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Welcome Ian
By: - Ahmed Mansour

Salaamun Alakum respected Teachers .I pray this finds you all in the best of health ,I am a convert from the UK for over 14 years from Christianity My journey has been difficult due to the confusion of the sects of Islam, i searched for the truth in many books from salafi and sufi authors, but something never felt right, i never felt complete, i sat with tabiliqe jamaat, Salafi, sufi, deobundi, I was told what to believe even though I felt it was intellectually dishonest to not question and just accept, a concept I had run from within Christianity, for a long time I have felt trapped between the two conditions of faith and disbelief, believing I was flawed and lacked faith in God because my heart could not accept that Hadith is divine. This affected my whole relationship with God, as it is expected that we succumb to peer pressure and toe the party line, I studied three of the four schools, Hanafi, maliki, and Hanbali I read the three fundamental principles and kitab At Tawhid and many books but I became restless and dissatisfied, I travelled and stayed with the Tabliqie Jamaat, I found individuals immersed in stories and silly anecdotes disturbing the peace of homes and emotional blackmail to quell any dispute. I came upon Quranist Islam on my journey a while ago, but fear stopped me from investigating further, the programming of the Sunnites is very effective with hearts that are soft and seeking truth. I constantly worried how this way would affect my life, and how will I carry on alone, I thought can the Quranist way be true or is it the devil's plan to lead me away from the truth and corrupt my Deen. After spending many an hour on your english version website and reading various articles, I have come to realise that Quranism is the only safe path to achieve success and a true relationship with God, I have begun on this path and as I go along, I see the polytheism which inhabits my mind due to all the material i have digested over the years, I now intend to walk this path and not fear the accusers. I would like to humbly ask for contact with your organisation and possibly to register with your site to stay in contact and continually learn. I am not an arabic speaker so it would be great to access any information i can, and should God permit possibly help in the future. Thank you for reading. I wish you all success and safety. Kind Regards Ian Francis Hynes

This is good news to hear from you. Please forgive my poor English. Having you with us is a blessing. We need you in our English section.  

Please send me more info. About you.

Welcome to our heart.

Shiekh Dr .Ahmed Subhy Mmansour

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