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Document Issued by the Venerated Al-Azhar University

               Document Issued by the Venerated Al-AzharUniversity 



Note: This article originally written in Arabic and translated by Mohamed Sadek

This document is to strongly confirm that:  the apostate cannot be killed. However, he should be wisely advised to return to the fold of Islam within a specified period of time. 

I declare that Professor Dr. Ahmed Sobhy Mansur was the first learned man who refused to accept the punishment of the killing of an apostate. Also he was the first to enlighten and motivate the minds of some Muslim theologians since the Imam Mohamed Abdou. Professor Mansur of Al-AzharUniversity was dismissed because of his conviction. 

There are some among the Muslim theologians who is falsely claim that the Prophet Mohamed said and legislated decrees contrary to the Qur’an such as stoning the adulterer and killing the apostate. The legend of killing the apostate is the ideological base for spreading terrorism. It is also the license used by Hasan al-Bana, the founder of the Muslim Brothers, who established the first terrorist secret order for killing people in the 1930s contrary to what other Musliamp;nbsp;in the 1930s contrary to what other Muslim Brothers believe. 

I have a document from one of the leaders (guides) of the Muslim Brothers that confirms the truth of my claim. In order that you may know the seriousness of the legend of the apostate see the article by Mohamed Mahdi Akef, a Muslim Brother guide, bragging and insisting on the right to kill the apostate. See website ( www.egyptfreespeech.comand  ( )  Ahl Al-Quran web site.

And the Al-Azhar correct the mistake on the day of: 16/6/1422 e = 4/9/2001 m and we thank God that the Commission on Theology and Philosophy Islamic Research Academy at Al- Azhar al-Sharif took an important decision and dangerous for the first time in the history of religious institutions at the level of the Islamic world.!!! . It is:  "The apostate not to be killed but wisely advised to return to Islam within a period of time "??? !!!.

The Committee felt that the disposition toward apostatized from Islam is to advise to return to Islam within a specific time left to his guardian to decide what is fit. This decision was issued No. 38 hearing session No. (1) meeting on Tuesday, 16/6/1422 e = 4/9/2001 m building chieftain Al-Zahra new study, and thank you, always to the members of the Commission on Theology and Philosophy Zahra Islamic Research Academy at the Al-Zahra Al-Sharif, which responded to the Book of God and denying the sayings of the narrators.


The following members in the committee were present at the meeting:

1 Grand Prof. Dr. Awadallah Gad Hijazi. Reporter of the Commission.
2 Grand Prof. Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashim. Professor of Hadith, former President of Azhar's University and now (2008 m), member of the Al-Shorah Council, Chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs Council..? And that still believes that an allowance condemn the killing .. true?! As well as the hadith: “ I’m ordered to fight the people…”

3 Grand Professor Dr Abdul Aziz Ghneim Abdul Kader.

4 Grand Prof. Dr. Abdel-Moaty Bayoumi. Professor of theology and philosophy, Dean of the Faculty of Theology former member of the Islamic Research Academy Al-Azhar Al-Sharif. He rejects the "murder apostate" and what was prepared by the research adopted by the Commission in its refusal.


5 Professor Grand Sheikh Al Fadel faith dialogue. The former Under-Azhar, born 13/2/1933 m = 17 e Shawwal 1351. Committee Chairman dialogue between the followers of divine religions in the former Al-Azhar. The Chairman of the Committee for dialogue between followers of divine religion of God. Designation Committee because [the Commission on dialogue between religions] [wrong] because the word religion was not found in the Qur’an in plural form, because God’s religion is one multi-line in which the foundations of belief in God alone, and the Messengers and the Last Day,  working rights in the world of good work by the satisfaction of God.]. This is the opinion of Ibn Assaker contemporary.


6 Grand Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim al-Fayumi - God's mercy upon him. Former professor of theology and philosophy, of the Faculty of Islamic Studies.

7 Grand Sheikh Professor Mr. Wafa Aggour. We emphasize that legislation, the provisions are contrary to God's Book, is the source of extremism and terrorism and extremism old and new, and the only way is to return to the book of God.


According to the Egyptian newspaper today remind you: in November 1987 when he was Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour - been detained by the Egyptian authorities, the newspapers published his views, including that nothing in Islam known as a renegade.

The leaders of Al-Azhar come hard on him and confirm the existence of the punishment of the apostate.

And in 1992 after the assassination of Farag Fouda wrote Ahmad Subhi Mansour articles bursts announce Where it does not reduce the presence of apostasy in Islam.


Repeated attacks by the Al-Azhar sheiks confirming death for killing an apostate and defenders of those who kill Dr. Farag Fouda.
And in 1993 issued by Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour first book proves that the extent of apostasy the alleged violation of the law of Islam.
The book is published on “( )Ahl-Alquran web site.


Faced with a brilliant arguments in his book, kept silent attack on the Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour re the subject of apostasy.


And after ten years, some of whom began timidly acknowledges that there is no reduction of apostasy in Islam. As usual, Al-Azhar sheiks needed to dozens of years to understand. Will people remain subject to this backward mentality? .
The Egyptian newspaper wrote today in its issue published on 6 / 9 / 2006 m. Follows:
Surprisingly, Sheikh Ibrahim, Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy doctrinal surprise yesterday, Al-Azhar religious dialogue conference, he resolved: that the definition of «a renegade» for some people, Especially among those who say the killing of apostatized from Islam is incorrect and distorted, and derive lots of hurt to the Muslims.

He resolved in his speech to the delegation participating in the Episcopal Church which was attended by Sheikh of Al Azhar and the Islamic Research Academy members: «both apostatized from Islam .. And converted to Christianity or any other religion, whether in a Muslim country or elsewhere, should not be killed and not to be punished as apostasy, and anyone who said the killing of apostatized from Islam is inaccurate, as long as it merely harmless himself »He resolved To kill a Muslim apostate on religion, according to the extent doctrinal apostasy, except if the apostate joins the enemies of Muslims and causes Fetnah.


The sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr. Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, in his speech to the conference: that everyone has the right to freedom of expression and belief, to the extent that everyone has the right to oppose other opinion presents the correct opinion. The delegation asked Tantawi, the Episcopal Church adopted a law criminalizing abuse of a religions in the world, especially European countries, because the respect for religions is required.
Assaker, the son of the contemporary demands Prof. Dr. Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi issued a decision return Prof. Dr. Ahmad Subhi Mansour to the University taking all his rights fully, especially as Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sayed Tantawi was Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, which insisted the decision to dismiss Prof. Dr. Ahmad Subhi Mansour from the university. ..?.
             Greetings to you and always Ibn Assaker.









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