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Islam , Muslims and Saudi Wahhabism
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From a friend in Israel:
(They Wish That You Would Soften in Your Position, So They Would Soften Toward You) (The Holy Quran: 68: 9)
"Ihdena al siraat al moustaqeem"
Mental illness and the Will
What Would Egypt Lose if ISIS-Like Azharite Clergymen Be Thrown into the Dustbin of History?!
Fatwa :It Is Better to Die.
Purify Prayers - Remove (Ameen)
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An Evil Way
The contact prayers in Isslam, once for all
Latest Fatawas
So do you believe they are true? Or what parts of the Sirah do you tak...
I'm very impressed. I wanted to know how many people follow your point...
Would it be possible if you please could tell me your stand on the "Ta...
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in 11-03-15


Israel's Hidden Faces.avi

A primer for understanding the strategic dynamics of an Israel few Americans, or others elsewhere, see and know. Emphasis on 9/11. No audio. Pause for "busier" slides as needed. Full screen mode and/or 640x480 resolution may be useful for some text & tables, but some graphics may blur.

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