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(The Spirit ( The Holy Ghost ) ( Al Rouh ) :


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1- If we were living a real Islamic revival, we would have acquainted ourselves with the genuine meanings of Quranic terminology, and would have cleansed our minds of what have precipitated in it of traditional and cultural lies. However, it seems the craving for power, the fever of trading in Islam and the uproar in outbidding each other over its great name, did not leave any of them a chance to stop, learn and get educated.

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The word “spirit” is one of the Quranic terms that were misunderstood, and we continue to use it erroneously without realizing that those misconceptions eradicate from our hearts the belief in “There is no God except Allah”, and replaces it with contradictory beliefs like, Incarnation and Union with the Creator, also the removal of any differences between the Creator and His creation. It is sad to note that a lot of so called religious minded people follow the sayings of some of those heritage and traditions books, which emphasize that within the human being’s makeup, there is a divine “firebrand”, and a apart or portion of the Divine, and as a proof they quote the Quran “And I breathed into him from My Spirit”. They believe that that a human being is made up of body and spirit, and that the body belongs to earth, and the spirit(the soul) is part of , or belongs to the spirit of God, meaning the essence of God. It is a fundamental belief many Sufis and those of the opinion of Incarnation and Union with God adhere to. Al Ghazzali mentioned it and repeated it in his books (Ihyaa’ Uloom Eddeen--Revival of the teachings of religion) and in (Mishkatul Anwar—Lamp of lights).

It was imperative upon the religious revival to clarify those misconceptions, if it were to be a true genuine Islamic revival.


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"( ).78/38) : " : 97/4. .


2-“Ar Rouh”, the Spirit, means also Archangel Gabriel, and any and all matters related to him.

Since Archangel Gabriel’s status among other angels is so elevated, the Quran refers to him in such a manner, as to indicate his special rank. In the Quran Allah, Glory be to Him, says in chapter 78, verse 38 describing the awesomeness of the Day of Resurrection: (The Day when the Spirit and the angels line up, not a word spoken, except by those permitted by the Merciful, saying nothing but the right and correct speech). He also speaks of “the night of power” and the descend of the Spirit and the angels, carrying Allah’s commandments regarding creation, sustenance and His fate and divine decree, (The angels and the Spirit are sent down with the leave of your Lord)…Chapter 97, verse 4. Here we find a connection between “The Spirit” and “Divine command”, , we will also find this connection accompanying Archangel Gabriel in the Quranic pattern.

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3- This is because, for “the Spirit”, there are specific tasks as far as the relationship between Allah, Glory be to Him, and mankind. He is the one who carries the commandments to them, that is why sometimes he is referred to as a messenger. Allah, Glory be to Him, says about the Glorious Quran, about Archangel Gabriel, and about the sighting of him by the seal of all prophets Mohammad, when Archangel Gabriel came down with the Quranic revelation, chapter 81, verses 19-21..(It surely is the word of a noble messenger—The one possessing power and a high status with the

Lord of the throne— An obeyed one, also trusted--). This enormously exceptional description is of Archangel Gabriel, right after that, Allah, Glory be to Him, addresses stubborn Qureish about Mohammad, peace be upon him, “Your companion(Mohammad) is not a mad man—22, he indeed did see him “Gabriel” on the clear horizon—23, meaning Mohammad saw Gabriel in a clear sighting, on a clear horizon. When Mohammad, peace be upon him, spoke of that incident, Qureish accused him of being mad and hallucination.

Gabriel had many descriptions and titles, such as, the messenger, the power possessor, the obeyed one, the one with the high status and the trusted or trustworthy one. There were other descriptions of him in chapter 53, An-Nejjm. However, the most important and significant among his names and descriptions was the term, (Ar-Rouh, the Spirit), since the connection between the term (A- Rouh) and the tasks and assignments he is charged with, which could be summarized as carrying and delivering the divine word or divine commandment (BE). 


4 . " :15/29 . "" .

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" :59,3.

" " " ": 21/91

" ǡ " 19/ 17 –

. " : 4/171 "

4-It was (Ar-Rouh) Gabriel that carried the divine command to create Adam. Allah, glory be to Him, says to the angels in this context, chapter 15, verse 29 (When I am done forming him into perfection and breathed into him from my spirit, then fall down before him in prostration). The term (my), indicates possession, as if when saying, my book, meaning the Spirit that I own.

Allah, glory be to Him, created Adam without a father or a mother, then he created Jesus, peace be upon him, without a father. He sent Gabriel, the Spirit, to Virgin Mary, carrying the divine command “BE”, and he, Jesus became a perfect human.

Allah says about the creation of Jesus, that it was like the creation of Adam. In chapter 3 verse 59, (Surely, the case of Isa in the sight of Allah is like the case of Adam, He created him from dust then He said unto him, “BE” and he was). And as He told about the creation of Adam (I breathed into him from my spirit), He said about the creation of Jesus and about his mother Maryam, in chapter 21 verse 91(And the one who protected her private parts, so We breathed into her, from Our Spirit, and made her and her son a sign to all the worlds)

The Quran portrays to us the arrival of Gabriel, the Spirit, to Virgin Mary, saying in chapter 19, verse 17, (Then We sent to her Our Spirit, taking the form of a perfect human being—17, She said I seek refuge in the All Merciful against you, if you were God-fearing –18, he said I am but a messenger from your Lord, to bestow upon you, a boy, purified--19)

Due to this connection between Jesus, peace be upon him, and Gabriel, the Spirit, it also became one of Jesus’s titles…Allah says within chapter 4, verse 171(The Messiah Isa, the son of Mary is only Allah’s messenger and His Word He delivered to Maryam and a Spirit from Him)


5 . " : 16/2 ) " " 15,40-

:" : 2/97)

( ) " : 16/102 ( ) " , . :26/192 ).

– – ͡ " :42 /52


" : 58/22

5- One of the tasks performed by the Spirit Gabriel is to come down with the revelation, accompanied by the angels of revelation. Allah says about all divine messages in chapter 16, verse 2 (He sends down the angels at His behest, with the Spirit, upon whom He wills, from among His servants). He also says in chapter 40, verse 15(He sends the Spirit down, under His command, on whomever He wills from among His servants).

The Spirit Gabriel came down with the revelation of the Quran upon the seal of all prophets, upon them all, may there be peace. Allah says about Gabriel and his coming down with the Quranic revelation upon the heart of the seal of all prophets, in chapter 2, verse 97 (Say, whoever is an enemy of Gabriel, it is He who brought it down upon your heart by Allah’s permission, confirming what has been revealed before it). He also says about the Quran and the coming down of Gabriel, “the trusted Spirit” with it upon the heart of the seal of all prophets in chapter 26, verses192 through 194..(This Quran is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds—192/The trusted Spirit has brought it down—193/upon your heart—194)

Furthermore, because of the connection between the Quran and Gabriel, the Spirit, it, the Quran, acquired also the description of “the Spirit”. Allah says about the Quran in chapter 42, verse 52 (We also have revealed to you “a Spirit” from Our command).

The task of bringing down the revelation by Gabriel, the Spirit, is followed by him aiding, supporting and backing up the believers in grasping on to the revelation…in chapter 58, verse 22, Allah says (They are such that Allah has inscribed faith on their hearts and has supported them with a Spirit from Him)


6 " . .." " : 17/85 –" " ɡ : 75/14 " .

6-The idolaters of Qureish, in their stubbornness and in their argumentative discourse about the Quran, used to ask about Gabriel, the Spirit, Allah answered them, making a connection between Gabriel the Spirit, and the command of Allah, glory be to Him, in chapter 17, verse 85..(And they ask you about the Spirit, say “the Spirit” is something from the command of my Lord, and you were not given of knowledge except a very small portion—85/And if we so willed, we can surely take away what we have revealed unto you--86)…until Allah says in the following verse (Say if all humans and jinn joined together to produce anything like this Quran, they will not be able to come up with anything like it)

 So this discourse is about Gabriel, the Spirit, and about the Quranic revelation. And since Gabriel is from the “metaphysical”, from the Heavenly beings, he is beyond our capacity to comprehend, yet at the same time, our human soul, lurking inside all of us, is the warehouse, the depot of our secrets, our inner selves, our instincts, meaning that a person can tell what his soul desires. Allah says describing Man, the human being, in chapter 75, verse 14 (Rather, Man will be a witness, against himself—14/even though he may offer excuses—15). Man is well aware of his inner self, his inner thoughts, his inner intentions, yet he knows nothing about Gabriel, the Spirit, peace be upon him. In spite of that, Sufis and some Salafi scholars, in their conjectures, speak of soul as a spirit within Man, describing it from their imagination, in contradictory terms with the Glorious Quran.



7 . " :4/1 . " : 39/42 . " : 31/28 ".. " 50 /21 " " 16/111 ".. ӡ . – ѡ ( ) . .


Sufficient unto us, Allah, glory be to Him, The best to depend on

7- Man is made up of body and soul. The Quran speaks of the children of Adam in all of their phases as souls, and not as spirits. About the creation of Man, Allah says in chapter 4, verse1, (O Mankind, fear your Lord Who has created you from a single soul). And about death, He says in chapter 39, verse 42,( Allah receives people’s souls upon its death). The soul exits its bodily garment upon death, and not the spirit. Allah says about Resurrection in chapter 31, verse 28(Your creation and your resurrection, all of you, to Allah, is no more than that of one single person), and about the Gathering on Resurrection Day, Allah says in chapter 50, verse 21(And every soul will comeback accompanied by an angel-driver {driving it to the field of Reckoning}, and by a testifying angel {testifying about its deeds})…and about the Day of Reckoning, Allah says in chapter 16, verse 111(On the Day when each soul will come pleading for itself).

So, within each one of us, inside of all of us, there is a soul, and not a spirit at all.

The Spirit is Gabriel, peace be upon him, who carries Allah’s commands, when He created Adam, and when He created and Jesus, the Messiah, and when he came down with the revelation upon all prophets, and when he came down with the final message, on the “night of power”. He, meaning Gabriel, the Spirit, descends during the night of power, in the month of Ramadan, with the Word or the Command of Allah, (The word BE), concerning the four inescapable, inevitable decrees, apportioned and destined by Allah upon every human being, for that year. They are births, deaths, what befall us of events (good or bad) and sustenance, which is another subject to delve in, relying on the Quran, will require some prolonged discussion.

We hope, after this clarification, Muslims will cease and desist from mixing the spirit with soul, and from mixing between “the spirit” and the divine essence, glory be to Him, for He is unique, nothing like unto Him…An equal to Him…there has never been.


Glorified and exalted is He above and beyond what they are describing

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