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countries to sue Switzerland to restore their money
Swiss Banks Must Return The Money To The Mother Country Of The Client
By: - ali alghanam

Swiss Banks Must Return The Money To The Mother Country Of The Client, since All countries are the legal guardians of all their citizens.  So, the World Needs International Law To  :    1.  Force Switzerland to Return Monies in Cases Of Death.    2. Break the Swiss bank's secrecy and confidentiality as U.S did.   3. Grant right for many countries to sue Switzerland to restore their money.


 1- From the sea waves to the Ice Mountains, the Piracy has taken a new shape. It is not enough that Swiss Banks collected mountains of money and gold from every part of the world.

They know that some of this money is illicit money, which means that the Swiss policy encourages and participates in illegal actions, and that gives the right for many countries to sue Switzerland to restore their money.

 Also the World needs new international law to force the Swiss Banks to return the money, in case of death of the clients, to the mother country of the client.

 All countries are the legal guardians of all their citizens. Therefore, if a client dies without specified dispensation of his assets, those assets should revert to the client's country of nationality.

2- Also the Swiss Officials want to create an international Empire of Spying by illegal methods, since they punish the foreign people and refugees who refuse to work as clients in the Swiss Intelligence, and I will give an example about that, Colonel Dr. MOHAMED EL GHANAM.

 3- Now, I will explain the terrorist action that Switzerland practices against Colonel Dr. MOHAMED ELGHANAM who refused to work as client of the Swiss Intelligence, even though Dr. ELGHANAM is the author of anti-terrorism law, and one of only 7 persons in the world who carry international certificate as Expert in anti- terrorism.

 My brother Colonel Dr. MOHAMED El GHANAM is the author of Anti-terrorism law in Egypt, and former director of legal research in the Ministry of Interior in Egypt. Also, he is a Dr. of Criminal Law, and Professor in several Egyptian law universities.

My brother is professor in the Police Academy in Cairo, also he taught many African officers several classes in the Egyptian police academy [ especially about Anti-terrorism ].

 My brother represented Egypt many times in America and Europe as Expert in Anti -Terrorism.  But, since 2001, he had Political Asylum in Switzerland.

The brief of this situation referred to 7 years ago ,when my brother refused to work as client with the Swiss intelligence.

Switzerland practiced several illegal behaviors and many crimes to force him to work with them, but they failed.

 They tried to fabricate many things against my brother to escape from the responsibility of their crimes that they practiced against him, so they had to practice new crimes to cover the old ones:- 1- They arrested my brother in 2005 for 4 months.
 2- They arrested my brother in 2006 for 4 months.

3- They expelled him from his apartment, also they gave orders to the hotels to refuse him, so my brother for several nights was in the street , especially in the last months until his disappearance, although as you know, the hotels are empty at that time of the year.

 Since March 12, 2007, my brother disappeared in the Swiss jails without any court or charge, no contact , no telephones. This is the Swiss Policy ( Money and Spionage ).

Dr. Ali ELghannam



YouTube - Wikileaks : Help Colonel Dr. Mohamed Elghanam from the ...


Dec 29, 2010 ... Dr. Mohamed Elghanam was detained because he said NO to the swiss intelligence and secret police to their offer : which is to spy on Arabs ... - Cached

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