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No need for Arabic
By: - Ahmed Mansour

I am married and Alhamdulillah blessed with a baby girl she is 5 months old now. With lots of love respects for you from deep of my heart. You are doing most great job by spreading the word of Allah through your website ahl-alquran and YouTube channel. I am here to ask you most important thing for me, take it as a favor, as you already know that an Arab or one who knows Arabic language can understand Quran while he is reading, i am a Sindhi language speaker, also knows English and Urdu, i am a victim of these so called mahammadans, in my childhood they teached me how to read Quran like a parrot without understanding any word from it, from my childhood till now any other language which i were tought in school i can read them as well as understand them. Would you please kindly help me, give me some Arabic grammatical book or any web based material so that i can learn Arabic language properly, it should be only for understanding Quran, as i trust you most, that's why i need to learn from you. Most of the material available here and there i don't trust. If i may get to live enough to learn i will definitely learn it , most importantly i will teach my baby girl, that's my dream. If you will help i can make it come true. Allah will reward you, bless you and your family. May Allah's peace and blessings be upon you and your family and other ahl-alquran brothers and sisters.

Knowing Arabic language does not help Arab speakers understanding the Holey Quran and the religion of Isalm. Most of them are the ardent enemy to Allah ( SWT)  and His messengers and His Book.

 All the sons of Adam will be responsible before Allah (SWT) according to their deeds and hearts   not their different languages.  So , please do not waist your time in learning something thing that does not help in guidance.

Knowing Islam is so easy from our English section in Ahl Al Quran. We have all the info. Needed for you to be real Muslim thinker. It is your chance . 

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