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The Devilish Hadith by the Cursed Al-Bokhary about the So-Called 'Second Coming' of Christ




Published in August 19, 2020

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy






1- Had the descent of Jesus Christ unto the earth, or the 'second coming', been a truth/fact within the Islamic faith, it would have been mentioned in the Holy Quran in several verses as part of Quranic predictions and foretelling the future events in this world as signs which will take place before the advent of the Hour; of course, the Quran never mentions anything of the kind; besides, the Lord Quran in the Quran mentions that Muhammad, the last messenger of Allah, is the seal of all prophets; this means that no messengers/prophets will come to the world after his death.

2- The Quranic text mentions clearly and definitively the signs of the advent of the Hour: (1) the emergence of Gog and Magog from beneath the crust of the earth (see 18:94-99 and 21:96-97), (2) the emergence of the creature which will talk to all people (see 27:82), and before both signs we have this one: (3) "The likeness of the present life is this: water that We send down from the sky is absorbed by the plants of the earth, from which the people and the animals eat. Until, when the earth puts on its fine appearance, and is beautified, and its inhabitants think that they have mastered it, Our command descends upon it by night or by day, and We turn it into stubble, as if it had not flourished the day before. We thus clarify the revelations for people who reflect." (10:24). We believe humanity has entered into this era predicted in 10:24 (i.e., the era of the global village); for more details about Gog and Magog and also about our pondering on 10:24, we refer readers to the annexes in our book, in English, titled "The West and the Miraculous Scientific Indications in the Holy Quran", found on this link:

3- The bad habit of polytheists within their terrestrial/earthly religions is to invent/initiate new tenets/notions which contradict the Celestial religion revealed by the Lord God within His Divine Book. Such corrupt tenets/notions of polytheism are sanctified with the passage of time; the polytheistic people who stick to them reject the Divine Scriptures; the Lord God would send a prophet/messenger to preach the Truth; once this or that prophet/messenger is dead, the polytheistic notions/tenets returned with a vengeance and distortions were introduced to the Scriptures of the Lord God. This process was repeated in several eras until Muhammad was sent by the Lord God Who undertakes the mission of preserving the Quranic Text Himself. Of course, the devilish, polytheistic notions returned once Muhammad died, and yet, the Quran-hating polytheists knew they could not change/distort the Quranic text; they had to (A) invent devilish discourses/narratives/hadiths ascribed by force to the name of Muhammad decades after his death, and (B) to distort the meaning of the Quranic verses; both devices of polytheists are employed in the silly Al-Bokhary hadith about the so-called 'second coming' of Christ; the cursed Al-Bokhary dared to claim that Muhammad said that (I swear by Allah who controls my soul that it is about time when Ibn Maryam will descend upon earth as a just ruler; he will smash the cross, kill the pigs, and impose the tribute on nonbelievers, and the money will be so much that no one would take any more from it; the one prostration will be better than the whole world.); Al-Bokhary also dared to claim that this is the meaning of 4:159, and the distorted meaning given to 4:159 is that as if Jesus Christ, who supposedly never died (!), will come back to earth and will have new followers (!). This silly Al-Bokhary hadith is ascribed falsely to Muhammad and it contains a distortion of the meaning of 4:159. This silly hadith is written in three different versions in Al-Bokhary book (with different Isnad [or series of 'narrators'] and slightly different wordings within the texts of the three versions). Because of this silly Al-Bokhary hadith, the Muhammadans reject, deny, and disbelieve in the Holy Quran and believe in the myth known as the 'second coming' of Christ since this myth is mentioned by their deity/god named Al-Bokhary. We analyze and criticize this Al-Bokhary hadith (with its three versions)        


Firstly: the Isnad and texts of the hadith authored by the cursed Al-Bokhary:


(... Qotayba Ibn Saeed said that Al-Leith Ibn Saad said that Ibn Shehab Al-Zohary said that Saeed Ibn Al-Musayyab said that he heard Abou Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Messenger of Allah, may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, said that: (I swear by Allah who controls my soul that it is about time when Ibn Maryam will descend upon earth as a just ruler; he will smash the cross, kill the pigs, and impose the tribute on nonbelievers, and the money will be so much that no one would take any more from it). ...).

(... Ali Ibn Abdullah said that Sufyan said that Al-Zohary said that Saeed Ibn Al-Musayyab said that he heard Abou Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Messenger of Allah, may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, said that: (The Hour will not come until Ibn Maryam descends from heaven to be among you a just ruler; he will smash the cross, kill the pigs, and impose the tribute on nonbelievers, and the money will be so much that no one would take any more from it). ...).

(... Ishaq said that Yacoub Ibn Ibraheem said that his father told him that Salih said that Ibn Shehab Al-Zohary said that Saeed Ibn Al-Musayyab said that he heard Abou Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Messenger of Allah, may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, said that: (I swear by Allah who controls my soul that it is about time when Ibn Maryam will descend upon earth as a just ruler; he will smash the cross, kill the pigs, and impose the tribute on nonbelievers, and the money will be so much that no one would take any more from it; the one prostration will be better than the whole world.). ... And Abou Hurayrah quotes 4:159. ...).



About Isnad of such hadith in its three versions:

1- The first name of the Persian author (or rather the inveterate liar) Al-Bokhary is Ibn Berzaweih; he was born in 194 A.H. in a city known as Bokhara in what is known today as Uzbekistan; he died in 256 A.H. This means he had nothing to do with the location and era of a narrator named Al-Zohary who died in the Levant in 124 A.H., a narrator named Al-Leith Ibn Saad who died in Egypt in 175 A.H., a narrator named Saeed Ibn Al-Musayyab who died in Yathreb in 94 A.H., and a narrator named Abou Hurayrah who died in Yathreb in 59 A.H. We do not think that Al-Bokhary traveled back in time, using a time machine, to meet with such dead narrators before their death; we do not think that he met with the dead souls of such narrators in a metaphysical Barsakh level. Did such narrators send him a facsimile or an email message to inform him of any hadiths?!   

2- In our book about Isnad, we refuted this myth known as 'Isnad' of the so-called 'hadiths' attributed to Muhammad; authors/fabricators of hadiths invented fictional men and even used the names of dead real men (i.e., historical figures) to make their invented hadiths pass off as 'true' accounts/narratives and to lend these hadiths/lies a measure of 'credibility'. The so-called Isnad began by Malik Ibn Anas (93 – 179 A.H.) in his book of hadiths titled (Al-Mowata'); he never wrote it; it was oral traditions which he dictated as hadiths (he invented/fabricated) to his disciples; this is why there are more than twenty different versions of(Al-Mowata'); the best known and frequently read and quoted versions (despite the discrepancies among them) are the ones by his disciples Yahya, Al-Shaybany, and Assad Ibn Al-Furat. Another fabricator of hadiths, Al-Shafei who died in 204 A.H., invented thousands of hadiths in his seminal book titled (Al-Um); such hadiths by Al-Shafei were written down by his disciple Al-Muzani who died in 264 A.H. Of course, it became a bad habit that authors of later decades, especially Al-Bokhary, copied the Isnad made up by Malik and Al-Shafei and thus invented hundreds of thousands of hadiths/lies while ascribing them to Muhammad.     

3- Some Abbasid authors tried, in vain, to sift through the Isnad and to put criteria to remove or verify such dead narrators and to determine how truthful they might (not) be. Passing such judgments led to further complications and to telling more lies/falsehoods within narratives; such authors never knew the metaphysical realm of the past; they differ about (not) trusting this or that narrator; such debates went on from the third century A.H until recent times (e.g., in books of Al-Albany in the 20th century A.D.). Of course, the myth known as Isnad is a disgrace which exposes the devilish terrestrial religions of the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi Muhammadans.   


Secondly: the texts of the three versions of the Al-Bokhary hadith about the so-called 'second coming' of Christ:

 The words employed in these three versions of this hadith:

The so-called 'second coming' requires stating the time and location for it to occur and how it will be done; there should be mission(s) assigned to the 'resurrected' Christ and there should be justification for his making a second appearance on earth. Let us discuss such angles of this topic in the following lines.

Defining the time:

 The style of such three hadiths imposes an assertion/assumption that the second coming is so very near; it is as though Jesus would appear shortly after the death of Muhammad or even after the death of the main/first narrator Abou Hurayrah who died in 59 A.H.; yet, Christ never appeared even during the lifetime of Al-Bokhary who died in 256 A.H. Centuries have passed and Christ never came; why is that? Maybe this delay is caused by traffic jam, we think!

Defining the location:

 One of the three hadiths contain the expression (among you); this means that such a narrative addressed to Abou Hurayrah indicates that Christ is supposed to emerge soon; but the location is never defined; would this happen in Arabia, China, Europe, Africa, the two Americas, Australia, Antarctica, or Siberia?! Would Christ descend/appear in a local airport or an international airport?!

 Defining how the event would take place:

1- Christ is assumed to descend from heaven unto the earth? Yet, the question is as follows: What heaven? Is the sky from which rain is pouring? Is it one of the seven heavens? From which star, planet, or galaxy, then?!

2- How is Christ assumed to descend? Using a winged steed, a spaceship, or a parachute?!

3- The mission of this fictional Christ is to introduce 'reform', we presume; yet, would enthroned tyrants allow this?! Would they welcome this Christ to their homelands?

4- This fictional Christ never made an appearance during the eras of the caliphate; would he descend now without an entry visa? How would he get it? Would he have a passport? What about customs and security measures in airports? How would this Christ announce his presence? How would people recognize him? How would they be so sure of his identity? Would they force this Christ to a DNA test? Would he come along with a host of angels? Would security officers allow him to enter into their country? Would they detain him? Would the masses be allowed to receive him with cheers outside the airport? How would people deal with him? Would he appear in his old garment on a donkey like he did when he entered into Jerusalem? Would he wear the latest fashion or dernier cri from Pierre Cardin? By the way, we are not joking; these questions are valid and serious in light of the circumstances and conditions of our modern era in this modern world.

Defining the mission of Christ:

 Let us discuss every word mentioned in this silly Al-Bokhary hadith about this fictional Christ.


1- Would he rule justly and fairly after causing the ouster of all corrupt, enthroned tyrants and destroying their regimes? How? This means that the eras of the four pre-Umayyad caliphs and other caliphs (until the Ottoman caliphate; or even from the era of Abou Bakr of Qorayish until Abou Bakr Al-Baghdadi of ISIS) were eras of tyranny that should have been destroyed by this Christ. Since Christ has not come yet, this means that all eras until now are eras of corruption, tyranny, and injustice; this is the accusation leveled by today's Muhammadans, who believe in such hadiths, against their current rulers: Khomeini, Erdoğan, Ibn Salman,...etc.

2- The three versions of the hadith by Al-Bokhary do not tell us how such regimes would be toppled and destroyed by his fictional Christ: by coup d'état or by free, transparent elections? What is the force which would be used by this Christ? Would he wage so many wars worldwide? How many millions would lose their lives, then?!


1- After the 'victory' of such fictional Christ, he is supposed to rule the earth within justice? How? Would this include upholding justice within marital relations and among relatives and progeny? Is it only political justice? Would it include social justice? Would wealth be distributed fairly among citizens everywhere?! This means Christ would require millions of followers; they will be a new type of human beings which never exists now since the Arab societies have lived for centuries within injustice, marginalization, corruption, tyranny, and the culture of slaves. Would this Christ impose justice alone? How? Would he impose direct democracy? How? 

2- Would this Christ impose a certain political regime? Would he rule alone without a Congress or a Parliament? Citizens (i.e., men and women) should rule themselves and apply justice by themselves as per this Quranic verse: "...justice..." (57:25); this means a single person cannot uphold/apply justice alone in a small village; let alone in the whole planet. That one man would assume the mission of upholding justice means he will be an unjust tyrant since he cannot be an omniscient being. This means that this fictional Christ of the so-called 'second coming' will not be able to apply justice and remove injustice if he would rule the entier earth on his own though he is supposed to remove injustice. 

(smash the cross):

 It never pertains to justice to smash any property of houses of worship of others. Would smashing a cross lead to attaining justice worldwide? How? Smashing crosses of Christians contradicts the absolute religious freedom emphasized in the Holy Quran. The Lord God requires us to protect all types of houses of worship even if we had to fight to restore religious freedom and end religious persecution: "Permission is given to those who are fought against, and God is Able to grant them victory. Those who were unjustly evicted from their homes, merely for saying, “Our Lord is God.” Were it not that God repels people by means of others: monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques - where the name of God is mentioned much - would have been demolished. God supports whoever supports Him. God is Strong and Mighty." (22:39-40). This means that smashing Christian crosses has nothing to do with Islamic sharia legislations. Muhammad never smashed crosses or demolished churches in Arabia. Is it a religious duty to do so and Muhammad neglected it so that Christ would do so himself?! So, Christ has his own Sunna, then?! Even in the lies/hadiths attributed to Muhammad forcibly long decades after his death, no narrators mention that Muhammad smashed crosses or demolished churches in Arabia. Would this imaginary Christ of the 'second coming' smash crosses worldwide or  in the Middle-East only?! Would he do so only in churches or also in houses, walls, ornaments and necklaces, and in tattoos in the bodies of some (Orthodox) Christians?! Would such an imaginary Christ hire military troops for this 'noble' mission worldwide?! Such troops would be like the cursed religious police in Saudi Arabia, we presume! What if such troops steal and melt crosses made of gold and silver?! If crosses would vanish from the face of the earth, would this lead to the disappearance of Christianity since all Christians would convert to 'Islam' in multitudes?!    

(kill the pigs):

 This creature is not to blame for anything; the Muhammadans hate it so much for no reason; it is silly and absurd to imagine that the mission of the imaginary Christ of the so-called 'second coming' include killing pigs worldwide. Pigs are slaughtered anyway for providing food items to some people; no one need to kill or cull pigs, then. Would this include culling swines, hogs, and wild boars?! Would this imaginary Christ hire military troops to do so worldwide as a ruler of the planet? The owners of pigs are not to blame for anything; why would they be forced to leave their pigs to be killed? Would they agree?! They would be the victims and the troops which kill pigs would be aggressors; this is against Islamic justice. A war might break out for pigs; the innocent owners of pigs may be killed in such a war while they defended themselves; this is against Islamic laws which prohibit murder: "Whoever kills a believer deliberately, the penalty for him is Hell, where he will remain forever. And God will be angry with him, and will curse him, and will prepare for him a terrible torment." (4:93).

(impose the too much...):

 This is the aim of the anonymous fabricator/inventor of such a silly hadith; he was probably a worshiper of Mammon/money; he might have been influenced by his former religion (i.e., Christianity) before his conversion to the Sunnite religion of Satan; he became probably a hater of Christianity as we infer from the phrasing of such a silly hadith; he desired to impose tributes on Christians and such money would be so much and be given to the Muhammadans. How ugly and silly of him!



 It is a duty for all Quranists/monotheists to spit on Al-Bokhary book even if the polytheistic Sunnite Muhammadans would not like it.


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