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May God Rest the Soul of our Deceased Relative, Mr. Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali, who Was among the Pioneer Writers of our Quranism Website

May God Rest the Soul of our Deceased Relative, Mr. Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali, who Was among the Pioneer Writers of our Quranism Website


Published in May 26, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- The late Mr.Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali M. Ali was the brother of Mr. Reda Abdel-Rahman Ali M. Ali and the Dr. Othman M. Ali M. Ali's paternal uncle's son. Mr. Ali. M. Ali was our paternal uncle; he was the brother of our late honored father Mr. Mansour M. Ali. Our grandfather, Mr. M. Ali, has begotten 14 sons and daughters, and he had hundreds of grandchildren. The members of our extended family of Ali Ibrahim Ali in Abo Herez village, near the city of Kafr Saqr, Al-Sharqiyah Governorate, Egypt, are known for their excellence in education and knowledge. The first one of our family to get the Azharite University degree was our paternal uncle Mr. M. M. Ali, who obtained the highest grades within his group of students at the Faculty of the Arabic Language Studies. Yet, he died in the prime of his youth. Our father, Mr. Mansour M. Ali, did not continue his Azharite education because of the circumstances of losing the stretches of land owned previously by our grandfather, the sheikh M. Ali, who was the successor of the Al-Rifaaiyya Sufi order at our village, which was the dominant religion there at the time. Our late, honored father, sheikh Mansour, left his Azharite secondary school and dedicated his time to teach the Quran to children and making them memorize it and he worked as a marriage registrar. Since our early childhood, we helped him in his work by teaching the Quran to children to make them memorize it by heart. This made tens of them ready and fit for enrolling into the Azharite education. We have continued the mission of our father after he died as we have helped all the sons and daughters of our extended family to enroll into the Azharite education in the same way, and the last one of them was Dr. Othman M. Ali.      

2- As for the life-story of Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali who died yesterday, it serves as a model and an example from which one may draw lessons about generosity, kindness, and charity towards one's family. Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali never had the chance to enroll into the Azharite education like the rest of the family members; he dedicated his time to work and help his father, the late Abdel-Rahman Ali, who died before reaching the age of 50. Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali was not the eldest one among his siblings; he was the third son within five sons and three daughters of Abdel-Rahman Ali. Within his generous nature and his altruism, Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali insisted voluntarily on working to support his siblings in their education; this is how he spent his youth and he never married and never received any education. Yet, he is an autodidact as he read a lot because he was greatly influenced by the cultural climate and knowledge background of the extended family.  

3- Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali typically accompanied our person when we used to visit Abou Herez village, and he was keen on learning everything new to him; he was a great Quranist. Later on, he settled for years in Jordan to work there to support his siblings financially as part of his responsibilities; he insisted that his siblings must continue their education at Al-Azhar University. Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali was one of the excellent writers (in Arabic) on our Quranism website, and he had innovative views and great opinions to share; he also wrote articles in Arabic within the Modern Discussion website In fact, he and his brother, Reda Abdel-Rahman Ali (who also writes at, are among the pioneer writers and the main ones within our Quranism website and within the cyberspace within other websites calling for religious and political reform.     

4- When Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali discovered he had cancer in his bones, he readily returned to Egypt after spending his youth and health in working hard to support his mother and his siblings; he decided to remain for the rest of his life surrounded by his beloved family members and his mother, and he suffered from the pains of his ailment for some years before he died yesterday. May God rest his soul.

5- The youngest sister of Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali is Ms. Heba Abdel-Rahman Ali, the wife of our fifth son, Sameh, received a phone call yesterday and she wept and cried in a loud voice; we and the rest of our family here inside our house in VA rushed to her and she told us about the fact that her brother, Ramadan, died suddenly. Despite our grief, we thanked the Almighty Lord God that Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali is now resting in peace after suffering intolerable pains for a long time; his veins even suffered some damage because of too many injections of syringes within the treatment he received in vain. We implore the Almighty Lord God so that He grant the late Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali the reward of the patient ones who bore hardships/tests of life and passed them successfully within piety, acceptance, and submission to the Divine Will of the Lord God. God says the following in the Quran: "...We will reward those who are patient according to the best of their deeds." (16:96); "...The patient ones will be paid their wages in full, without limits." (39:10).   

6- The late Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali was born during the lunar Hijri month of Ramadan; he died also during Ramadan; he never had the chance to receive education or to get married; this is because he had no chance to get some rest; he spent his lifetime working hard to earn money to support his mother and his siblings. When he was taken ill suddenly and discovered he had cancer, he returned to our village in Egypt; his brothers and sisters stood by him and helped him in every possible way, for they feel very grateful to him; they are indebted to him; they bore patiently with this plight and all stages of his ordeal. It was very hard for them to see their beloved brother suffering intolerable pains of cancer day and night, without any useful sleeping pills or drugs to anesthetize him or hope for temporary or permanent relief; all pills, treatment, drugs, and injections he receives had no effect at all. Our beloved family members, the progeny of our paternal uncle's son, Abdel-Rahman Ali, have suffered for years because of this long, incurable ailment of Ramadan Abdel-Rahman Ali, and we sincerely implore God to reward them for their patience.         

7- Some of our extended family members died swiftly and prematurely with the heart disease: our paternal uncle Mr. Ahmed M. Ali, his son Dr. Abdel-Hameed the professor of the Arab Literature at the Faculty of the Arabic Language Studies, Al-Azhar University, our paternal uncle Mr. Rizq M. Ali, and another paternal uncle's son: Mr. Abdel-Aziz. Some of our extended family members died after suffering ailments for years; our later brother Dr. M. Alaa-Eddine Mansour, the head of Oriental Languages Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, was a professor in the Persian language and literature and he suffered from one of the liver diseases. Our late, honored father suffered cancer for years before he died. Our paternal uncle's son, Mr. Tharwat Kamel M. Ali died after suffering for four years from a cancer in his intestines; he died alone in his new homeland, Austria, before obtaining his PhD degree and he was buried there. In fact, he immigrated to Austria to work and to study to get his PhD; he was unjustly prevented from being appointed as a professor at the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, as all Quranists of our family are typically persecuted in that manner. Our paternal uncle's son, Abdel-Rahman Ali M. Ali died of cancer, and so was his son, Ramadan, who died yesterday.          

8- Each human being is bound to die one day; this is the inevitable fate after fulfilling one's predestined life duration. We implore the Almighty Lord God to grant our person a swift, sudden death without suffering any long ailment of any kind that may cause any pains to us or any troubles to our wife and our sons. We have seen enough suffering experienced by our father, may God rest his soul, and our paternal uncle's son, Mr. Abdel-Rahman Ali, may God rest his soul, who was the nearest person to our heart and mind. This great, generous, helpful son, Mr. Ramadan Abdel-Rahman, has also suffered intolerable pains for a long time before he died; may God rest his soul and may he rest in peace now.  

9- May the Almighty Lord God bestow His mercy upon all of us; Allah is our Only Lord and God; we believe in no God but Him.



The supplication of Abraham:

1- "He who created me, and guides me. He who feeds me, and waters me. And when I get sick, He heals me. He who makes me die, and then revives me.  He who, I hope, will forgive my sins on the Day of Judgment." "My Lord! Grant me wisdom, and include me with the righteous ones. And give me a reputation of truth among the others. And make me of the inheritors of the Garden of Bliss." (26:78-85).

2- We implore the Almighty Lord God to make this supplication apply to our person.

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