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The myth that MUST be exposed
By: - Fawzy Farrag


Dear Friends, a couple of weeks ago I sent this email to president Obama, and would like to share with you, and perhaps get your opinion even after the fact.
The myth that MUST be exposed
Dear Mr. President,
First of all, I am a Republican who has been fed up with his party for the past eight years, and voted straight ticket for you Mr. Obama and the Democrats in this past election, also, it is worth mentioning that I do not have a dog in this fight for the reform of health care, since I am retired, and had managed to “survive” more than 34 years of health insurance companies tricks and gimmicks, from the invention of  terms like ” pre-existing condition”  to raising both deductable and out of pocket to skyrocketing premiums, to covered and not covered diseases…………..etc, I am on Medicare for the past four years and very happy with it and do not even have a supplementary insurance with Medicare, happy with both the premiums and the coverage that would have cost me 4-5 times as much with any health insurance company and most likely with far less coverage.
I have seen my premiums increased from the late seventies till 2004 close to fifty folds, (( from $12.5 a month in the late 70s to about $ 700 a month in 2002 and up)), no inflation during that time came close to a fraction of that, nothing that I could imagine either, serv that, nothing that I could imagine either, services or products wise that had seen such an increase.
There is a MYTH that has been propagated by special interest groups , that we have the BEST health care system in the world, and another MYTH that the government cannot do anything right, or the government IS the problem, and the Irony of that is those who mostly spread this kind of myth are members of the government themselves, either congressmen or senators, or Ex-government( Federal or State) officials, and they say that with a straight face as if they were not part of it all, and had nothing to do with it, when they should be ashamed and embarrassed  to say the least when they mention that.
It is incumbent on this administration to face up these myths and to educate the American people and to shed all they can, of light and truth, on the fallacy of these misleading statements and pure lies.
It is high time for this administration and before it is too late, to take on the myth about heath care reform, the myth that the government can’t do anything right, the myth that the government is the problem, the myth that the government interferes too much with our lives, the myth that the government can’t manage anything like corporations does.   No two Americans will disagree that the most valuable thing in every person’s life is his own and his loved ones lives, their safety, their security and freedom, their constitution. So far the government had been doing an outstanding job with providing all the needed protection of all of these, the US citizens trust the government with all these crucial and vital issues, they do not advocate outsourcing them to corporations and or private enterprises. Why then the government cannot be trusted or does not qualify for running a health care system!! If the government fails in doing anything or does not meet what they promised to do, they can be fired and replaced every two/ four years at the ballot box, but when was the last time any corporation that did not meet public expectations, the American people were able to fire the top executives or the CEO , or even the doorman  for that matter, when was the last time a health insurance company were threatened by the people’s un-satisfaction to change its policies or practices, when are the American people going to be told the truth and have their eyes opened, it is a myth, unadulterated myth spread by and propagated by the few who have their own agenda and who benefit most of the status quo, it is your responsibility  Mr. President to educate the people in this country and un-brain wash them of this myth.
How about the myth that we have the best health care system in the world, this is a myth, if we have the best system, ask those who advocate this to name one disease that our heath system had eliminated and other industrial nations are still suffering from, ask them to  name one essential equipment that is being used in the health care system in the US and does not exist in the other industrial nations, ask them to tell you and us the life expectancy in the US is much longer than that in other developed  nations, otherwise, it is a myth to say that the health care system in the US is far superior to all other nations. The life expectancy in the US according to United Health foundation is 69 years compared to Japan at 75 years, there are 27 other nations that exceed the USA in HALE (Health and Life Expectancy), the USA comes as number 28 behind Canada (#10) and France (#12), and Germany (#13), even behind Greece (#19), how is that for best health system in the world. See this link
The number one country, Japan, in the developed nations, has a universal health care system, the cost is set by the government, with many free examinations, and those who do not have a health care insurance through their employers, have an option for joining a national health care insurance administered by their local governments, how bad is that, well, Japan is the number one nation when it comes to health and life expectancy.
How about Canada, that they always refer to it as having a horrible medical system, they are number 10, and the socialist France- as they refer to it- is number 12, Germany that inherited east Germany lately and had to cope with all their problems is number 13, even the Island of Malta is ahead of us at number 21, and they still repeat the myth about the best health care system in the world, I wonder about which world are they referring to or living in!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Best Regards and Good luck
Fawzy Farrag

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