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From Dr Ahmed Sobhy Mansour
A news release

A news release
From Dr Ahmed Sobhy Mansour
Comment to the news media regarding the Egyptian Authorities accusation that I and the (Quranists) have committed the crime of “contempt for Religions”.
1- These comments are mine and represent my own views and no one else.

2- I , hereby, lay an accusation against those who accused me , that they are guilty of contempt towards Allah and his messenger and the great Faith of Islam as well as his book (the Quran). It is us, not them, who adhere to the book and the words of God to reform Islam and Muslims from within in the most peaceful ways and manners, and they are the ones who promote and propagate the so called “Hadeeth” that entice and encourage terrorism , and demean and insult the prophet ( PBUH) with the likes of Hadeeth that allows for the murder and killing of anyone who leaves Islam, they call it (Penalty of Apostasy) and the most ridiculous Hadeeth ( breast feeding of the elders) which allows a grown up man to breast feed from a woman ( to suck her breast in five different occasions) in order for him to be allowed – according to their tradition - to meet with her in private, and they defend this as a means to keep morality!!

3- What they have done to my family, relatives and friends in Egypt, is not just to put them in Jail, it is in fact an open invitation to fanatics and terrorists to murder them inside and/ or outside prisons, therefore, I hold them ALL responsible for anything that may happen to their well being, either in or outside of Egyptian prisons.

4- The world had changed, it has become small, it is no longer allowed for dictators and tyrants to do as they wish to their people, to jail and torture them, or kill them at will, and get away with it. Anyone who takes any part in the killing or torture or the deprivation of their basic human rights as described in the UN charter and Human rights organizations, will have to bear the consequences of their actions, and they will.

5- They have put my name at the top of the list of those they accused of (Contempt for religions) because of my book (Penalty of Apostasy). That book was written and published in Egypt in 1993, and was re-published in an official magazine ( Al-Qahirah) and in the Egyptian newspaper ( Al-Ahrar), it was also published several times later and translated to English, and now it is reposted on ( Ahl-Alquran) internet site, have they just discover it, and discovered that it represents some kind of ( contempt for religions) !!!!. This book is the main and only reason behind the about face that the Azhar “Experts” did lately, when they changed their position in regards to the penalty of apostasy that they held firm in the past, that it should be punishable by death, and now they adopt a more tolerant attitude of giving a chance e to those Apostates, a chance to repent. It is also worth mentioning that the head of AL- Azhar ( Sheikh Al-Azhar) has declared that Islam is a religion of FREE BELIEFES, combine this with a Fatwa that was issued by the Fatwa committee in Al-Azhar that declares those who do not believe in the Hadeeth are not apostates, published by Sheikh Mohamed Al-Ghazali in his book ( in our traditional intellect ) , these two points by themselves absolves us from these silly accusations that the Egyptian authorities leveled against us. One more thing, they have included an article that I wrote ( Abou Huriarah and the dogs) as another evidence in their accusations, yet it did not include half what had been published in a book by Sheikh Mahmoud Abou-Rayyah titled ( Abou Huriarah – sheikh Al-Madhyarah), a book that was printed and published by one of the biggest publishing houses in Egypt, (Dar Al-Maaref), it includes everything that was said and written to discredit Abou Huriarah , be it in quoting the companions of the prophet from that time on to Mr. Rasheed Redda in this time of ours. So the question that has to be asked, were all these people starting with the companions of the prophet themselves guilty of the same crime, Contempt of Religions!!

6- Following the assassination of my dear and good friend Farag Fouda, I wrote the book “ Penalty for apostasy” for the sole purpose of distancing Islam from the culture of terror and terrorism, the book’s argument were derived from the Sunni Culture to provide all evidences that this fabricated crime has no basis in Islam, thus the punishment also is baseless. It is very well known that the Muslim brotherhood doctrine includes the punishment by death to: anyone who wanted to leave Islam (Apostasy), to anyone who ignores prayers or do not practice it regularly, to anyone (married) who commits adultery or fornication. These are their unshaken beliefs and they seek to make it the law of the land, while we have made no secret of uncovering their extremism and lack of the basic understanding of the laws of God revealed in his holy book the Quran. Is this not a reason for all of us to be worried that this Wahabbi’s culture is gaining grounds with the help of some insiders in the government who are working hard to help the Muslim brotherhood gain control of power in Egypt, and what is a better way of helping them other than the destruction and elimination of the Quranists.

7- If someone offer the Muslim brotherhood to take control of the Egyptian government now, they most certainly will turn the offer down, as they will not accept to govern according to any democratic rule where they have to succumb to the role of the majority, by which they may someday lose the power, so they are brainwashing the masses to accept them according to their own make rules, the rule that they govern in the name of God and by the authority of God and that only God can remove them from the position of authority, therefore anyone who opposes them is in a way opposing God, and deserves to be killed according to their rules and will end up in hell in the day after. In conclusion, as I see it, I see there are some secret deals, all done under the table to facilitate inheriting the presidency to the son, in exchange of giving the Muslim brotherhood a free hand in brain washing the masses for the next ten years or so, so they ( the masses) can accept the brotherhood style of government when the time comes for them to be in charge, and what a better way of helping each other than to form an alliance against one common enemy, the Quranist and to destroy and eliminate them.

8- This is not a crisis for the Quranists only, it is a bigger crisis for the current regime, however, they are clueless and do not realize it.

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