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Stop Abusing Islam

Was published in Arabic in October 23, 2014

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


1- On 22nd Of October, 2014, a Canadian citizen who is an addict and has been imprisoned many times before, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, has attacked the building of the Canadian Parliament, and shortly before this, he has killed a Canadian security guard by a memorial building. The CNN asserted that this criminal has converted to Islam before committing his heinous terrorist acts. This criminal terrorist has been linked to ISIS terrorist group. News broke then about stopping many Americans from joining ISIS. This allegedly led to stopping terrorist acts in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Fear and panic spread in the USA because of ISIS infiltration, especially in NYC, near borders between Canada and the USA. News came about the fact that security apparatuses in Canada and the USA have cooperated and coordinated together to face this ISIS danger. Obama spoke about taking all precautionary measures and Canadian-American coordination to face ISIS.

This is our comment on all that:

2- It is clear that any Canadian or American citizen who is furious and angry or who has a criminal record that would like to commit suicide or enter into adventures to shock others for the thrill of it; he would claim being converted to Islam as a pretext for his crimes. So many female and male adolescents from Austria, Tunisia, etc. have joined ISIS for adventure, group sex parties, money, and to vent their hatred for their societies. There are some who join ISIS thinking that it represents 'real' Islam. In short, Islam has turned into a motto for angry youths from many nationalities, races, and cultures who want to vent their ire and frustrations.

3- About a century ago, communism was the haven for such furious youths. Wahabism has come in lieu of it now. Wahabism is not Islam at all. The USA managed to contrive the collapse of the USSR in the Cold War, without one bullet. This collapse was caused by competition for getting the most advanced arms. Another cause was the intellectual war of ideas; Western media infiltrated the iron curtain of the USSR. Russian and East European viewed USA media and West media in general. This shook the communist beliefs in the hearts of its staunch believers, ending in the collapse of the USA.

4- As usual after great wars, former alliances come to an end, forming new ones. In fear of ending European-American cooperation after the collapse of the USSR and the liberation of East Europe countries, a new enemy had to be created to unite all the West countries against it. Iran, the ''Islamic'' republic fell in the vacant slot. Yet, Iran has gradually forsaken its radical stances after the death of Khomeini. Shiite creeds are so many in their doctrines; they differ within Iran and inside Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. Wahabism spread worldwide by means of oil revenues, under the name of Islam, in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. All the spectra of Wahabism are subdivided into two trends: Wahabism that urge the worship of rulers via clergymen, as the case in Arab rulers and countries. The other trend is Wahabi various opposition movements, such as the hypocritical MB terrorist group who seek power and authority and huge wealth via elections, as well as Wahabi terrorists who commit heinous terrorist acts in Arab countries and in the West counties, supposing that all non-Wahabis are non-Muslims! The USA and Europe sponsored Wahabism (of the MB and Salafists) for two reasons: asserting the alliance with Arab tyrant rulers in the KSA, the Gulf monarchies, and in Egypt against those Wahabi terrorists who use violence. This has been done to unite all forces, East and West, against one common enemy in the Middle East.

5- As usual in Arab states, any politician who would cooperate with Wahabis would discover soon the trap he has been led into; the terrorist MB in Egypt has killed so many Egyptian Prime Ministers in the 1940s and assassinated the late Egyptian President Sadat in 1981. They attempted the assassination of late Egyptian President Gamal Abdul-Nasser in 1954. Regrettably, the Americans played with the pawns of Wahabi Arab jihadists in Afghanistan against the USSR, eventually leading to the emergence of al-Qaeda terrorist group and Bin Laden. This group, and later on ISIS, is the pole impaling the USA and Europe! This is made in USA; i.e., due to American folly. What a shame!

6- The Wahabism creed is terror itself, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS, but it continues to thrive until this very moment. The reason: the Wahabi intellectual war of ideas using all the latest inventions of the West, e.g. the internet, and making use of the worst political grave errors of the West, especially the USA, to deal with its enemies. The West wages war against terrorist Wahabism and ISIS by using armies. This is not enough; intellectual war to face this creed and line of thought is of paramount importance. We have to face those who recruit potential terrorists under the name of Islam. Stop using the term ''Islamists''; it is not correct. Terrorists are not Muslims at all. The West media goes on spreading that lie by asserting that terrorists Wahabis are "Islamists". As if when facing such terror, we face and undermine Islam! This is sheer falsehood. Wahabis are the real mortal enemies of real Islam: the Quran. Yet, intellectual war of ideas waged by ISIS and al-Qaeda against Israel, the USA, Europe, and Muslims of the Middle East is so far successful! In our global village of most advanced IT, ISIS has managed to recruit people from Europe, the USA, and Canada. Most angry, frustrated, non-Muslim youth are joining ISIS. They convert overtly to Islam – which is totally foreign and unknown to them – and join ISIS to commit terrorist acts for the thrill of it! What a shame! This is the pole that impales the West now!

7- Obama has failed in his policies in dealing with terrorism. He thought that by killing Bin Laden, terror has ended. Little does he know! When he was surprised by ISIS, which some claim as the creation of the USA itself, he wanted to create an international alliance to wage war on ISIS. This disgrace is caused by Obama to the USA! How dare he claim that combating ISIS would take years?! Are ISIS terrorists stronger that the USA and its allies?! What a shame!

8- This war is a failure and a grave error; it does not rely on an intellectual counter-attack of ideas within real Islam – the Quran – as presented by Quranists. This intellectual war of ideas can make ISIS, Al-Qaeda, MB, and and all groups embracing Wahabi thought of terror vanish so soon.

9- This intellectual war of ideas will not kill and will not use bullets; yet, it will save delusional youth from committing terror crimes under the name of Islam, when they get to know real Islam: Quranism. Hence, tens of thousands of souls will be saved from being killed.

10- The USA and its agents in Europe and inn Egypt are doing the exact opposite: they spread Wahabism as the sole representative of Islam. They make room for Wahabi clergymen in their countries to control religious culture, education, media, mosques, schools, universities, etc. and call such terrorists as ''Islamists'' as if to honor them! When simpletons among Muslim youth believe in such falsehoods, they turn into terrorists wanted by the police!

11- Obama is to blame; Quranists are the only ones with the required expertise to face Wahabi terror peacefully and intellectually using logic and reason. Our voice has reached him, but he has chosen to ignore us, we Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour. We have been teaching for a while in Woodrow Wilson Institute that takes part in American decision-making circles. We have written a research in English titled "the Rules of Intellectual War against Jihadists'', and we have mentioned the experience and endeavors of the Quranists on their website. We have written personal letters to Obama and published them later on our website, but in vain; it all came to nothing. He has chosen to ignore Quranists. We have sent the same plea to G. W. Bush; Dick Cheney ignored my letters of facing intellectually all terror done under the name of Islam. My suggestions would have saved the USA billions of dollars and would have saved tens of thousands of people. Yet, the Iraqi quagmire aborted any chances of peaceful confrontation against terror. Obama ignored totally the term of intellectual war in all his speeches and policies.

12- We call again for intellectual war against terror to save the lives of the innocent people worldwide. We care to clear the name of Islam from the accusations of terror. Islam is abused by Wahabis in politics. We hope our message would come across to all people concerned with peace. It is high time to wage Quranist intellectual peaceful war on terror of Wahabism of ISIS and other terrorist groups. This intellectual war costs almost nothing or very little. Yet, its economic benefits are so great. Would we be able to find attentive ears to our call? We can save billions and save countless souls! Please help us to reach all people concerned with peace in the USA, Canada, and Europe.                                     åì ÝÇËvenues, under the banner of islam,homeini.t. to an end, forming new onest suicide or enter into andvtures to shcok others               

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