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The latest suicide operations in Israel and their implications


Published originally in Arabic in 2/27/2005



Officially, there were positive advances in the latest peace process negotiations, at Sharam Al-Shaykh summit, with a possibility, that official agreements might achieve more advances in the near future.  Arab masses, concerned with peaceful existence, remain distant, mislead, and with the opinion that goes against peace, and this will not serve the peace process or peaceful coexistence.  This goes back to two main factors; Publicly denounced Arab regimes, and their fundamentalist terrorist opposition.  Arab masses are victims of these two conflicting forces.  These two conflicting forces have agreed to embed a stereo-typical picture of Israel into the Arab and Muslim psyche, so that Israel remains the only enemy to all Arabs and Muslims, and there would be no alternative in dealing with Israel only through violence and terrorism on the basis that this conflict is a conflict of existence, not a conflict of borders.


Oppressive regimes that adopt the peace process (maybe current but temporarily), are regimes that will have most disadvantage to Israel on the long run.  These regimes exist in power through two contradicting games.  The first game, collaborating with the United States, West, and Israel, through participation in phasest1:country-region>, through participation in phased Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements. These will result in favor of Israeli security for the near seen future. Through this, these regimes guarantee the backing of the United States, West, and Israel, against democratic reforms and power change. 

 The second game, which is most dangerous, and is the cause for continuous and independent policy of these regimes since 1952, and is to direct the anger and frustration of the masses towards Israel, considering Israel the enemy that all fronts should be united against.  Israel is the enemy that threatens its future, that never ceases to conspire against it, and the cause of all previously encountered defeats and frustrations.  It is on this hanger that all reforms are hung, all recognitions are postponed, and all failures are explained.  Therefore, instead of the masses directing their anger and frustration against the true enemy which is their own oppressive regimes, these regimes that lost peoples rights, destroyed land, and killed the innocent, all anger is guided towards Israel.  Even if an oppressive regime participates in a peace process which contradicts animosity continuously fired by it against Israel, no effort is taken to explain this to the masses.   Therefore hatred towards Israel remains the guiding principle that guides the masses.


The fundamentalist extremist opposition agrees with the ruling regime in taking advantage of Israel as an enemy that the nation should fight against, but these extremists have their other religious agenda.  For them, the world is divided into two camps; the camp of “Belief”, and it is theirs alone, and the camp of “Disbelief’, this is where Israel and the Jews lie, in its lowest levels.  If “Jihad” or “Religious warfare” is an obligation against Christians in the West and United States, then it is a higher obligation against the Israeli state.   According to their belief, there will be a holy battle at the end of the world that will eliminate the Jews, and it is for this battle they prepare by embedding hatred against Israel and anything that is Jewish.


This was the culture that we grew up on when we were young, and that became more powerful with the spread of Wahabist fundamentalism, more mosques, schools, universities, press, and satellite channels.  This culture found support from other political movements such as leftists, nationalists, and fascists.   All of these ideologies, aligned without written agreement, to gather hatred against Israel and its biased supporter the United States.  In light of all of this hostility, all official agreements would have no virtue, a fact well known by oppressive regimes that partook in the success of these agreements.  This is in order to deceive Israel temporarily, while planting future political mines that would explode in the face Arab-Jewish co-existence in preparation for future wars.


These mines would have tens of thousands of victims from both sides.  There are tens of victims that explode themselves for hope of a better future, in paradise, according to the teachings of their religious scholars.  Paradise is the remaining hope because oppression and corruption had denied them every dream or hope to regain any human rights in this world.  Victims are found in tens of naïve youth provoked continuously through propaganda, to cross over to Israel and declare Jihad or die without having an understanding of what combat is.  They are fresh youth, due to their bad luck, were born Egyptian in this depressing age.  A devastating phenomena that is most likely to be repeated if the status quo remains as is.  In future attempts they might be more skillful, experienced, and better prepared to slip through and kill innocent Israelis.  Victims are also from Jewish Israeli civilians that fall sacrifice to suicide attacks that are supposedly made to be or called (Martyr) attacks by their perpetrators.


Instead of suicide attacks, the only weapon in the hands of weak and oppressed Arabs and Muslims, a struggle should be made against oppressive regimes that represent the true enemy.  These regimes caused poverty, torture, demise, and exported people’s rights.  But through brain washing and a fifty year old propaganda campaign, the Arab-Muslim brain has been barricaded from childhood up to old age to hate anything Jewish and Israeli.


In any country in the world, youth represent face of life with a normal optimistic outlook to the future.  But, in Egypt and the middle-east, you will find closed minded youth with an attachment to the past, thinking about death more than life, wanting to leave for paradise by exploding themselves and taking “infidels” with them to hell, in hope of marrying concubines after loosing hope of marriage, work, and good living in this life.  The problem is that the youth ratio is very high in society, and if they were to remain with this sick suicidal mentality, then all devious plans of Arab oppressors would have succeeded in preparing a generation for future confrontation with Israel, and maintaining control of power and resources.

So the future contains serious circumstances for continuous suicidal attacks, as long as the traditionalist/salafist (fundamentalist) mentality is maintained and backed with oppressive and corrupt regimes.  Suicide attacks are a lethal weapon that do not discriminate in how, when and where to strike.  The best method to counter such a lethal weapon is only through an alternative Islamic ideological weapon from within the Islamic culture itself, that knows how to dialog and convince it.


The resultant, is that all official agreements in the summit will have no effect in convincing angry and outraged youth.  Oppressing regimes only represent themselves not their nations, therefore, such agreements will only increase the anger of the young masses, as they are considered, according to them, “a humiliating submission to the Zionist enemy”.  There must be democratic and religious reforms in the middle-east to plant peace, or else all official agreements would be as if they were signed on water and will not prevent future bloodshed.

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