In the Day of Resurrection, Muhammad will defend himself and will disown and reject those who rejected and abandoned the message of the Quran. If Muhammad were an embodiment of the Quran or representative of it, as the Muhammadans repeat, he would have been an infallible deity who never erred. Of course, Muhammad never erred as far as conveying the message of the Quran is concerned. He fulfilled his mission of conveying the Quran and then died. He died after the religion of Islam has been perfected and completely conveyed within the divine revelation by God to Muhammad. Once the mission was accomplished, Muhammad died, and there is nothing left to be conveyed or revealed; Islam has been perfectly and completely revealed as a whole: the Quran itself.   

3- The above point is closely linked to the topic of this article; since the Quran (the whole true and only source of Islam) is revealed in its entirety, there is no room for any additions. Hence, whatever laws notions that came after Muhammad's death and added forcibly to Islam with the passage of centuries are NOT part of Islam, and Islam has nothing to do with such additions; rather, such additions belong to Muslims, whom we call the Muhammadans, with their human history, traditions, heritage, and man-made religions and creeds. Those ancient ones will be divided within the three categories of all human beings in the Day of Judgment, mentioned in the Quranic Chapter 56, with the majority in Hell. 

4- There are two types of enemies of Islam; one type is those who have other earthly man-made religions apart from those of the Muhammadans, and the other type is the most dangerous one: those who claim to be Muslims apparently but their sharia and faith contradict the Quran. This second type use the motto of 'Islam' to distort Islam and to spread corruption and terrorism on earth, as do Wahabis of today. It is fair, right, and true to be objective by putting a barrier to distinguish between Islam and the so-called Muslims, whom we call as the Muhammadans. We, Quranists, are to stick to 5:3 as eternal, absolute truth. Yet, such justice and fairness are rejected by the vast majority. It is hardly surprising that people of the West countries (especially Christians and atheists among them) as well as Wahabis worldwide would agree on using faulty notions and terms such as 'Islamist movement', 'radical Islam', 'Islamism' 'Islamist jihad', and 'political Islam', as the West countries commit the terrible mistake of thinking that Wahabism is synonymous with Islam and as Wahabis assert they are 'real Muslims' or 'genuine Muslims'. When we, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, assert that Islam has nothing to do with good and bad acts and deeds of 'Muslims', no one pays attention to us. When we, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, assert that Islam (the Quran alone) is against tyranny, corruption, terrorism, and all forms of injustices, the citizens of the West countries would mock and deride us, and Wahabis would issue fatwas to declare us as apostate or infidel who deserves to be put to death. 

5- Wahabis, like the rest of the Muhammadans, worship and deify, beside God/Allah, an imaginary god whom they called 'Muhammad', sanctify this god's Sunna, biography, hadiths, traditions, etc., and they honor and venerate this god by performing pilgrimage at his Satanic mausoleum. Despite the unsettled intellectual disputes and differences among various categories of the Muhammadans that cause civil strife and military actions in many instances past and present, all of them unite against Quranists and stick to their worship of their supreme false entombed deity and worship at his grave which is a Satanic pagan idol, and yet, they accuse Quranists of contempt of the religion of Islam and of being non-Muslims! 

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