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Europe , America ..Wake up..Now .. ! - 1

Captivity of women and children by ISIS




=== On the first anniversary of  the massacre  in a Christmas market in Berlin on 19 December 2017 -  which carried out by a Tunisian Muslim a year ago,  killed  12 and  injured  dozens - the revelers placed a small banner , written on it the word  " Why

 ? ” .


 === This "naive" question about the cause of the massacre , the Islamic terrorist attacks, the Islamic invasion of Europe and America and  the cause of Muslims' hatred of Christians, Europe and America .. illustrates the " semi - coma" situation in which most Europeans and Americans live, despite of the repeated terrorist attacks in Europe,America and the whole world .



=== It is very strange that people in Europe and America  do not yet know that the main Islamic  principles and the references of Islamic  Sharia  (Islamic  law )  said that Christians and Jews are infidels, and Muslims must slaughter  them , Invade

their Countries  , take their property, land, homes and all possessions , and  rape their wives , daughters and their children, sold them as Slaves  for sexual exploitation .


These Islamic principles say that whoever does these crimes , will win paradise , and have continuous  sex – 24 hours every day - with 72  virgin women in Paradise ..!??



Radical Muslims , fundamentalists and  members of  Muslim Brotherhood  inject their children from childhood with hatred, hate , contempt  and  disrespect  against Christians and Jews .


=== The Muslim Brotherhood and most Islamic extremists and terrorist organizations in the world are  affiliated and belong to the Salafist Islamic Wahhabi radical sect( ideology ) which was established in the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia) in the 18th century by the alliance of Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab (1703-1792) and Muhammad Bin Saud (the founder of the current Saudi Kingdome )



=== Al-Azhar Islamic University inEgypt is the source of Islamic teachings, ideas and principles of terrorism  throughout the world. It teaches radical Islam and Wahhabi doctrine to children in  its  schools and colleges , through many dangerous books that glorifying terrorism and   slaughter  ofChristians, Jews and different , opposite  and  counteractive  Muslimswho do not believe in  Wahhabi doctrine .


These books also command slaughter of the hostages and prisoners , or  destruction of their eyes and cut off their hands and feet .


Examples of these   dangerous  Islamic  books are :   " Al- Eqnaa fi hal alfaz abi shugaa  "  , " Al-Sharh Al-Saghir " , "Al-Rod Al-Murabah  Besharh  Zad Al-Mustanqaa  ",  "Al-Ekhtiar Litaalil Al-Mukhtar " .


The names of the dangerous  Al-Azhar Islamic University Books in Arabic :

 {   « » « » « » « »   }..


 === A book was published in Canada last month reveals the reality of terrorism in the world and the fact that the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization, is planning to take over the world .

This book { “The Danger of Political Islam to Canada ( With a Warning toAmerica  ) }exposes the Islamic ideology ,the  principles and basics of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization .


One of the authors of this book is the Egyptian  Muslim writer and journalist Said Shuaib , who revealed the relationship of the Muslim Brotherhood with terrorism in many books and articles .


This book reveals that  :


  1- The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization , Hassan al-Banna, stated “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not be dominated.” This voice was echoed by Abul Ala Maududi, the founder of the Jamaat-e-Islam which is the sister group of the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that “The role of Islam is to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth, which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam


2 -  Violent and non-violent Islamist ideology is destroying  social fabric and freedoms. Terrorism is but one tactic of this ideology. It remains important to defeat terrorists. But the reality is the multi-faceted invasive Islamist ideology is an existential threat to Canada , USA and Europe   .


3 -  This violence transpires because Islamists seek to dominate all other forms of social organization and existence in favour of their own Islamist ideology.

This includes domination over all other non-Islamist Muslims as well.


4 - The  Islamists  believe that their Islamist ideology is superior to the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms in any country  .


5 - The Islamists must silence free speech with false charges of Islamophobia for one reason: Their ideology is so abhorrent, and their practices so barbaric, that anyone who attempts to expose and discuss their work must be stopped.


6 - The growth of Islamist beliefs in any country is a warning that confrontation and  conflict will occur(FranceBelgiumUK





Dr.Seti Shenouda



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