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The Contents
Rules of engagement in war of ideas against Jihadists


Appreciation and clarification


1- I would like to express my appreciation to Woodrow Wilson Center for international Scholars for giving me this chance to write this book ( Rules of engagement in war of ideas against Jihadists).

By this help of Woodrow Wilson Center, I have enough time to examine my 25 years of expertise in war of ideas against Jihadists to generate these rules.  However, as it is a pioneer work – I think – it will need more thoughts and insights and updates.


2- The Jihadists are called (Islamists) while they contradict Islam in its faith, its Jurisprudence and its high values of freedom, justice, tolerance and peace. Jihadists and their religious culture should be terminated by very sincere Muslim scholars. So, this book- in its subject - is addressing the Muslim mentality having the religion of Islam against the Jihadists.




 Introduction:  Definition of our war of ideas                    

 Part one:Roots of war of ideas In Muslim World

Chapter one:  Historical roots of war of ideas in Islam and Muslims

 War of ideas in ancient Arabs and religion of Abraham

Ancient Arabs and Abrahamic religion ( Mellat Ibraheem or Islam) 

Two Lines of the Arab Tribes : 1. Yamani South Arabs of Kahtan .2. The Northern Tribes children of Abraham

War of ideas in religious fields in the time of Abraham in old Arabian Peninsula

1- The two kinds of war of ideas

 2-Peace, justice and religious freedom as aspects of the positive war of ideas in religion of Abraham

3- Abraham established peace in Arabian Peninsula

 4 -The dangerous war of ideas done by Quraysh dismantled religion of Abraham

 5- International trade of Quraysh was the reason of dismantling religion of Abraham

 6- Two strong Families inside the Tribe of Quraysh 

 7- The Two Powerful Families of Quraysh Ruled the Muslim Empire 

 8- The Prophet Mohammed 

 9- Why did Quarysh accept Islam? 

 10 - The Omawy Family Used Islam to Restore its Power. 

11-. The Opposition inside the Omawy Empire 

12 - The Abbasy Dynasty 

 13-Quraysh; the most famous tribe in the world

 14 - After Islam, Quraysh restored its human made religion under the title of Sunna

 15 -Arabs in Modern History

Najd resumes its role


 Arabs under the European colonialism:

Religious and National states instead of Democratic states

   Arabs [1914-1952]

   Arabs between 1952- 2001:

Chapter 2: The Holy Quran as the Book of war of ideas

(A) The Holy Quran refuting the Qurayshi war of ideas


Quraysh motives in rejecting the Quran

 Quraysh claimed itself the chosen people

 Aspects of their war of ideas in rejecting the Quran

1-Conferences to reject the Quran

2-Disputing the Quran to tarnish it: (Jidal):

 3-When listening to the Quran: They asked for another Quran, They were very angry:

4-In debating Quraysh, Allah defied them by the miracle of the Quran, as the Quran is a miracle for all humans, defying humans,   Asking material miracles instead of the Quran:

5-Fabricating hadeeth

 6- Mocking the Quran:

 7-Mocking the Prophet Mohammed

 8-Accusing the Prophet Mohammed

  9-   Quraysh justified its human made religion

 B) The Holy Quran waging war of ideas debating their faith to worship Allah alone

1-Quraysh made mosques for worshipping Allah and idols

 2- Worshiping Allah and idols

 Aspects of the Quranic argument

Allah is the only One who creates the humans and the universe

 Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth controls them, while the idols have nothing

 Quran has many different kind of this argument to confirm that there is no god but Him:

  Asking them who is the creator, Allah or idols

 The idols are not the creators; they are created

 To defy the superstitions around the idols:

  To assure that they are unable to harm or to benefit any one:

 Logic argument

 They worship Allah alone in the difficulties

 Allah asks humans, not only Quraysh many questions in this regard:

Debating Quraysh in offering sacrifice for idols

   Travel through the earth and see

 C-Reforming Muslims

The Ten Commandments:


 More Commandments

Chapter three: Concept of Jihad, the core of war of ideas

Before Jihad: ‘Oh you who believed’

  Quranic war of ideas against allying the tribe, who were transgressors

 The essence of belonging:

   The true believer and nationalism (tribe, people)


 Quranic examples for: Not to ally your enemy the transgressors who are persecuting you or fighting you:



  Legislation of jihad in the Islam

 Understanding laws of Jihad in Islam

 Jihad and freedom of religion

 Rules of alliance in time of war

 Rules in battle field:

The first order of fighting

  In Islam: Fight to defend the churches, monasteries, synagogues and mosques

  Be ready to defend yourself to achieve peace.

Quranic war of ideas to support the Islamic Jihad

Quranic war of ideas urged peaceful Muslims to defend themselves.

1- The early Muslims hated to defend themselves.

Early peaceful Muslims in battles, against the transgressors of Quraysh

The battle of Bade:

Quranic war of ideas accompanied the battle of Badr

 After the Battle of Ohod

 In the battle of Alahzab, [The Allies]

  In the battle of Alosra:

 Quraysh tribe converted to Islam to keep its interest:

The Islamic State was under the siege

 Quranic example exposing conspiracy done by believers who deceived the Prophet Mohammed

 Quranic example indicates to the undercover unknown hypocrites:  Quranic examples about the famous known hypocrites:

 Quraysh violating Islamic Jihad after the death of the Prophet Mohammed

 The Abandonment of True Islam

1. Misinterpretation and Distortion of Quranic Terminology

2. Misinterpretation and Distortion of Quranic Laws

3. Actual Change of Quranic Laws

            4. Interpolated Teachings Falsely Attributed to the Prophet

 The Abandonment of True Jihad

1. Misinterpretation of the Concept of Jihad

2. Adoption of Sharee’a by the Saudi Family

3. Authentic Islam in U.S. Hijacked by Wahabbism

 4. Deliberate Saudi Mistranslation of the Holy Quran

5. Continued Brainwashing of Muslims

6. Armed Conflict v. War of Ideas

 7- The War of Ideas — the Real Battlefield



Part Two: To define its missions




Chapter I: Mission 1:  Defending the US

Samples 1: Freedom of religion and tolerance between Egypt and America

Sample   2: The Campaign to Dismantle Islam

 Sample 3: Between President Obama and King Abdullah Aal Saud

 Sample 4: Tears of the FBI agent

Sample 5: Brainwashing Egyptians against America by using the U.S Aid

 Chapter 2: Mission 2: Facing the terrorist bloody culture in order to terminate its danger

Sample 1: The false penalty of apostasy (killing the apostate)
Sample 2  : The Stoning Punishment Contradicts Qur’an Legislation and Islam:
Sample 3 : The False Alarm of Evangelism   
Sample 4 : The False Conviction of The "Territory of Peace& & Territory of war
Sample 5  : They ask you about the veil
Sample 6: Mosque of mischief and harm in New York Mischief and Harm in New Yor
 Ideological and Historical Roots for the Mosque Project at Ground Zero in New York.
 Sample seven: Refuting Ben Laden: Overview of Bin Laden’s Latest Statement

 Chapter   3: Mission 3: Reform Muslims

   Sample 1:

Reform the Wahaby culture from inside Islam to confirm and to conform to the Human           Rights Culture and the Islamic Values   


Sample 3:  The contradiction between Islamic State and the religious State

Sample 4:    the right of women in Islam to work and to be active in the society

Sample 5: Reform the Islamic Schools in the U.S. to confirm and to conform to the American values and the Human Rights culture



The third part: Aspects of war of ideas


Chapter one: Soldiers and ammunitions of our war of ideas 

 Understanding the ammunitions of war of ideas

Understanding the Arabic Language

Understanding the Arabic fields of terminology

Samples of using Arabic fields of terminology in war of ideas

 Concept of Islam and belief,  Concept of Blasphemy and Polytheism in belief according to the Holly Qur’an, Concept of Blasphemy and Polytheism in behavior according to the Holly Qur’an, Concept of (Taghut), Concept of dividing the world into two camps, oncept of Jews in the Holy Quran.

 How to understand the Quran and the Real Islam

Chapter 2: Define your enemy and how to deal with him


Knowing our enemy:


The Saudis


Article one:

The official Saudi responsibility in September 11,

 Article two:

Why The Saudi Regime needs Al-Qaeda ?


Article 3

For how long will this violation to God’s Sharee’a last?

For how long will the Sacred Mosque and the obligatory pilgrimage be held hostage to the Saudis?

Article 4

To Free the Sacred Mosque From Saudi Family Dominance…Enlightenment Conventions are Required 

Article 5

Salafiya, the roots and the evils
SALAFIYA is derived from the venerable forefathers

Article 6

 Bin Laden’s Festival


 Iran as an enemy:


Article 1:


 Did the war return between Persia and Byzantium?


Second article:


A Guide for the Puzzled In The Affairs of Iran


Chapter 3

Define the title in discoursing Muslims: (Justice for all)


Islam between peace and justice

 Islamic justice in behavior in dealing with people                             

 Justice has many details in the Islamic Jurisprudence.

 In dealing with the orphan: , In the fields of debts and writings them , In buying and selling: 

In the international affairs:,

Justice in faith

Most of Muslims idolizing Mohamed

 Do not believe in Mohamed but believe in the Quran, the message revealed to him

The Islamic doctrinal creed is one, not two

Islamic mosques are for worshipping Allah only

 Do not make Mohamed distinguished among prophets. Make no difference between one and another of them. Do not make any distinction between any of them.

 Pilgrimage to Mohamed’s tomb in (his sacred mosque) in Al Madina

False Muslim belief in Mohamed’s intercession on the Last Day

This falsehood contradicts these main Islamic facts:

1- Mohamed did not know the future and the unseen and was ordered to announce it:

 2- Mohamed has not the power of harm or benefit any one:

 3-Allah is the only master of the Day of Judgment

  4 -Mohamed could not overrule Allah’s decision

  5-Day of Judgment is the day of absolute justice

 6- All prophets and all nations will be questioned equally

7-No human soul will intercede for another

 Real intercession in the Quran

1-Meaning of intercession

 2-Absolute freedom in religion in this life means our responsibility for our choice in the Day of Judgment

  No one can escape from Allah

 Recording our deeds

 We will lose our freedom in the Last Day

  Angles of intercession after Allah’s permission and under His control and knowledge

 Angles of intercession are those who write the deeds of humans in this life

  Title of justice, in our war of ideas


Chapter 4   

 Weapons of war of ideas                                                                                                                             

(1 ) Weapon of Fatwa  Islamic fatwa, My experience in dealing with the fanatic Fatwa:

 (2) Weapon of internet. Sample of concept proposal

On line War of Ideas

(3) Weapon of TV channels.    Sample of concept proposal:

Sample of concept proposal:                                                                                                                           Distinctive Production Company of TV Programming for “Freedom” Channel

(4) Weapon of drama: Sample of concept proposal

Building TV drama production, distribution and broadcasting company



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