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Answering Al-Qa’da Rascals’ Incitement to Murder Me
Published on January 5-2010 
Translated by Mohammad Dandan
(1)- Since I started on the road of reform, while still an assistant professor at Al-Azher, the Fatwas and charges of being an infidel and disbeliever followed me till now
(2)-The Sufi sheikhs of Al-Azher started it, followed by the Sunni Wahhabi sheikhs; and if Egypt was officially a theocracy, I would have been put to death based on those Fatwas, and based on their accusation of me of apostasy to their Sunni religion. But since Al-Azher was officially a civilian establishment, with civilian governing laws, they connived around it and assigned me to appear before a disciplinary committee on 5/5/1985 accusing me of denying the basic facts of Islam, an accusation that means apostasy, alluding that my writings which quote the Quran almost in every line, are nothing but refuting Islam….In reality, it refutes the Sunni myths, and proves its contradiction to Islam and the Quran. They issued unfair and unjust resolutions, stopping me from work and confiscating my monetary dues, all this in brnd confiscating my monetary dues, all this in breach of laws. During the period when I was suspended from work, I used to tour different mosques carrying my message of reform. They tried to silence me by arresting me and a group of followers –that was the first wave of Quranists arrest. It relied on a fatwa written by sheikh Ash-sha’rawi and published in Al-Lewaa’ Al Islami, a government newspaper. He demanded the application of the (Haraba) penalty, which requires our execution and crucifixion. Along the same pattern, wrote Abdul Mu’ti Al-Bayyoumi, who demanded our execution without trial.
(3)- After leaving Al-Azher in 1987, and during the 90’s, I continued to write in newspapers, so did the fatwas of being an apostate. One of which by Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, who called for my demise and that of Dr. Faraj Fouda, after announcing our intention to establish a new political party (Al-Musteqbal Party),promoting a secular state with equal citizenry for all. Few days later, prompted by that fatwa, he was assassinated in June 1992, as they claimed then.
With all these fatwas hovering over me, I did not stop writing, and I did not stop working for reforms, allying myself with civil society groups and human rights organizations, the most important of them all, was Ibn kheldoun Center, in which I started a weekly symposium –Rewaaq Ibn Kheldoun- every Tuesday evening beginning January 2nd 1996 until the second wave of Quranists arrest took place in 2000-2001, resulting in the closure of the center, the incarceration of Dr. Sa’d Eddine Ibrahim and my flight to America, escaping with my life and my freedom.
(4)- Ibn Kheldoun center caused a stir in the stagnant waters, not only through the weekly symposium which freely dealt with all taboo subjects, but also through two most important projects adopted by the center, first one, to reform Egyptian educational system, purging it of Wahhabi thought and influence, and second one, educating Egyptians about political awareness and voting rights. I was the primary public speaker in the second project, roaming villages and densely populated areas enlightening people politically and encouraging them to participate in political and electoral matters. As far as reforming the educational system, I developed a new curriculum for religious studies, documented by the Quran, and based on human rights, democracy, tolerance, freedom and justice. Its contents were leaked to the press, was discussed in public forums, but the whole System, beginning with the presidency, then the house of assembly, then the government, Al-Azher, the mosques, official media, even superficial opposition forces, from Al-Wefd and Al- Amel parties papers. The onslaught of apostasy accusations multiplied, which was a prelude to the attacks against Ibn Kheldoun center, Dr. Sa’d Eddine Ibrahim and the Quranists.
And in the U.S... I continued my peaceful struggle, through American centers, I participated in establishing, then The International Quranic Center was established, followed by the website , again, the onslaught of accusations of apostasy intensified, and the Quranists in Egypt were persecuted in 2007, 2008 and 2009
I was compelled to say the above, and it is repeated and recounted again to stress these points:
(1)-There is a differentiation between our work and our adversary’s…we continue to produce, continue to be diligent, continue to come up with new ideas in our writings and research; while they continue to accuse others of apostasy, for lack of other substantive claim, after they themselves grew bored with the same unfounded, worn out arguments which never convinced nor will it ever convince anyone.
2- Their accusations for us of blasphemy, their advocacy for our slaughter, all means of oppression, chasing, incarceration, torture, did not stop our march, on the contrary, it increased our supporters and at the same time it magnified their intellectual shallowness. In addition, their false, forged, inherited hallowed Sunnah and Hadith, its icons and alleged companions who supposedly transmitted it, started to fall apart and wither, became a matter for discussion, after it was off limit and turned into mere fables among the educated.
We do not take or claim credit of this to ourselves, rather we acknowledge their contributions. Because they responded to Quranic evidence, scientific and historical proof with curses, insults, false accusations and poisonous rumors, and depended on and used the power of the regimes, violence, oppression, imprisonment and torture, in their rebuttals, they ignore the issue to attack the author, and when they are forced to quote us, they quote chopped off sentences that make no sense, take our words out of context, then they start heaping accusations and insults, and if perchance ,they quote us in full sentences, and try to counter it, any fair minded reader can easily tell whose argument is stronger. At any rate, their empty loud noises by which they chase our intellectual march is the best advertisement they could provide us with, for without their help, we could not have possibly been able to accomplish it, that is why we succeed having nothing but sound proof, and they fail with all the power and sway they have.
(3)-Those adversaries are not just the oppressive Arab regimes in Egypt, Sudan, Arabian Peninsula etc..etc.. or official Sheikhs of Al-Azher, or Saudi Wahhabism, but with them and in addition to them, all the contingents of extremism and Salafi terrorism of Al-Qaeda rascals and those who defend them, no difference between those who claim moderation and those who publicly advocate extremism and indulge in murder and terrorism.
All of them are at odds with each others. Saudi Arabia and Mubarak regimes are against Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood. Official Sheikdom is against sheiks of blunt extremism. Yet, all of them forget their differences to unite against the Quranists, because we directly penetrate to the depth of man-made Sunni religion; dismantle it from its foundation, and document its contradiction to Islam, whereas all of them are living off the fables of that Sunni religion, deceiving hundred of millions of  the Muslim silent majority.
For that reason you witness this coordination against us between the (enemy brothers). For when the Egyptian regime feels like sending the Quranists behind bars, waves and campaigns of claims of blasphemy precede then accompany the arrest expeditions to justify imprisonment and torture. Official Sheikdom, starting with Sheikh of Al-Azher, Tantaawi, along with the rest, including the rascals of Al-Qaeda, through the vast medium of the internet, all partake in this farce.
(4)- This shows that the root of this scourge exists in these oppressive regimes itself, and that there is no difference between Tantaawi and Az-Zawaahri, between Bin Laden and Saudi king Abdullah, and between Hosni Mubarak and Az-Zarqawi, they all indulge and practice terrorism, all of them believe in Sunni terrorist culture. On the contrary, they are by far worse than Bin Laden, Az- Zarqawi or Az-Zawaahri; because Al-Qaeda has but one face it promotes and declares and acts accordingly, yet those Oppressors and their official sheikhs are hypocrites with many faces…They murder their victim and cry in his funeral, their Jurists are without conscience, they issue religious edicts of blasphemy and execution, and when carried out by Al-Qaeda rascals, those same sheikhs perform ablution rites with the blood of the victim…then they talk about Islam’s tolerance.
Latest news item
As a reminder, and to have something to smile about, the rascals of Al-Qaeda on the internet, published several pages inciting for my murder at the following link (for those who know Arabic)
Along with some important descriptive attributes…(That disbelieving apostate, the one with spilt blood- Ahmad Subhy Mansour-the one whose deeds are all in vain-The picture of the criminal, may Allah slay and accurse him)
The sinful Ahmad Subhy Mansour declared an apostate by Al-Azher and dismissed from its ranks with the most humiliating dismissal, because of him leaving the folds of Islam, no doubt. I have read some of his articles, which vindicates the resolution by Al-Azher of his apostasy, his blood has been declared lawful to spill, according to a fatwa by Abu Zerr Al-Meqdeeshi, leader of (Supporters of Messenger of Allah), PBUH., stating that “in case of their refusal to declare their repentance, published in the same periodicals that they write in, that the group will pursue them all over and in every place” . For the blood of this renegade disbelieving atheist is spilt by Al-Azher fatwa and other scholars. He is currently a fugitive ,as a little mouse, in America, spreading his corruption, desperately and cunningly trying to destroy and dismantle Islam, may Allah slay him, accurse him and defeat him. The fool is a combined Jewish American fabrication. He is a lowlife, sharp tongued, when a Muslim name is mentioned in his presence, he lets out with a barrage of insults, disparaging remarks, and dirty bombardments that do not emanate except from silly fool or a lowlife deprived of morals and conscience. He even insulted Al-Azher and its sheikhs, and have no shame quoting songs by Abdul Haleem Haafiz and Layla Esh-Shaa’r and others (Pop singers).
Here is some information about this fool, related to our subject, he is an American, Jewish fabrication to subvert and sabotage Islam, nothing more, as it is customary for Americans and Jews to pick up the fallen after dismissing and kicking them out of our lands.
The pages contained few articles here and there calling for me to be declared an apostate, some of which were written by the lackeys of Al-Qaeda, full of insults, fabrications and lies, to facilitate and speed up the assassination project.
They know, getting rid of me is not going to stop the march…but they needed to make loud noise to incite murder. Each one of us made their choice and specialized in it. We strive, innovate and write to educate…our march keeps on moving forward gaining more grounds with every sunrise, and they continue to shriek and scream, not knowing any better, no matter be it a sheikh from Al-Azher or a sheikh of a gang.
At the end we all are going to die, all of us are destined to die (or by execution)…no way out…no hiding from it and all of us will meet before our Creator to settle our disputes, and then …and only then …will the transgressors know their fate.
Last statement…. Let it be known, and Allah, glory be to Him, knows…and suffice for Him to be a Witness and a Knower, that I wish and hope that I be murdered in the cause of my peaceful mission for reform….At that time, the greatest triumph would have been achieved for me, in this life and the Hereafter.
So come on all you Al-Qaeda rascals. I am in wait for you, with all your weapons and explosives…rest assured…I have nothing in my hands ….except the Book of Allah
The Glorious Quran

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