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Who Is Responsible for the Terrorist Attack in New York?

Published in November 1, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

Firstly: until when would the reluctance to adopt the Quranist radical solution to combat Wahabi terrorism continue?:

1- We have written an article titled "They Ask You about the Halloween" (found in English on this link: in order to ridicule the Wahabi prohibition of celebrating Halloween and Wahabis who declare those Arabs who celebrate it as 'infidels'. Two days later, a 29-year-old Wahabi terrorist in a rented pickup truck drove down a busy bicycle path near in Manhattan, New York City, and eight people were killed and almost a dozen injured among those who celebrated Halloween.   

2- The link is very clear between Wahabi fatwas and terrorist operations committed by agents of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. In fact, ISIS is not a reference for issuing fatwas; rather, it depends on the reference for issuing fatwas by Wahabi clergymen inside the Saudi kingdom. The cyberspace is the battlefield now; Saudi Wahabi clergymen spread their bloody fatwas on the internet, and using the internet, ISIS terrorists (and terrorists of other Wahabi organizations) recruit and tempt delusional youths in the West to drive them to massacre people indiscriminately while shouting (Allahu Akbar!) or God is the Greatest! The Wahabi terrorists (or even suicide bombers) believe in the myth that their heinous deeds will make Houris inside Paradise open their arms (and legs!) for them as heroes!    

3- We are frustrated and fed up with calling American authorities many times to cooperate with Quranists in the peaceful intellectual war of ideas from inside the only real Islam (i.e., the Quranic text) to combat Wahabi terrorism. No one has responded to our call until now. We have written many timesad infinitum ad nauseam that if all Wahabi terrorists were gathered in one place to be killed, this will be of no use at all since Wahabism still thrives in American mosques and 'Islamic' schools and as long as the USA allies itself to the criminal Saudi kingdom, the axis of evil and the only source of Wahabi terrorism. If the Americans kill all terrorists worldwide, Wahabism will certainly produce new fiercer generations of terrorists who seek revenge at any cost. We have written many times on our Quranist website that military and security measures taken are NEVER enough to combat Wahabi terrorism; military defeat of ISIS will produce for sure another fiercer Wahabi terrorist organization in the near future. With our due respect to terrorism research centers inside the USA, their researches and studies are superficial and will be of no use at all; terrorism is like an evil tree, and these centers focus on its leaves and not its roots, and their proposed solutions are, useless and meaningless. These centers beat around the bush and never deal directly with the Wahabi epidemic spreading like cancerous cells inside the USA and worldwide. Let us call a spade a spade: Wahabism is the cause of all terrorist operations that are on the increase now. We have written many times there is no power on earth can defeat terrorists who kill themselves within suicide terrorist operations; one cannot convince terrorists not to kill themselves and not to kill other people by using quotations from Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Bertrand Russell, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln. Yet one can convince these terrorists to stop their crimes by showing to them what God says in the Holy Quran within our Quranist understanding of its text using its own Quranic terminology; this will undermine, debunk, and refute Wahabi myths that deceive these terrorists.     

4- We assert now that military endeavors to eliminate ISIS in Syria and Iraq will manage to crush ISIS terrorists; yet, this will certainly pose a veritable threat to the USA. ISIS is now a star in the realm of terrorism, and after it is defeated, it will turn into a black-hole via the cyberspace to recruit Sunnite men in the West countries. The Wahabi ideology spread in the so-called 'Islamic' mosques, schools, and centers in the USA and the West countries helps create extremists who are ready to turn into terrorists by ISIS agents on the internet; such Sunnite young men will soon turn into time bombs in the streets of major cities in the West, and we will never know when and where would they explode to massacre innocent civilians.   

5- No one within the American authorities has cared to cooperate with our person to use Quranism to eliminate Wahabi terrorism; strangely, the Americans have pressurized the KSA, the source of terrorism, and this has drove the Saudi rulers to announce its fake project of establishing the so-called moderation center. We have predicted that this project will certainly fail, and within our modest means, we have responded by producing our YouTube show titled "Quranic Moments" whose episodes are subtitled into English (see our article on that topic, found in English on this link: A week ago, we have heard the statements made by the Saudi crown-prince about the so-called 'moderate' Islam, and we have responded by a series of articles (in Arabic, English, and French) about how to reform the Saudi kingdom to save the whole world from its Wahabi evil and terrorism and to save the Saudi royal family members themselves. What the KSA is doing now is to appease the USA by some trick or the other so that Wahabi terrorist operations would go on; in fact, terrorist crimes will increase inside the USA if the American authorities will not cooperate with Quranists represented by our person, Dr. A. S. Mansour, to save thousands of innocent people inside and outside the USA. Indeed, their cooperation with our person will cost them nothing at all, and yet, they are reluctant to contact us! 

Secondly: our comment on the terrorist attack in New York:

1- The American media mention that sources familiar with the investigation said that the suspect is named Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, from Uzbekistan in Central Asia, but had been living in the USA since 2010. Authorities found a note claiming the attack was made in the name of ISIS near the truck used in the attack. After moving to the USA, Saipov got familiar with ISIS and tactics of extremists Islamists and he embraced extremist ideology after coming to the USA.

2- We assert that Uzbekistan is the homeland of Al-Bokhary, the deified grand imam of Wahabi Sunnites in particular; the book authored by this deity called Al-Bokhary is more sacred to Wahabi Sunnites than the Quran itself and they claim it replaces the Quranic sharia laws! When Uzbekistan got rid of communism and was independent from the USSR, its former Sunnite religion was revived and Wahabism settled there by Saudi endeavors. The same applies to all countries in Central Asia, and this made this countries the source of Wahabi Sunnite terrorism. Most Sunnite extremist imams were non-Arabs who came from Central Asia during the third century A.H. The terrorist Saipov who was born in 1988 was raised in such Sunnite Wahabi environment that encourages and spreads extremism and terrorism. When Saipov moved to the USA, he found religious freedom and the chance to turn into a terrorist inside Wahabi mosques there. Hundreds of thousands of Sunnite young men wait for their turns to turn into terrorists like him, and no security or military apparatuses can face them or hunt them down.          

3- The terrorist Saipov came into the USA through the Green Card visa lottery; we have just heard the American president, Donald Trump, that he will abolish the diversity immigration program that provides this Green Card, since this terrorist from Uzbekistan came into the USA through this way. The alternative to this program is that the American security apparatuses would choose the hundreds of Muslims who are experts in facing Wahabi terrorism and have their open, outspoken stances against terrorism to make them move into the USA within an institution of the peaceful intellectual war of Quranist ideas, so that Wahabi terrorism is refuted intellectually and the USA is spared the danger of more terrorist attacks.    


 From our painful experience in the past, we do not see any hope that anyone within the American authorities would contact us and cooperate with Quranists of the West. This is why we declare here that the American authorities bear the responsibility for the bloodshed that occurred in the last decade and the bloodshed that will occur in the future by Wahabi terrorists.


Dr. A. S. Mansour

Springfield, VA, the USA  

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