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Because of this address at the American Congress, Saudi agents sabotag

Because of this address at the American Congress, Saudi agents sabotaged Ahl-Alquran site.



1- In conjunction with The International Quranic Center, Saudi dissident Dr. Ali Alyami, head of ( Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia), held a conference in one of the Congress chambers with the theme of ( Enabling Saudi women to confront and face Muslim Extremists),that was on Wednesday July 29 2009.                                                             

 Dr. Alyami commenced the conference, conducting the first session, with the opening remark by Congresswoman Rep. Sue Myrick from North Carolina.

Dr.Thomas Farr, current professor at Georgetown University and expert on issues of religious freedom, and former head of the office of religious freedom at the State Department, spoke first followed by Dr. Clara Lopez, security expert in combating terrorism in the Middle East. Then I delivered my speech in English, improvising off memory, from an article I had prepared for publishing on the English section of our website Ahl-Alquran.

The original written script, I will re-publish translated to Arabic on this website; but the speech I improvised was more powerful and more in details. Then came the questions and answers session, and my replies were more sharp and more pointed. Al-Hurra TV channel recorded the entire conference, including my attack against the channel itself, when I said there is a need for independent Arabic satellite TV channels opening its doors to reformers like me, not like Al-Hurra.

In the second and last session, three ladies spoke, with opening remarks by Congressman Rep. Dan Burton from Indiana, who related his experiences in Saudi Arabia, and the suffering of American women married to Saudi men, abandoning their husbands and taking refuge in the American Embassy because of wife abuse and women in general in Saudi Arabia.

At night, I came back home to publish a brief news item about the conference, including my speech in the English section.

2-In the morning, I was surprised to find out that (Saudi Hackers), had invaded the site, sabotaged whatever they could sabotage, especially my articles and researches in the English section, and trashed all reports and announcements. Appeals and calls from site visitors poured in warning not to log on to the site, because of the hackers’ control. One of the site’s major supporters in Canada, tried to salvage as much as he could, only to face a black screen with the signature of the (ISLAMIC HACKERS), informing him that as a punishment, they have planted a virus in his computer

My son, Amir Mensour, a specialist in internet issues, who works in this field at Maryland University, in addition to maintaining this site, pinpointed the hackers’ location, acknowledged their unexpected high expertise, and was forced to close down the site to save it from further damage.

It was obvious that to return the site to its former condition, it’s going to take time, effort and monetary expense beyond our means. We carry out this endeavor with our very limited and humble resources.

Since I started this (Jihad), sacrificing and putting at risk, myself, my immediate and my extended family, I have always followed the dictum ( I don’t ask and I don’t refuse), meaning, I don’t ask for help from anyone, and I don’t refuse help from anyone. For it is not up to me to prevent someone from doing what he/she believes to be a good deed, and whoever does a good deed, it is for his/her own benefit. Along this long arduous march, very few noble people stood by me, indicating through their support and presence that the world, after all, is not that bad.

Now, we are at the steps of a new stance. We will not retreat. Retreat is a word that you will never find in the dictionary of our struggle. We will not retreat even if abandoned by the whole world; we will not retreat because we always could feel the taste of triumph, we consider our adversaries’ resorting to such shallow tactics as a proof of their failure to contend with our site and its weak capabilities, yet powerful in the field of giving proof, evidence and argumentation, in spite of all that they possess of satellite channels, electronic websites, universities, learning institutions, mosques, centers, organizations, Imams, tyrannical systems, terrorists, extremists, and funding in millions capable of buying agents, clients, hirelings, mercenaries from the right and the left.

They tried to buy off the Egyptian security apparatus to, on their behalf, seize and torture the Quranists. They set their agents after the Quranists families, chasing and intimidating, they procured fatwas to have them considered apostates deserving of being put to death. This persecution contributed to the Quranists becoming stronger and more popular, more accepted and more people joining its ranks worldwide. They became a recognized movement referred to in the American Congress, and by human rights organizations. Their friendship, cordiality is sought after by progressive, enlightened and internationally known organizations, journalist, researchers, and doctorate candidates write research papers about them, their achievements and their thought.

Our adversaries, since the inception of the website, have been trying internet war against our feeble site. Some security agents sneaked in as Quranists, taking advantage of the open policy hoping to set a good example for all in free flow of ideas, where everyone would benefit from the experience of seeking knowledge, yet those agent provocateurs, managed to sabotage that noble goal, by transforming the site into a battlefield for dissension, endless argumentation, schisms, conflicts among writers, squabbles, and personal attacks against me personally and my family, all the time abusing my kindness and tolerance, forcing me to kick some of them off the site and warning others. And that is another story, its time to expose has not come yet, but some of its ramifications have already been spilled in some articles of mine on our site and also on, now their war has entered another dangerous curve….They keep away, they turn away, they repel from the causeway of Allah, and seek the crocked path….Against them…and against all odds…I seek no one’s help except that of Allah’s….Glory and Sublimity be to Him…for, beside Him, I have no worthy supporter or helper.


This is the speech I gave at the Congressional gathering,

(To enable Women in Saudi Arabia, we have to arm ourselves with Islam against Wahhabism)

A-Contradiction between Islam and Wahhabism   

1- One of the gravest mistakes we commit is to label Wahhabi Extremists as Islamists, because that gives them ammunition in claiming leadership of Islam, and fighting others in its name. The Clear evident truth is that Islam contradicts Wahhabism in creed, in legislation, in value system and in morals.

Islam means peace in dealings with and among people. It means yielding and submitting to the Will of Allah in matters related to dealing with Allah Most High. Every peaceful person is a Muslim, regardless of his/her religious affiliation or creed. No one has the right to judge the personal beliefs of others except Allah on Judgment Day. Islamic Creed and Islamic Sharee’a are based on peace, justice, tolerance, and absolute freedom of conscience, meaning freedom in choosing a religion. It is very easy to prove and document that from the Glorious Quran, according to its Arabic terminology and expressions.

During the Middle Ages, and due to political reasons, the Muslims decimated the genuine Islamic religion, replacing it with man-made religions of Sunnite, Shiites and Sufi trends. The Sunnite one was the most extreme, and in our contemporary times, Wahhabism resurrected the worst among the Sunnite extremist factions. In itself, it is a major calamity, worse off, is for them to assume the helm of Islam in this foul endeavor, so we are indirectly supporting their claim by labeling them as (Islamists), whereby they cannot be further from true Islam and the worst of its worst enemies.

2- Being empowered by and armed with Islam is the only way to enable the Saudi women and the only way to obliterate Wahhabism.

Giving few examples about the contradiction between Islam and Wahhabism


* Wahhabism divides the world into two camps: camp of true faith and peace (theirs), and the camp of disbelief and war, (the West). They conduct their jihad against the other camp until Judgment Day. Yet in Islam, Allah says in chapter 49:13 (Al-Hujuraat)

  O you men! surely We have created you of a male and a female, and made you tribes and families that you may know each other; surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you most careful (of his duty); surely Allah is Knowing, Aware

Meaning that all people are brothers and sisters to one another belonging to one father and one mother, and that Allah Glory be to Him, created them with different languages and colors, so that they may get to know and benefit from each other, through peaceful means, not through warfare and killing each other, and the closest of them to Almighty God, are not the most powerful, not the most beautiful, not the wealthiest among them, rather the most God-conscious , and it is up to God Almighty to decide on Resurrection Day, for He is the All-Knower, All- Aware.


*Wahhabis adhere to that fabricated Hadith attributed to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) two centuries and some after his departure stating (I was ordered to fight people until they say : There is no God except Allah , and I am his messenger). Based on this fabricated Hadith, their terroristic struggle against the camp of disbelief continues and will continue, as they say, until Judgment Day.

This fabricated Hadith contradicts true genuine Islamic Jihad in more than 50 Quranic verses. For example, Allah says in chapter 2:190 (Al-Baqara)


And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you, and do not exceed the limits, surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits

Also, this Hadith contradicts more than a thousand Quranic verses stressing absolute freedom of religion, and that there is no coercion in religion, making every individual responsible for his/her religious choices before God on Resurrection Day.


*Wahhabism believes in theocracy, where the Ruler owns what’s above the land and what’s underneath it, he has a monopoly on wealth and power, all supposedly for the benefit of the masses. Whereas Islam emphasizes people’s ownership of everything through direct democracy and equal justice, a topic discussed and posted on our English website.


  • As for women, The Quran has granted them their rights 14 centuries ago. A woman in Islam has the right to head the state, documented in a research paper posted on our English site, yet a woman in Saudi Arabia does not have the right to drive her car. In Islam and in the early history of Muslims, migration was mandatory on Muslim women, during the prophet’s era, women migrated 3 times without asking or seeking permission from anyone, yet for a Saudi woman to travel, she needs a (protector) or a legal guardian.

B-Wahhabism is the Axis of Evil since 1745 and till today


Not just for women in Saudi Arabia, but for the whole world, and here are some examples:

-During the first Saudi state (1745-1818), the Saudi Wahhabis, in establishing their state, murdered more than a million, mostly women and children, in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Syria.

-In establishing the current Saudi State, and with the help of Nejd Brotherhood (1911-1930), they repeated their massacres as before.

- They established the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and through them, Wahhabism spread far and wide, along with the culture of terrorism.

-Leaders of Indian Muslims adopted Wahhabism early on, in 1803; they propagated Wahhabism among India’s Muslims, paving the way for the Hindu-Muslim massacres, to be culminated with the division of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan. Then Al-Jame’a Al-Islamiyya in Pakistan helped establish Taliban on the border with Afghanistan, who is acting along the same lines as the Saudis in the first state.

-With Saudi funding and Muslim Brotherhood intellectual approach, Wahhabism was able to take over and control most of mosques and Islamic centers in America and the West. It is adamantly and slowly turning these Muslim communities into fifth columns in their war with (the camp of disbelieve).

-Bin Laden is a loyal student of Wahhabism, but he is less dangerous than those who claim to be moderates among the Saudi leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood. He is one-faced, blunt and easy to anticipate. The others are the deceptive dangerous conniving ones, who are spreading Wahhabism as Islam, persecuting reformers who are trying to reform Islam from within Islam.

In conclusion, how do we get rid of Wahhabism?

1- Saudi monarchy should pay the penalty by reforming Wahhabism from within Islam, since it was responsible for spreading Wahhabism in the first place. And if it refused, then the international community should apply enough pressure to rid the world of the evils of Wahhabism.

We are on the side of what is right. It is only fair to bring the Saudis to task for all the massacres and spilt blood they perpetrated since the establishment of their first state in 1745. Millions have been killed because of Wahhabism and it should stop. The current Saudi Family should help bring this to an end. Because of their whims and greed, millions were massacred in the past, and millions will be killed in the future if a stop is not put to end it all.

Actually, it would be in their best interests, the Saudi Family that is, to do away with Wahhabism, retaining their monarchy, for there are monarchies in Jordan and in Morocco without religious ideology, besides, Wahhabism became the main source of political opposition to the Saudi monarchy.

2- The Quranists are waging a peaceful war of ideas against Wahhabism, but the Saudi influence in Egypt caused the Quranists 4 waves of arrest and seizure, proving that Wahhabism needs those to force it upon people and to protect it from open dialogue. It needs might, power, influence and money to survive, as soon as it is left on its own, it does not stand a chance to survive. This is the fruit of 30 years of experience battling Wahhabism with Islam.


I published this article in ( back on the 3rd of August 2009. I am re-publishing it now and again here, after the site returned to its former healthy operating condition, by the Grace and the Help of Almighty God. To stress, to emphasize, and to declare that destroying, sabotaging, ruining, wrecking, ravaging, wreaking havoc on, devastating, and subverting this sight, and others flourishing like it, WILL NOT STOP THE MARCH OF QURANIC THOUGHT. You are wasting and losing few hours of your lives trying to stop a momentous movement, every time you succeed in disabling the site for a limited time, WE WIN MORE HEARTS AND MINDS TO OUR SIDE AND SITE. Thanks to you, it works for us.

Everything published on our site has been saved, an idea introduced by one of the same people that you were trying to discourage from logging on to our site. It is almost virtually impossible, with the help of Almighty God, to remove or confiscate my writings on the internet. In addition, the attack on our site showed how strong the Quranists’ mantle is, their love for their site, it even brought forward people and sympathizers that we did not know they existed.

We never thought we were that influential, we never thought that we caused some circles sleepless nights, we never thought, imagined, or hallucinated that some powerful centers, some centers of power, certain higher-ups would even hear about us. But we promise you this; we will never get arrogant to the extent of dropping our guards. The battle of ideas is raging on, and with our very minute resources, and your endless supply of cronies, agents, mercenaries and funds, we promise you defeat, because we have something you don’t; Strong faith in Allah, while yours is strong faith in Royal Family, strong faith in such and such narrated, strong faith in being led to the slaughterhouse for somebody else’s benefit….not a country, not a principle, not a parent, not even your own children, not for a just cause……but for the benefit of somebody else. We win hearts for Allah; you lose yours for somebody else. The more Wahhabism fall deeper into the abyss of unfounded creed or Sharee’a, the more I attribute that to the Grace of God and our humble efforts in standing up to their corruption.


I have always said, and I still say, we need the stupidity of our adversaries to benefit from, the results of more than 30 years of struggle and hard work. This is the practical understanding of Allah’s words in chapter 35:43 (Faater)


(In) behaving proudly in the land and in planning evil; and the evil plans shall not beset any save the authors of it. Then should they wait for aught except the way of the former people? For you shall not find any alteration in the course of Allah; and you shall not find any change in the course of Allah

I hope for Quranists to ponder over and contemplate this verse, as if it was sent in our times, telling us how to benefit from our adversaries’ conspiring against us, and how their deeds backfire, and fulfilling Almighty Allah’s course and His method in dealing with the aggressor oppressors , any time, any where.








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