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I.Q.C. Statement:Regarding the assassination of (Khalid Sa’eed)

  I.Q.C. Statement:Regarding the assassination of (Khalid Sa’eed) The Emergency Law martyr, killed by Mubarak’s Police in Alexandria on Tuesday June 8th2010.


This is not a statement to condemn…Condemnation is useless

It is to state some facts …for the present and for the future…

First: President Mubarak is primarily responsible for the killing of Khalid Mohammad Sa’eed and others.  His responsibility is not diminished by the fact that he has partners in the commission of this crime, starting with Minister of Interior, Habeeb Al-Adley and ending with those who actually murdered Khalid Mohammad Sa’eed.

Second: President Mubarak lost his political legitimacy by persisting in killing  Egyptians people, torturing them, impoverishing them, and terrorizing them with his police, state security, central security, emergency and extraordinary laws. By losing his political legitimacy, nothing is left for him to hold on to power against the people’s wishes, except armed force.

Third: President Mubarak has lost the respect of the free world and the international community. Universal condemnation for his violations of Egyptian people’s rights, individually and collectively, rampant corruption, tales of his torture of Egyptian people, became routine in daily news bulletins. Mubarak became accustomed to these condemnations and censuring, that he no longer pays it any mind, since it will remain mere statements and routine observations that do not affect his authority or rule.

For this reason, Mubarak’s oppressive police apparatus went to extremes in terrorizing Egyptian people, to the extent of public lynching of peaceful citizens in the streets, public beating of voters and peaceful demonstrators, and the open falsification of the consultative assembly election results, right before the glare of media outlets and flashing cameras, he even terrorized honest journalists who carried with them, the pains, worries, aspirations and let-downs of the people.

Fourth: This policy, pursued during Mubarak reign since 1981 has led to the following:

1-Tarnishing Egypt’s and Egyptians’ reputation in the Arab and whole world. Strange as it may sound, Egyptians on the inside are subjected to oppression at the hands of Mubarak and his cronies, while Egyptians on the outside feel the shame of what Mubarak and his cronies  are doing.

2-Division of Egypts’inhabitants, not its people, into two antagonistic camps:

    a)-Mubarak and his corrupted luxurious underlings, along with his army, protecting him from the wrath of Egyptian people, and the bloodhounds devouring and snapping at the helpless and the downtrodden.

    b)-Egyptian people, with all its segments and denominations. The civilian segment, armless and subjected to all sorts of oppression, considered by Mubarak as prisoners of ware, and hostages that he can do with them as he pleases. The other segment being the honorable patriotic members of the military, and those honorable members of the police, who carry arms but are in a quandary whether to obey the orders of this treacherous ruling regime, or to raise those arms to save Egypt and rescue Egyptians from their oppressors.

3-And as long as the solution is not expected to come from the outside and since the international community is content with routine condemnations, then it is befitting of Egypt, its status  and its history to look for a solution from the inside.

That is why we call upon the patriotic Egyptian army, to the honorable sons of Egypt within the armed forces and within the police and security agencies, to take a single unified peaceful stand against Mubarak, his army and his guard dogs.

We don not want or advocate a military coup resulting in shedding Egyptian blood, not even from Mubarak’s camp.

Do you remember (Ahmad Auraby), the peasant, when he stood up, with the Army in Abdeen Square and said to Khedive Tewfik, “By God we will no longer be passed as inheritance, nor will we be enslaved after this day”

We want to repeat what (Auraby) had done a hundred years ago. What Mubarak have done to Egypt and to Egyptians, by far exceeds what Khedive Tewfik had done a century and a half ago.

We would like for the honorable Patriotic Egyptian army, who still maintains the honor of its military creed, to move in a similar peaceful military demonstration, to raise up its arm, but not to use it, to stage an armed sit in, to go on strike carrying weapons for personal protection only, to raise its voice high and clear demanding the peaceful departure of the tyrant and his cronies, to supervise this peaceful departure out of the country, then to hand over the helm to a provisional government to embark on a constitutional and legislative reform by which Egypt will become a democracy, non-central, civic, law-governed, and in which the army’s function will be to protect its boundaries, to protect its constitution without any interference in politics, and its police’s role is to protect the Egyptian people , and not to be a tool for oppression. A democracy where the government is in the service of the people, and not the other way around, where the house of representative protects the people’s wealth, and keeps the president and his cabinet in check.

4-For how long will the suffering of Egypt remain because of a single person, his name is Hosni Mubarak? For how long will 80 million Egyptians remain under the yoke of one single person, his name is Hosni Mubarak?

Every day that goes by with Mubarak still in power, increases the agony and suffering of the Egyptian people, increases the number of his victims and draws the Egyptian crisis nearer to the point of explosion.

That is why we want it to be, a moment of soul searching, a moment of re-examination, a moment with one’s own conscience, from every individual member of the Egyptian army, from every individual member of the Egyptian police force.

Will he side with military honor, with Egyptian patriotism? Or will he remain sidelined, hesitant and subservient, neither on the side of honor and what is right, nor on the side of traitors?

 We would not like for this in limbo situation to persist too long….Egypt with its 80 millions are on the brink of a volcano…               



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