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IQC's Press Release On the EU Resolution
in 08-01-20

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The International Quranic Center

Washington, 20 January 2008

1- The International Quranic Center (IQC), which represents thousands of enlightened Muslim clerics around the world, received thankfully, respectfully and gratefully the resolution of the European Parliament criticizing the Egyptian regime violations for human rights and torturing the peaceful oppositions, such as Ayman Nour, the Copts, the Shiia, the Bahhaees and the Quranists.
2- IQC considers this resolution of EU Parliament consistent with the principals of Islam that calls for cooperation for the just and to stop the injustice and supporting the unfairly treated people without considering the colour, religion and culture. Also, and according to the same principals that what the Egyptian and all other tyrannous regimes are doing is a violation for the principals of Islam before as violations for the Human rights laws.
3- IQC is pointing out that through its demanding for a peaceful reform, was asking before for the importance of the peaceful intervention of the international community to reform Egypt from inside to avoid a civil war that might destroy everything in Egypt and might extend to this active region in the world.
4- The IQC considers that according to the intransigence of the Egyptian regime and its insistence in the policy of tyranny, torturing and corruption , the EU Parliament, thankfully, must impose an active pressure in the United Nations and all other international and regional agencies to protect the Egyptian people from the regime of Mubarak which monopolies the military power and use it against the Egyptian people.
5- The peaceful Egyptian people don’t have other way other than peaceful intervention of the international community as a rescue from a tyranny regime that only brought shame, destruction, and misery to Egypt.

Dr. Ahmed Subhi Mansour the president of the International Quranic Center

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