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Egyptian President Sisi deceive the whole world


==Egyptian President Sisi belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist  organization ..


==Most ministers in the Government of Sisi are belonging   to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist   organization


==President Sisi put the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in a luxury prison ( 5 stars ) to deceive the

truth about the current  regime   , until they will be  released  ..


==President Sisi allowed travel of most of  Muslim  Brotherhood leaders -  accused of murder -  to Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, without arrest or trial ..!!??


== Egyptian security forces had arrested tens of thousands of political activists, and tortured to death many of them   


 == A study(  in Arabic)  proves that  the Egyptian security forces had tortured and killed the Italian man  Giulio Regeni in Cairo ,  and the Egyptian man Sharif Habib in London




Dr.   Seti  Shenouda  Guendi

Egyptian doctor and human rights activist

Researcher in terrorism and political Islam

Member of Amnesty International







Some of my  searches   and studies  ( in Arabic  ) about terrorism  , published in the most important Arabic web sites  :




1–A  study  (  in Arabic )     proves President Sisi alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, and the imprisonment of their leaders in  luxury prisons to deceive the whole world .


******** **********


2 -A study proves the complicity of the police and prosecutors in Egypt  with the terrorist attacks and  killing and torture of  the Egyptians




3 -- A study   (  in Arabic ) documenting alliance of The Egyptian  President Al Sisi with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization  :


PART – 10 =


PART – 9 =


PART – 8   =         














PART-1 =





 4 = A search  ) in Arabic (  demonstrates by documents that the  Egyptian military intelligence - under the leadership of Al SISI – made  the massacre of Christians in Maspero , Cairo – Egypt  on 9/10/2011 by crushing them by  military Tanks





5  = A search  (  in Arabic   )  demonstrates by documents that Al SISI  -when he was the  leadership of   the Egyptian   military intelligence -   made  the massacre of Christians in  ALQEDESIN  CHURCH  in Alexandria – Egypt on 1/1/2011




6 = A search ( in arabic ) by documents proved complicity  of  President  AL SISI and some of senior Egyptian military leaders with Daaesh terrorist organization ( ISIS )in carrying out terrorist attacks in Sinai – EGYPT  :


 PART – 1 =


 PART – 2 =   


PART – 3 =






7 -  A search ( in Arabic ) documenting the systematic persecution , Kidnapping and slaughter of    The  Coptic Christians in Egypt in the era of President Al  Sisi     :





8   - A search  ( in Arabic )  demonstrates that the military intelligence -under the leadership  of Al  Sisi- implementation of the  first massacre of Rafah in  Sinai on August 5, 2012   :





9 – A study   ( in Arabic )   proves  the relationship of  Al  Sisi with smuggling of Mohammed Mekkawy (Sef Al Adl) -an Egyptian leader of Al Qaeda  terrorist organization    ,   and hundreds of terrorists to Egypt  , by the Egyptian military intelligence, which was headed  by Al  Sisi   :











** Blogspot of  DR. SETI  SHENOUDA  GUENDI  with some articles in English and German  :









DR. Seti  Shenouda Guendi

Egyptian doctor and human rights activist

Researcher in terrorism and political Islam

Member of Amnesty International

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