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"No person shall bear the burden of another person"
Date of publishing in Arabic: 26/09/2005
"In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,
No person shall bear the burden of another person"
I will never forget what had once happened in my village when I was a young boy in the sixties.
One morning, they found one of the guards dead, and all of a sudden our village turned to a base of police and inspectors. The victim's neighbors and acquaintances were dragged to the quickly erected torture chambers at the wind mills where people were tied instead of beasts and forced to go around with the whip.
Several people admitted, under torture, that they had committed the crime. But eventually, it turned out that the real culprit was the victim's dearest friend. They were jokingt;/div>
One morning, they found one of the guards dead, and all of a sudden our village turned to a base of police and inspectors. The victim's neighbors and acquaintances were dragged to the quickly erected torture chambers at the wind mills where people were tied instead of beasts and forced to go around with the whip.
Several people admitted, under torture, that they had committed the crime. But eventually, it turned out that the real culprit was the victim's dearest friend. They were joking together and somehow the guard's shotgun fired a shot that killed him by accident.
The Egyptian police did not assume the trouble of investigating, testing the bullet or finding out who was the last person to be seen with the guard. If they had gone this route, they would have been led to the killer easily. However, the way things are done is by torturing all the innocent people until one of them gives in. This way the "police mission" is accomplished. It is not "people's service" but "people's torture."
In any authoritarian state, people's torture is the true main mission of the police, where dictators deny people their human & political rights, and in order to stop them from calling for these rights, they terrorize them with torture for the most trivial reasons and people associate any contact with the authorities with risk. There is a number of proverbs in our culture that have come to express this: "the authorities sword is very long", "stay away from trouble and sing for it", "the true sultan is that who does not know the sultan", if your limb belonged to the police, you should amputate it" and of course the false Hadith "whoever honors a policeman, God shall disgrace him".
With blind torture, the culture of terror from authorities and state terror are embedded in peoples' minds. The state in this case is the ruler and his assistants.
Blind torture contradicts God's teachings: "no person shall bear the burden of another person", this legislative law was repeated in the Quran five times. (Chapter 6-Livestock 164),(Chapter 17- The Night Journey 15),(Chapter 35- The Initiator 18), (Chapter 39-The Throngs 7),(Chapter 53- The Stars 38)
In this blatant violation to Quranic teachings, innocent people are wronged and tortured. A living example of this is the training given to the police and armed forces. They have a basic rule that says: "a sin affects everybody whilst a virtue is particular to one person" which means that if one person errs in the training camp, punishment descends on everybody else, whilst if somebody did well, only he is rewarded.
In this training, the central security officers and students in the Police Academy are exposed to humiliation by their seniors and practice the same humiliation on other juniors.
They are taught the arts of transgression and hatred to all citizens considering them all criminals even if they were proven innocent. Their mission is not people's service and protection like it would be the case in any Democratic state, but rather their torture, humiliation and terror until they do not care anymore for their lost rights and become satisfied with salvation from torture and imprisonment and any other headache. A coward motto is often said "what have I got to do with it!"
This is how the high values of courage, dignity, pride, manhood and togetherness are lost and replaced with a subordinate mentality whose characteristics are selfishness, lying, betrayal, hypocrisy, doubt, fear and apprehension from all good deeds, as well as the conspiracy ideology, expecting only evil from people and their distrust. The proverbs say: "whoever was bitten by a snake is afraid to pull a cord", "whoever was burnt from soup blows in yoghurt". The reason for this is the authoritarian belief that says: "Beat those in shackles so the free ones are afraid." Both those in shackles and the free ones are innocent and wronged, and the transgressors are the authoritarian ruler and his entourage of clergy, secretaries and pretenders.
When some anarchy took place in Hama, Hafiz Al Asad destroyed the whole city over its inhabitants, when Saddam's parade was fired at from some poor quarter the whole neighborhood was tortured and when some Kurds revolted, he killed hundreds of thousands of them with all kinds of different arms in his weaponry- even the internationally prohibited- like poisonous gases.
If America and Israel applied Hafiz’s and Saddam's principle in their hunt for terrorists, they would have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in every raid because terrorists hide in highly populated areas and use it as a human shield to protect themselves, not caring about the risk to which they expose other innocent people. America and Israel try, to the best extent possible; to target the criminals alone without harm to civilians and this is the difference between civilized states and backwarded terror states. (Dr Subhy, I think you are trying to convey that America& Israel after all are not as barbaric as our own regimes when it comes to dealing with terrorists. However, I feel that this statement is a little unjust because both countries have annihilated entire towns and villages of innocent defenseless civilians, especially Israel, under different pretexts-fighting terrorism& other- and I would therefore suggest: "Even America and Israel are not often as barbaric as our regimes when it comes to targeting Terrorists without harming civilians and this is the difference between….."  )
Totalitarian states behave like ruthless mafias. When they fall short of arresting a suspect they do not hesitate to take his family –innocent women, elderly and children- as hostages to force him to hand himself over.
This only happens in Muslim countries and other corrupted, dictatorial states.
The job of a Democratic Nationalistic State is the protection and welfare of its people, but the job of a Totalitarian treacherous state is torturing the innocents and humiliating them so the dictators can feel safe. 
Totalitarianism is deeply rooted in the history of Muslims and in the history of Egypt. With tyranny, Religion was corrupted by means of the clergy that tries to subordinate people to rulers with contradictory teachings to the soul of Islam. As a result of this, the oppressed turn to religion for help, but only find in it false solutions that offer Heaven as a substitute to Life. This is how Sufism grew against the confrontation of tyranny offering the weak authority in the hereafter through the mediation and arbitration they will attain with naïve Sufi rituals of chanting, dancing, grief, parades and feasts. These false dreams have come to replace the misery of present and the failure to change it, and have helped the Egyptians to be patient towards the tyrant saying: "patience can burn anything down", "be patient until the bad neighbor is gone or taken by a calamity".
This is how they were patient with tyranny in the hope of attaining the company of the beautiful virgins with big lustrous eyes and the promised mediation.
Sufism was widely spread until Abdel Aziz was able to spread Wahhabism in Egypt via the Muslim Brotherhood, the Shariá Committee, the Partisans of Sunna and Young Muslims.  The oil resources made it possible for the violent Wahhabite ideology to replace Sufism and represent Islam. This is where the Big Ancestral Sufi Jihad was transformed to violent terrorism that kills all, including Muslims when it take them as human shields for protection.
Access to Heaven and enjoying the beautiful lustrous eyed companions has become attainable to every deprived young man- not through the Sufi dancing and chanting- but through exploding himself into Muslims and non-Muslims believing that as soon as he is dead he will find the Beautiful companions in his bosom.
Modern Totalitarianism is what has given way to Terrorism, and it is what protects its religious ideology from rational reasoning.   
Poor citizens are the victims of tyranny and corruption, and the victims of a vague future fluctuating between the totalitarianism of a party or army and that of religion which is the worst and most disorienting.
In this similar situation, the major world powers have found themselves in the war against Sunni Wahhabite Terror. They are facing an enemy they cannot quite determine, and do not know where and when it will next strike to kill the innocents. Even in Iraq and the occupied Palestinian territories it is impossible to strike the terrorists who hide in the highly dense areas without harming innocent people.
Terrorists, according to their ideology, have made fellow innocent citizens human shields and do not care about those people's lives the way advanced countries do. This is where America and Israel have fallen into a difficult situation. Modern weapons try to target the terrorists alone, but this being in a road or a market, mistargeting is valid. When there are victims amongst the innocent civilians, Arabic media rushes to exaggerate the news without anybody wondering why this is the case? And who permits risking the blood of the innocents and makes that a religion? Who planted the tree of terrorism and helped it grow? And who is always practicing the killing, torture and terror of innocent citizens in order to remain in power alone? Who is responsible for distorting Islam and ignoring its true laws that protect human rights? If you tried answering this question in all honesty you will find yourself a guest at your state's prison. The state that talks about the greatness of Islam all the time.      

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