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The Laughter-Inducing Hadith about Al-Hussein as the Master of the Youths of Paradise


Published in February 14, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- Because of the fact that the Muhammadans suffer from the aggression and terrorism of the Hanbali Sunnite Wahabi religion of Satan, we focus on exposing its history, hadiths, fiqh, and legislations that contradict the Quran. Some of our foes have accused our person of being a Shiite, especially that we defend the religious freedom of persecuted Shiites in the KSA and Egypt. Our enemies tend to forget that we support the rights of the weak, oppressed ones regardless of their era, location, race, color, sex, doctrine, and religion. Likewise, we defend the rights and the religious freedom of Egyptian Christian Copts, Baha'is in Egypt and elsewhere, and Christians and Yazidis of Iraq. We respect the individual freedom of choice concerning religion; we perform our duty of showing the true facts of Islam from its only source; i.e., the Quran; and we indicate how Quranic facts contradict the earthly, man-made religions of the Sunnite, Sufi, and Shiite Muhammadans.    

2- Within our book (in English) titled "The Unspoken-of History of the Pre-Umayyad 'Righteous' Caliphs" (found on this link:, we tackle the history of Ali Ibn Abou Talib within an objective, neutral analytical methodology of research; Ali is a historical figure and NEVER part of Islam. The same methodology of research has been adopted in our book about the Karbala massacre and how Al-Hussein, the son of Ali, was also responsible for this massacre. Those Shiites who deify Ali and his son have been enraged by our writings and have verbally abused us and attacked us – until now. Some of those furious Shiites brandish to our face the Sunnite hadith about Al-Hussein deemed as the master of the youths of Paradise, while assuming they have refuted or intimidated our person with such nonsensical hadith; they tend to forget that Quranists never believe in any hadiths at all of any type, as the Only Discourse in Islam for them is the Quran itself.       

3- Let us tackle below this laughter-inducing hadith about Al-Hussein.


Firstly: this hadith indicates enmity towards the Almighty Lord God:

1- This silly hadith of making the two sons of Ali, Al-Hassan the eldest and Al-Hussein the younger one, as masters of the youths of Paradise contradicts and undermines the fact that God is the Sole Owner of the Day of Judgment; this hadith of disbelief makes Muhammad appear as if he were an unjust man who issued a 'royal' decree as the 'controller' of the Hereafter to make two of his grandchildren as masters of the so-called youths of Paradise; as if Muhammad knew or saw those dwellers of Paradise and he chose the sons of his daughter, Fatima, to be masters and the rest of the so-called youths of Paradise as their slaves or subjects! This silly hadith is easily refuted by these Quranic verses (disregarded by the polytheistic Muhammadans, of course) that assert that the Dominant Lord God is the Master and Controller of the Last Day: "Master of the Day of Judgment." (1:4); "In that is a sign for whoever fears the punishment of the Hereafter. That is a Day for which humanity will be gathered together - that is a Day to be witnessed. We only postpone it until a predetermined time. On the Day when it arrives, no soul will speak without His permission. Some will be miserable, and some will be happy." (11:103-105).

2- The features of the earthly religions include those imams/clergymen who assume to own and fashion the Last Day as per their whims and desires; e.g., Shiites have invented hadiths about Hell torment for Aisha, Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman, Talha, Al-Zubayr, Amr Ibn Al-As, Mu'aweiya, Abou Hurayrah, etc. along with all Sunnites, and they have given the pejorative term (Nawasib), which means those who show enmity and hostility towards the household members of Ali. The Sunnites have invented hadiths about Hell torment for all Shiites, and they have given the pejorative term (Rawafid), which means those who show enmity and hostility towards Sunnite companions, figures, and imams. As for Quranists, they preach the Quran only and use it as the criterion to judge all religious practices and notions, while leaving the judgment of human beings to God; this includes judgment of Quranists and their foes, while respecting the individual religious freedom as per our adherence to the Quranic teachings: "And say to those who do not believe, "Act according to your ability; and so will we." "And wait; we too are waiting."" (11:121-122); "Say: "O my people, work according to your ability; and so will I. Then you will know. Who will receive a humiliating torment, and on whom will fall a lasting torment." We sent down upon you the Book for the humankind in Truth. He who follows guidance does so for the good of his soul. And he who strays in error does so to its detriment. You are not their overseer." (39:39-41).   

3- When Quranists declare certain notions as pertaining to disbelief and declare Muhammadans as polytheistic infidels, Quranists do so to preach and warn in order to make as many souls save themselves and avoid Hell. Those who believe in any hadiths/narratives of any type (even a single hadith) beside the Quran are polytheists who deserve Hell for eternity in the Hereafter. All Quranists must be outspoken and vociferous in declaring this fact.

4- Sadly, most of the Muhammadans take hadiths for granted and as part of their religion and never take heed of the Quranic warning against such polytheism in terms of faith that will lead unrepentant ones to Hell. Why is it too difficult for them to stop believing in such myths called hadiths?! Would they suffer cancer or a flu if they reject hadiths?! Would the universe be destroyed and the end of the world come if they reject such polytheistic mythology?!    


Secondly: this hadith indicates enmity towards Muhammad:

 Did Muhammad know about the metaphysical realm of the future? Of course not. How come, then, that fabricators of hadiths would make him appear to have talked about Paradise?!

1- Muhammad was a messenger and a warner who conveyed the entire Quranic Message and God has told him to declare that he never knew the unknown/unseen or the future and that he was a mortal prophet: "Say, "I do not say to you that I possess the treasuries of God, nor do I know the future, nor do I say to you that I am an angel..." (6:50); "Say, "I have no control over any benefit or harm to myself, except as God wills. Had I known the future, I would have acquired much good, and no harm would have touched me. I am only a warner, and a herald of good news to a people who believe."" (7:188); "Say, "I am not different from the other messengers; and I do not know what will be done with me, or with you. I only follow what is inspired in me, and I am only a clear warner."" (46:9). 

2- Quranists believe in these verses as they believe in the entirety of the Quran; hence, Quranists disbelieve in the devilish, Satanist hadiths, especially the ones about the future, ascribed to Muhammad or to imams, sheikhs, scholars, or 'saints'. 

3- The features of the earthly religions include deifying those imams/clergymen or any mortals (prophets and non-prophets) by making them appear as if they knew and predicted the future; this feature is found in all books of Shiites, Sufis, and Sunnites about their imams/saints and hadiths ascribed to them. Quranists disbelieve in such nonsensical narratives and myths as they believe only in the Quran; hence, those who stick to such myths are, in fact, rejecting and disbelieving in the Quran, as no one can believe in something and its opposite or to believe in two contradictory discourses at the same time.  

4- Therefore, when Muhammadans believe in this laughter-inducing hadith about Al-Hussein and/or his brother Al-Hassan as masters of the youths of the Paradise, they insult Muhammad by making him appear as if he disobeyed the Lord God by uttering something that contradicts the Quran; thus, the Muhammadans will be foes/enemies of Muhammad on the Last Day and he will disown them; they were not alive during the era when Muhammad was alive to hear him utter anything of the kind; hence, it is blasphemous to ascribe such hadiths to Islam or to God. Besides, God makes His angels record all deeds and words of all human beings; God knows Muhammad had not uttered such nonsensical hadiths at all.

5- God asserts beforehand in the Meccan verses that Muhammad is innocent of ascribing anything to God apart from the Quran: "Had he falsely attributed some statements to Us. We would have seized him by the right arm. Then slashed his lifeline. And none of you could have restrained Us from him." (69:44-47). Muhammad lived for many years after the revelation of this verse; God has not tormented or harmed him before the eyes of his people in Mecca and in Yathreb, and this means that he never attributed to God any discourse but the entirety of the Quran. Muhammad in the Last Day will disown those unjust ones who have abandoned the Quran: "On that Day, the unjust one will bite his hands, and say, "If only I had followed the way with the Messenger. Oh, woe to me; I wish I never took so-and-so for a friend. He led me away from the Message after it had come to me; for Satan has always been a betrayer of man." And the messenger will say, "My Lord, my people have abandoned this Quran." Likewise, to every prophet We assign enemies from among the wicked. But your Lord suffices as a Guide and Supporter." (25:27-31).    


Thirdly: this hadith exposes the ignorance of its fabricators:

1- The cultural elite members of the Abbasid Era (i.e., wise people, philosophers, and Al-Mu'tazala thinkers) had their own views concerning religion as well as philosophy, medicine, and other branches of science. No one among them ascribed his views to Muhammad or to God in the form of a hadith/narrative. On the contrary, they ascribed their views to themselves and accepted criticism and welcomed questioning and discussions like true thinkers of all eras. In contrast, the masses and the ignoramuses have turned their ignorance into 'holy' statements/hadiths with Isnad (i.e., series of narrators) to ascribe such notions and phrases to Muhammad or to God; this crime has been committed for centuries as a cover to hide the ignorance of the scholars who ascribed their views to Islam as part of it via the cursed hadiths.     

2- The laughter-inducing hadith of Al-Hussein in Paradise is wrong because its fabricators assume that Paradise exists now; it will be created alongside with Hell ONLY on the Last Day after the destruction of the universe in the Hour and after Resurrection, which has not taken place yet. Besides, how come that Al-Hussein would be a 'master' to all Paradise dwellers of all eras?! We remind those polytheists with these verses about the Last Day to make them attain piety and be warned: "On the Day when the earth is changed into another earth, and the heavens, and they will emerge before God, the One, the Dominant Lord" (14:48); "The Day when neither wealth nor children will help. Except for him who comes to God with a sound heart." And Paradise will be brought near for the righteous. And Hell will be displayed to the deviators." (26:88-91).

3- In Paradise, there are no masters/slaves or young/old people; all Paradise dwellers will live forever in it; there will be no sense of time or signs of ageing at all; likewise; this applies to Hell dwellers who will be tormented forever. Thus, there will be no mythical Al-Hussein to rule as master over any youths at all in Paradise. 

4- Besides, the historical figure named Al-Hussein was over the age of fifty when he was killed in Karbala, in Iraq; he was not a young man; this applies to his brother, A-Hassan, who was assassinated by being poisoned shortly before he would reach the age of fifty. Thus, the ignorant fabricators of this hadith never paid attention to the ages of both sons of Ali when they were killed; they assumed wrongly that both died in the prime of their youth and must be made as masters of the so-called youths of Paradise!

5- There are no masters and slaves inside Paradise; in fact, its dwellers are brethren: "In the Gardens of Bliss. On furnishings, facing one another." (37:43-44); "But the righteous will be in gardens with springs. "Enter it in peace and security." And We will remove all ill-feelings from their hearts-brothers and sisters, on couches facing one another." (15:45-47).



1- Al-Hussein, Ali, Al-Hassan, Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman, Aisha, Mu'aweiya, Talha, Al-Zubayr, Amr Ibn Al-As, etc. are merely historical figures and are never deified beings; they (and their history) are never part of Islam at all. When we research their history objectively, we find that they have misused the name of Islam to justify their crimes and sins. Because those who deify such figures ascribe this polytheism to Islam, we have used the Quran as the criterion to judge their sins to clear the name of Islam of their heinous deeds. This is what we have done in our books titled "The Unspoken-of History of the Pre-Umayyad 'Righteous' Caliphs", "The Karbala Massacre", and "The Second Major Arab Civil War (61 – 73 A.H.)".

2- These books we have authored to spread warning, preaching, and enlightenment have made the Muhammadans verbally abuse and curse our person; we pardon and forgive them and wait for the Day of Judgment when we and they will be judged by the Almighty Lord God; we apply the Quranic verses that command us to forgive them and wait patiently: "As for his statement: "My Lord, these are a people who do not believe." Pardon them, and say, "Peace." They will come to know." (43:88-89); "We did not create the heavens and the earth, and what lies between them, except with Truth. The Hour is coming, so forgive with gracious forgiveness." (15:85). As always, God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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