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Was published in Arabic in 8 – 9 - 2006
1- The reference I make to the Muslim Brothers in my writings is addressed to their institution and not to any individuals in particular. I have no issues with anyone of them on a personal level, the problem is with their Wahhabi mind-frame that is contradictive to Islam and which they employ to get to power doing great injustice to God, His Prophet, Religion, to all Muslims and non-Muslims.
What I write is not pre-judgmental on their intentions especially when I say that the coming ruling of the Muslim Brothers is the "Worst of the Worse" during which we shall long to the despotic police state of Mubarak.
I read this fact on the basis of my academic specialism in the history of the Muslim Brothers, their mentality and their intellectual inclinations and jurisdiction, as well as on the basis of what I had suffered from them and their followers since 1977 to present. It is a period testimony confirmed by individuals who are still alive as well as documents and events that had happened in the past and are still happening today.
Constant prosecution, calls for my assassination, antagonizing the regime against me, false accusations and fabrication of lies and rumors that destroy one's religious and patriotic reputation with claims of apostasy, treachery and disgrace.
All of these are forms of moral assassination that pave the way for physical assassination like it was the case with my departed friend Farag Foudah.
Moral assassination takes the form of continuous and persistent telling of lies to the reader, and shamelessly repeating the same fabrications without weariness and regardless of any response or any revealed truth until the physical assassination takes place. After which they still do not give up, and continue demonizing the victim and stabbing him in his death claiming he deserves what they have made of him as an example to others.
All of these are forms of moral assassination that pave the way for physical assassination like it was the case with my departed friend Farag Foudah.
Moral assassination takes the form of continuous and persistent telling of lies to the reader, and shamelessly repeating the same fabrications without weariness and regardless of any response or any revealed truth until the physical assassination takes place. After which they still do not give up, and continue demonizing the victim and stabbing him in his death claiming he deserves what they have made of him as an example to others.
If the victim was scared and retreated half way through- like it was the case with some friends- they do not forgive and the trial continues regardless of regret or penance.
If Almighty God forgives, they do not, and if His Mercy comprehends all, their wrongdoing reaches out to all.
They have wronged the Almighty God when they claimed that He has chosen them to rule people in His name and to represent His role in controlling the destinies of fellow men.  And they have wronged people when they perceived themselves superior to the rest and uniquely qualified to rule, and whoever opposes them becomes destined to death in this life and hell in the hereafter.
If Muhammad p.b.u.h claimed no authority to himself, these people have claimed everything to themselves, and claim to control this life and the hereafter. This criminal religious mentality turns whoever adapts it to an impudent Satan no matter how hard he tries to hide beneath sweet talk, a charming smile and a beard and turban. Satan always likes to be disguised behind turbans and beards, and if ever you want to  
a look at him just look at some men in beards and turbans and get away from
2- I remember with sorrow what they had done to the departed Farag Foudah. They prosecuted him with unrelenting letters, calls, abuse and threats that terrified his children and affected his wife with a psychological condition of fear that made her spend most of her days in hospital.
They had also kidnapped his second oldest son- who was fourteen then- and released him after he was beaten badly, and if it wasn't for the police investigations and fear to be arrested and accused of kidnap and torture they would not have released him. This is the undisclosed side of my friendship with Foudah, of which, his dignity forbid him from talking or complaining about.
Besides this; there was also his permanent financial crisis after they had fought against his livelihood as an economic consultant, whilst making up stories about the millions he was receiving from the West.
He was making a decent living before he was involved in political and intellectual work. He had an office, a car and a large number of Agents that never stopped visiting his office. But after he had published his book "Before the Fall", a hostile war was waged against him that all his Agents run away and his office was abandoned except from poor intellectual visitors like myself. We would sit together exchanging our worries and dreams of a better future for Egypt.
He had put himself forward for the Shobra district where there was a large number of Copts. He took their problems to heart and wanted to get them to the Parliament. As a Muslim he wanted to represent all Egyptians and it was clear that he superseded all other candidates including that of the Nationalist Party. However, The Muslim Brothers toppled him with a satanic ploy. Two days before the elections, a certain handout was distributed in Shobra about the works of Farag Foudah falsely claiming that he denounced Quran in this book and attacked the Prophet in the other and mocked the Companions etc…The handout made what seemed like quotations from Foudah's books that shocked him because they were all poisonous lies that could have never occurred to his mind. He quickly tried holding conferences and displaying his real works to confirm that he had never mentioned any of those fabrications addressed to him, but it was too late. As we are a people of oral culture, the masses had already spread the contents of the handouts as solid facts. There were continuous attacks on him by Imams who accused him of apostasy, hostility to Islam and offense to God and His Prophet and of being an agent to the west. So Farag lost in the elections thanks to a ploy of "fabrications", which is the main legal "weapon" of the Muslim Brothers.
Despite his financial crisis that sometimes impeded him from repairing his car, he was nevertheless a very generous man. I lived through utter destitution sometimes and I wrote a sarcastic article called "With Hardship comes Ease" in which I praised my loyal dish of Foul and nostalgically recalled the times when I was able to afford meat. I used to publish a weekly article in Al-Ahrar thanks to Foudah's intervention with Wahid Ghazi, the editor of the newspaper then, for 100 Egyptian Pounds that used to be an essential part of my income.
Muslim Brothers and their partisans used to - and still- say a great deal about the millions that I receive from the enemies of Islam!! After I published the article mentioned above, I was surprised one morning to receive a telephone call from Farag Foudah, God Bless his Soul, at the grocery's shop, as I could not afford a telephone line in my place and the grocery's was the closest to me.
I rushed to his office gasping for breath to know the reason for this urgent meeting, he reassured me and lead me to a Kebab Restaurant and swore by everything holy that I should accept his invitation for lunch, although it was not lunch time yet. He did not even give me a chance to wonder about the reason for all of this as he engaged me in conversation about a religious matter that was supposedly occupying his mind.
I became aware of his motive all of a sudden as I was sitting at home. It was a Monday and Al Ahrar would have published my previously mentioned article after I had written and posted it over a month ago and forgotten all about it. When it was published and Farag had read it, he initiated this kind gesture.
It was the same noble man who defended me- without knowing me- whilst I was detained in the prison of Toura- in his article: "I thank you God" published in AL Ahaly and his noble attitude towards me was the cause of our subsequent friendship.
He related this in his book "To be or not to be" the same way I did in the first anniversary of his assassination. And I relate it once more here to warn against the era of the "worst of the worse" that is drawing near if we do not unify our efforts to save Egypt, our destiny and that of our children.
3. Since the beginning of the eighties, Wahhabi trend started gaining control over AL Azhar University, following a reclining Sufi influence. I had the privilege of confronting the Sufi trend and defeating it during my PHD research between 1977 and 1980, then in my subsequent works between 1982 and 1984. I was, then, a moderate Sunni ambitious to reform Sunni Jurisprudence in the same manner I had done with Sufism. Then the war erupted between me and some Azhar scholars in 1985 as I was referred to investigation after having written five books as part of my promotion to Assistant-Lecturer and was teaching them to my students.
The most important of which was "The Prophets in the Qur'an". The accusation of "denying the Sunna" had not yet occurred to them, so they had accused me of denying the Prophet's intercession and his absolute infallibility and God's preference of him over all other prophets. The disciplinary council, to which I had been referred, had requested a report on my books from some lecturers as well as from the Secretary of the Islamic Research Center then, Sheikh Abdel Jalil Shalaby. His report was the most sympathetic towards me as it differed with me academically, but acclaimed my Islamic feelings and efforts, and advised against doing any wrong to me or my reputation and to try and solve the issue quietly within the University.
According to their resolution, I was made to stay at home for two years deprived of my promotion to Assistant-Lecturer, and forbidden to travel abroad or teach inside a University. They had even confiscated all my previous and future financial dues until I have gone back on my convictions. But I refused.
A dear friend who used to work as the Head of the History Department in AL Mansoura University had felt for me and got the dean of his University to talk to the dean of Al Azhar to approve my transfer to the History Department at Al Mansoura as a solution to the problem. They, however, had sent him a warning letter to stay away from me, and the matter was further consolidated with the blessings of the National Security Division, and so my friend and the dean of the University were forced to retreat out of fear.
As the Sheikh was quite lenient in his report against me, he was punished by not being renewed for another term at the Islamic Research Center, whilst Sheikh Sayyed Tantawi - the Head of the Disciplinary Committee- was promoted to become the Mufti of Egypt thanks to his hard stance against me.
During those two years, I presented my resignation twice and it was turned down, so I sued them in order to force them to accept it, and that way they were obliged to terminate me.
They, nevertheless, had offered the sheikh an opportunity to make up for his mistake by offering him to write the column of "Quran and Sunna" in the daily Jomhouriya newspaper after the death of Sheikh Mohammad Soad Jalal. Sheikh Abdel Jalil then attacked my person accusing me with everything that offended my religion, honor, principles and intellect. The Sheikh- who was nearing 80 years old- had forgotten what he himself had advised his fellow Sheikhs about not harming me and treating the matter quietly and away from media. He continued his attacks on me in a manner that was not free from vulgarity, like saying that I accused the Prophet by saying: "did He not find you stray and guided you" oblivious to the fact that this is a Quranic verse. He always persisted on accusing me of receiving millions from abroad to destroy Islam simply to avoid engaging me in a discussion about my Quranic views.
After I had left Al Azhar in 1987, they devised arresting me along my Quranic colleagues under a new charge; that of denying the Sunna. So Sheikh Shalaby's articles continued on his daily column accusing me of receiving millions from abroad at a time when I was so broke that I could not afford new Eid outfits for my children. I will never forget one day as my son Mohamad was walking with me in the streets of Al Atabah and its commercial markets, how I realized that his outfit had grown too small on him as he had grown taller. The last outfit I had got him was since I had left the University.
I became assailed in sorrow and wondered: what's my children's guilt in what was happening to me? Did they have to pay a price simply because I was their father? And where are my opponents and their fabrications to see our state? I say this now to thank God as I see my beloved children as educated men who had drawn lessons from what they had experienced with me of patience at hard times. I had left University with an early retirement at 38 years old and after having served there for 15 years, I only deserved a monthly income of 86 Egyptian pounds that could not even cover a week's expenses. Whilst the honorable Sheikhs enjoyed, even after their seventies, incomes and rewards in different currencies from the different posts they held in Sharia boards in Islamic Banks and different government, national, professional and semi- professional bodies.
The day they had arrested me I was writing the second part of a volume I had not finished entitled "The Law of God and the Law of Man", in which I was discussing the contradictions between God's law and that of Sunni Jurisprudence. The brave officers who had arrested me had confiscated all what I had written and prepared on the subject, as well a thousand copies of my latest book that I had printed on my personal expense and the help of my friends called "The Disobedient Muslim."
They allowed me to say a quick prayer and bid farewell to my wife and children leaving them behind forty pounds, whilst I kept eighty to myself- and that was the total of all the money I owned- and left with them to the unknown.
Whilst in prison I used to look at the eighty pounds in regret and blame myself for not having left them behind for my children as they were all by themselves in these difficult times. I recall very well how in a moment of weakness, I was overwhelmed with despair and anxiety for the state of my children and how they were surviving with the little money I had left them whilst accusing myself of selfishness.
Then I heard a voice calling me and it was one of the prisoners who had been reading Al Jomhouriya telling me with a smile on his face that Sheikh Abdel Jalil was talking about me in there. He passed me the newspaper to read the Sheikh's article that expressed satisfaction at my imprisonment and talked about the millions I was receiving and how they could not come to my help now. For the first time in my prison experience tears overwhelmed me and I looked up to Heavens for more fortitude.
My family had not yet known where I had been taken, and so they set off looking for me at the different police stations whilst the press- with their renowned gallantry- keeping track of them, attacking me and publishing more lies.
Only state owned newspapers were allowed in the prison, and I had lived through some depressing times as I read what these newspapers used to write about me without the least pang of remorse or attempt to find out the other imprisoned party's side of the story who was totally powerless and defenseless.
During this time Farag Foudah's article "I thank you God" that was defending me with vehemence appeared in Al Ahaly. The general state of things had improved as my family had found out that I was detained in the prison of Torra, and so they came in their first visit to me bearing the most delicious varieties of food that they passed to me through the bars, and I made note of their emphasis on the newspaper leafs wrapped around the food. As I opened the leafs they turned up to be from Al Ahaly Newspaper and there was Farag Foudah's article defending me with fervor and attacking the National Security Investigations and their charge to me declaring openly that he believed in what I said and that Imam Abu Hanifa had also said this before me. His article came as a great relief to me, and confirmed to me that there were men, still, in Egypt no matter how many wicked, dishonorable cowards there were.
I set off comparing Farag Foudah and Sheikh Abdel Jalil Shalaby. The former was a secular writer who did not know me, yet defended me although all he had read about me were the accusations published in Al Ahram and other newspapers about my writings that were supposed to be evidence of scientific research, but had turned in this pathetic time to crimes deserving of punishment. And the latter was a Sheikh beyond eighty years old, who had read my books, known me and even issued a fair testimony on me but then denied it and waged accusations against someone who had never done him any wrong. He did not even take pity on me after I left University and was imprisoned wrongly. There was a vast difference between the gallantry and nobleness of Farag Foudah and Sheikh Abdel Jalil's attitude whose judgment I leave to the readers.
Sheikh's Abdel Jalil's articles continued attacking me with the same lies after my release from prison, not to prompt my detention, once more, but to incite my assassination by the terrorists.
4- The worst of the despotic military regime showed more mercy towards me than they did. There is no punishment in Egyptian Law against the charge addressed to me, that of denying the Sunna. If it was a regime of the Muslim Brothers I would have been charged of apostasy whose punishment is death without a legal trial as stated in the "Punishment of the Apostate" by Ibn Taymiyah in his letters, as well as by Sayyed Sadek in his book "Sunni Jurisprudence" and Abu Bakr Al Jaza'eri.
All that the despotic secular regime in Egypt had done with me to face the great political pressures lead by Saudi Arabia and its Sunni, Wahhabi aides from the Azhar Sheikhs was to put me in prison. More than ten years later, as the Wahhabi influence got stronger in Egypt and the regime weaker and intolerant of our cooperation with   the Ibn Khaldoun center, it decided to punish Ahl Al Quran with the charge of deriding religions, and sentenced some of my colleagues to a couple of years in prison.       
To be fair in my testimony, I must mention a couple of positive points in favor of the Police officers and responsible figures in the National Security without mentioning any names. I had come into contact with them as a culprit called for investigations and warnings since 1986 as per the orders of their superior, Minister Zaki Badr and whoever had come after him. I remember very well the office of Religious activity in Lathoghly in which I had been tenths of times between 1986 and 1997, and later in the branch of National Security in Mourj and Dar Assalam.
During that time I got to know some senior officers who are retired now, and some younger ones whose growth I had witnessed- just like my children's- from officers to superintendents. In secrecy, I used to call them: "My officers."
 Their aim was to ease off the anger of the Sheikhs and their continuous pressure calling for my detention and imprisonment, to facilitate my assassination inside the prison after I had become famous and wanted.
Those officers had explained to me that my detention was mere subordination to orders with the aim of my own protection.
A couple of days before my detention, the head of Religious Activity Department told me, whilst the warrant of my detention in front of him as I found out later, "Dr Ahmad, I don't sleep at night for your sake! Why don't you mind your business and stop preaching in Mosques?" Before this event, he personally had called upon the Sheikhs to hold a debate between us in any subject they would choose and which will be attended by high ranking officials only. They are convinced of my faith as a Muslim and that am not an apostate as the Wahhabi Sheikhs claim. They obviously refused. In the same manner in 1985, the president of Al Azhar Club DR. Awida called for a contest inside the University and they refused it as well. They do not dare confront me in a contest; they would rather see me absented in a prison cell or a grave.
Such is the Brothers' attitude to anybody who does not agree with them in opinion. Therefore, one wonders if the Egyptian desert will be big enough for the mass graves they will have to dig for their opponents!
5- In the hope of confronting the Muslim Brothers and all other extremists that have distorted Islam, the Website of Ahl Al Quran will be launching and giving access to all my writings including "Prayer According to Quran and Muslims." And it will be, God willing, an online resort to all enlightened Muslims.
6- All Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universe.

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