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Meaning of Kufr and Shirk

 This article published on 24/ 09/2006


The meaning of Islam and the meaning of

Blasphemy (Kufr) and Polytheism (Shirk)


1-Islam in its sincere heartfelt belief is recognized by surrender and total obedience to God almighty alone. No one can be held accountable to a human creed unless claiming the deity. The Qur’an confirms to postpone Judgment on people in their differences to the Day of Judgment and to God alone. 2:113, 3:55, 10:93, 16:124, 5:48 and 39:3,7,46.

This is the essence of Islam that emanate from the inner soul that it is heartfelt in dealing with submission and surrender to God Almighty alone while eventually will be a universal faith to be judged before God alone on the Day of Judgment.

2- Islam in its universal meaning is PEACE, and all nations and creed      regardless of different beliefs should adhere to God’s command when He says “ O’ you who believe, come together in Peace.” 2:208

Let us remember the greeting of Islam is PEACE in all of God’s names which confirms the above meaning of security and safety.

3- Any one with a strong sincere belief in God would always be just fair and peaceful in dealing with others as God would him to do. This form of faith and belief confirms God’s promise to a peace life in Heaven. 13:24, 10:10, 36:58

Concept of Blasphemy and Polytheism in he Holly Qur’an:

1-   Blasphemy and Polytheism comes synonymously as mentioned in the Qur’an. 9:1,2,17/ 40:42

2-   In Arabic Language, Kufr (Blasphemy) means coverage, while Kafarah means covered, similarly the word “ Almaghfar “ is derived from Ghafarah which means is a shield that cover the face in times of war, in the same context the English word “ Cover “ carries the same meaning. In the context of the Qur’an the word “ Kuffar “ was used to describe farmers who cover the seeds with soil and water to grow. 57:20

When God created the human, the natural instinct in the belief on the oneness of the Supreme Being is recognized that there is no helper, protector or intercessor other than Him.

The inheritance of social environment and traditional customs diverts the human in their false beliefs that attributing partners and or helpers and intercessors will bring them closer in their belief besides God in false doctrines, lies and untruths, this is Blasphemy in thinking that they are worshipping the One and Only true God. This is also gross Polytheism.


The human diversion to Polytheism and Blasphemy diminishes the faith and beauty of God by devotions their allegiance to others and stones. This confirms what God revealed in the Qur’an that most people believed not in God except that they attribute partners to Him and they are described as Mushrikeen. 12:106, 40:12

God almighty, cursed the unbelievers because of their faithless in God (4:46) and which will not benefit them on the Day of Judgment. 32:29


Some people believe that Kufr is Atheism which is a complete denial in the existence of God and Shirk is to associate partners with God almighty. Blasphemy differs than Polytheism.


In addition to the above, God mentioned Pharaoh in many instances in the Qur’an as model of gross Kufr and Atheism to humanity by claiming and declaring that he is the supreme lord of the Egyptians and that he denied the existence of God.79:23,24/ 28:38, 40:36,37

Pharaoh was heavily immersed in his powerful kingdom and was deceived by his priests, soldiers and his ancestry which made him feel that he is invincible against everything including his belief in God Almighty. It was only when he was overpowered by the things he coveted and there was not anyone to help him that he finally decided to go back to the embodied instinct and declared his belief in God. 10:90


To day’s Muslims are no better in their beliefs and deeds because they do not heed the example as mentioned in the Qur’an.


The most hardened Atheists will not change the natural instinct of belief except when faced with calamities and misfortunes, then he submits himself to his Lord for the removal of adversities, but as soon as he is free from calamities, he reverts back to being an Atheist, however as his time comes closer to death, he is in constant agony, screaming for help, that is not forthcoming. In the above examples Shirk and Unbelief means both injustice and abuse. God described Polytheism as a grievous iniquity. 13:31


To create injustice to the Creator by associating other deities besides Him, who is the real Creator, sustainer and protector of all and everything that exists in this world is the essence of belief and dealing with the One and the Only God.

In dealing with unjust people who kill, oppress and subjugate innocent people by away their lawful rights of free belief and thinking, these people are the Mushrikeen, and Kafireen by their actions; we are free from the actions of such people because we do not know what is in their hearts and belief.

The Qur’an confirms that people will not be instantly judged until the Day of Judgment. 2:113, 3:55, 10:93, 16:124, 5:48, 39:3, 7,46

The word Islam conveys meanings to emphasize the belief in God as the Supreme Being, and the complete obedience and the submission of one’s whole self to Him alone. This confirms peace, safety and confidence when dealing with other people.

Also we would like to point out that Shirk and Kufr carries two meanings together oppression and aggression. Those who associate partners to God is a gross sin.

When people rights are taken away and their properties confiscated and then killed, this constitutes valid oppression and aggression on innocent people. God will judge equitably on every one’s belief on Judgment Day.

When human beings judge according to peoples actions and deeds, they should immediately recognize those who associate helpers and also claim He has a wife and son, this confirms Shirk and Kufr, therefore we can judge others based on their actions and behaviors. Here we recognize the true Muslim who are peaceful and makes people feel safe in dealing with them.


5- In the Qur’an God has described Kufr and Shirk as injustices. This has been repeated over hundred times in the Qur’an, and has connected Kufr and Shirk as aggression as mentioned in numerous cases in Al-Qur’an, which is forbidden by God Almighty.


6- The greatest sin is “Taghut “ ( False Gods, idols, Satan, devils humans..)

People will find knowledge in the Qur’an regarding the meaning and implications of being Taghut. Like people generally who commits killing and bloodshed for no religions reasons, we refer also to leaders who, because of their power and might, oppress their own people in the guise of protecting the country. Such an oppressive leader commits Kufr and Shirk.

These leaders justify their actions in speeches referring to God and His messenger  as well as false religious interpretations by referring to early Muslims, who attacked other countries on the prefix of Jihad just as we find to days actions of modern day terrorist.

God has decreed double punishment for such people and their actions. The above actions explain Taghut and further includes lies, and attributes false Gods and false worship to God.


The qur’an states that the Taghut is the leader of the mushrkeen who returns back to him and firmly attach themselves to. When we look to Al-Qur’an we find that the meaning of the word “ Taghut “ is applicable to what is happening presently under the name Ahadeeth attributed to the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) namely the prophetic sunnah, and Fatwas (religious opinions ) convincing the young people to commit suicide as a Jihad. This action of these innocent young jihadis confirms in their minds that this is a religious law contrary to what God says in the qur’an.

God commands justice, doing good, and generosity towards relatives and He forbids what is shameful, blameworthy and oppressive.


In the middle ages, wars fought by both Muslims in the east and Christians in the west under the guise of religion is the Taghut mentioned above.

After the fall of the Othman empire, Muslims liberated themselves from such oppressions until when the advent of Wahabism came and they went back to their old thinking indoctrinating the way of Taghut, controlling the head and the minds of people under the name of Islam, while is a very sever enemy of Islam.

The final outcome of above

a-    All peaceful people are Muslims by their thinking and actions, regardless of their beliefs whether are Muslims, Christians, children of Israel, or Agnostics. By their peaceful conduct, we can peacefully incorporate them within the family by intermarried between ourselves.

The Jihad mentioned by God Almighty is only for the protection of places where devotions are only done in the name of God such as Mosques, Churches and Synagogues. God will protect them by His might and power. 22:40

b-   Even oppressor whether they are leaders or common criminals and commit crimes against God and humanity are the Taghuts. Both the Christians of Europe and the early Muslims in the middle ages committed atrocities in the name of God, and even today leaders of the Islamic world and those who defy them such as the so-called terrorist groups.. ie. Bin-Ladin, Zawahri, and Zarqawi. It is not permissible for marriage with these people.







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