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1---Pursuant to God’s law, Glory be to Him, the penalty of warfare should be meted out to Bin Laden and Bin Laden’s ilks. He says in the Quran, chapter 5:33


 : The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.

There is a criminal murderer who murdered an innocent soul, he is deserving of a likewise punishment. Then there is this criminal who is worse as a murderer for murdering many more innocent human lives. He is well-deserving of a severe punishment. Then there is this ruler who kills thousands of innocent souls, in phases, to instill terror in his people hearts. If they revolted against him, He massacres them with all his might, as Gaddafi is doing now, and as Mubarak and Bin Ali would have liked to have done. Those tyrants should be extinguished, no questions asked.

But there remain those murderers with lesser criminality than those terrorists of Bin Laden’s ilk.

Bin Laden’s ilk do not only do injustice to people, more importantly, they do injustice to God Almighty. Hulagu, Mubarak, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Gaddafi and all oppressive butchers did not attribute their crimes to Divine Law; none of them said their crimes were Jihad in the cause of Allah. None of them legitimized murdering people in the name of their God, yet Bin Laden’s ilk did not fight the people only, they fought the people’s God too, and did Him injustice by attributing their evil burdens and crimes to Divine Law, thereby rendering the Great Islam, the religion of peace, benevolence, tolerance, justice and freedom, they rendered it accused worldwide as the religion of terrorism and random killing of innocent people. All our screams and outcries to clear The Great Islam of those accusations were drowned in the uproar of Bin Laden’s ilk terroristic crimes, the apparent ones and the hidden ones, still, the naïve clueless world keeps on calling them Islamic.

2—Bin Laden’s ilk, the terror criminals, are of two types; the civilian branch of provocateurs sheikhs with their fatwas and proclamations, a very effective participants in these crimes, amongst whom thousands of Wahhabi preachers and who followed them in their delusion until Judgment Day, then the military branch which carries out those crimes with blood and violence. Cooperation between the two branches is continuous and stable. The intellectual warfare starts with claims of apostasy, damnations, and accusations of treachery and fatwas of exiting the folds of Islam. With this (Green) light, the crime is executed, and then the sheikhs of evil from the civilian branch of terrorism come along to perform ablution with the blood of innocent victims, while lecturing others about the benevolence of Islam….condemning in a very gluey hypocritical fashion the blood letting.

Between these and those, there lies a more ominous thread that connects the two types together in the cause of Satan. One of them would carry a gun in one hand, and the Quran in the other. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahhab was one of them, who took part alongside his friend Mohammad Bin Saud in establishing the first Saudi state and led its armies, and then the Saudis murdered him where he would not end up with the whole pie without them. This is documented history. Amongst them also are Abdullah Azzam and his protégé Bin Laden.

3- The slaying of Bin Laden created what could be called the festival of Bin Laden

Just like any Sufi Festival, you will encounter (passion, emotion, ecstasy), rekindled and stoked religious fervor. You will also find rhythmic dancing (Zikr), Sufi style, and of course, religious (chanting). In all this discord, you will find what baffles the mind. Some are weeping passionately over the loss of (Sheikh El-Mujahedeen), others obviously fidgeting (embarrassingly) over what has been rumored about Bin Laden’s lavish lifestyle in an opulent castle and, when things got too dangerous, him taking a woman as a human shield, hiding behind her, leaving her to face armed men with her bare chest  protecting him….what a shame. Others suppressed their anger, assailing the Americans because they killed a suspect, forgetting that Bin Laden was not a suspect but one who proudly admitted his own crimes. They also forgot that God Almighty has granted the relatives of a wrongly killed innocent person, the power to avenge from the perpetrating murderer. America did not treat Bin Laden as a suspect, but exactly like he wanted to be treated as a principal active participant in the blowup and the massacres of the two American embassies in Africa, and in the carnage of the two New York towers. Some even were simple minded to the extent of criticizing America for burying him at sea instead of a know location, forgetting, those sheikhs, forgetting that the bodies of some of Bin laden’s innocent victims were incinerated and melted beneath the ruins of the two New York towers, and before whining over pitiful nonsense like burial under ground or at sea, we should know that we are talking about a butcher, a killer of thousands of innocent souls with no faults or guilt on their part, who knew nothing about Bin Laden ,his plans or aspirations.

The biggest loser in Bin Laden’s Festival is what the near future is going to bring forth, after the American experts finish examining, checking, downloading, uncovering the secret information mines they captured on tapes and on CD’s and among Bin Laden’s paper documents. Then, the hidden will become wide-open, and we will know why Emirates and Sheikhdoms enjoyed peace, tranquility, opulence, comfort, affluence, all with the blessing of Bin Laden in exchange for paying him off. Perhaps…what we will see is the foundation of another Bin Laden Empire based on Mafioso’s of drugs, production and marketing wise. We are on rendezvous with some terrible news that will topple the truthfulness, authenticity, validity of some major personalities that mastered playing on different ropes.

4- Bin Laden’s Festival will not end with his demise. Questions have been raised about the sustainability of Al Qaeda after him, who will lead, is it Az-Zawaahri or some unknown figure? In my estimation, Al Qaeda as an organization lost much of its glow after the fall of Taliban and its entry into the cocoon of disappearance between Tora Bora, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But Al Qaeda as a terror culture, I think it will intensify and increase with Bin Laden’s killing, especially after the collapse of current dictatorial oppressive regimes. The Salafi trend will grow and spread more and more, they will recruit more Salafi enthusiasts, producing hundreds of thousands of Bin Laden, new combatant terror organizations will sprout carrying his name, looking to avenge him…. like Al Qassam brigades in Gaza.

The Bin Laden Festival will remain in session…for they have extinguished the person and left the ideas…The Wahhabi culture will never be stopped through arms…it will instigate it.

Be in wait for more victims….

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