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They Ask You about the Halloween

Published in October 29, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- When the Wahabi blind sheikh was asked by an Arab man about if his Muslim children in the West are allowed to celebrate the Halloween and to engage into trick-or-treat while wearing costumes, the Wahabi sheikh asked if children are happy to do this, and when the man answered in the affirmative, the Wahabi sheikh asserted that celebrating Halloween is prohibited because 'Muslims' are not allowed to be happy in this transient world of toil and trouble and they must not imitate Christian 'infidels' so as not to be among heretics and apostates who will surely enter into Hell and get killed instantly within the penalty for apostasy, as all invented practices are heresies against 'Islam' leading one to Hell! On hearing this, the man who posed the question felt so frightened that he now suffers urinary incontinence! 

2- The above is an imaginary situation; it reflects the extremist, fanatical Wahabi mentality that prohibits almost everything as per whims without using the Quran as a criterion. In contrast to Islam, Wahabism prohibitions are endless list and permissible items are few exceptions. The Wahabi clergymen disregard the Quran and prohibit and endless list of things never prohibited in the Quran. The Wahabi clergymen prohibit anything never known to their ancient imams in the Middle Ages and practiced or known to 'infidels' (i.e., all non-Wahabis!). The main Wahabi rule is that everything unknown to them are invented practices or heresies against 'Islam', thus leading one to Hell, using a bus or a private jet!  

3- A young woman of Arab origin living in a West country sent us an email about if her daughter can participate in Halloween celebrations in school, and she wrote that a Wahabi sheikh told her via email that Halloween is a celebration of pagan origin made into All-Saints Day within Christian Europe later on, and therefore, her daughter must be absent from school on that day! This Wahabi sheikh referred the woman to a fatwa no. 44586 on a Wahabi website of fatwas! 

  We assert these points below to refute this Wahabi nonsense.



1- Regardless of any Christian or pagan origins of the Halloween, it is perfectly OK to please children and keep them happy; we do not need to explain to them origins of any feasts.

2- A Wahabi sheikh called M. Saleh Al-Munjid said that celebrating Halloween (as well as Xmas, Valentine, and anniversaries) is prohibited as 'Muslim' children must celebrate and respect only 'Islamic' feasts as per Al-Bokhary hadith of adhering by tooth and nail to the 'Sunna' of the Prophet and the four 'Righteous Caliphs'! Children are better advised to stick their teeth in sweets instead of the so-called Sunna. What if children are too small to have teeth?! The Sunna of the four 'Righteous' Caliphs is to imitate ISIS terrorists: invasion, massacres, looting, enslaving, raping etc. Besides, Muhammad never knew the future and never talked about it; this hadith is a flagrant falsehood and was never uttered by him. Thus, it is better to teach children peaceful and enjoyable feasts like Halloween, Valentine, Spring Feasts (the Nayrouz feast or Sham Al-Nassim).         

3- Of course, we refuse that any polytheistic religious rituals would be practiced by 'Muslims' in such feasts; if they did, we respect their religious freedom and they must respect ours (i.e., of Quranists) as well to preach against any polytheistic rituals: "There shall be no compulsion in religion..." (2:256).

4- We, Quranists, reject all religious feasts of the Muhammadans (Shiites, Sunnites, and Sufis) because their feasts are based on polytheism. This is one of the many reasons for which the Muhammadans hate Quranists who call for using the Quran as the only criterion for peaceful religious reform, but they stubbornly reject reform. We assert to the Muhammadans the following facts that they hate. It is a grave sin to remember and sanctify Satan at a monument symbolizing Satan (as it is dedicated to Satan) in Mecca under the pretext of stoning this monument. It is a grave sin (and a flagrant act of polytheism) to worship and sanctify the Satanist Yathreb mausoleum dedicated to Muhammad as part of pilgrimage. It is a grave sin to engage into Sufi, Shiite, and Sunnite feasts/festivals (or moulids) of immorality, promiscuity, and the sin of eating prohibited food items (which are dedicated/slaughtered to honor saints/mausoleums). It is better to please children in Halloween than to massacre children in Wahabi wars inside Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Afghanistan and to cause children to bleed in the silly Shiite feast commemorating the murder of Hussein.            

5- We refuse the Wahabi pretext to prohibit Halloween because of its pagan origins forgotten now by people of the West. Halloween contains no promiscuity; when some men and women engage in group sex in carnivals and masquerades (during Halloween or other occasions), this does NOT prohibit parties, carnivals, and masquerades of respectable people. The Wahabi illogicality would lead to prohibit all aspects of life since women and men mingle together! Would Wahabis prohibit buses, streets, and beds! The tools are NOT the problem; the act of illicit sex is the thing prohibited. Thus, we cannot prohibit knives lest someone should be killed by them; knives are mere tools used innocently to cut food items; what is a sin is to use them to kill someone.       

6- Indeed, the extremist religious Muhammadans are the worst type of human specimens on the planet!



1- Earthly, man-made religions are fashioned and fabricated by men as per their whims as well as geographical, social, cultural, and environmental backgrounds. For instance, the Sunnite religion has emerged because if Arab conquests as Arab Bedouins enslaved, massacred, looted, invaded, sabotaged, raped, etc. within riverside countries whose original inhabitants were treated disdainfully as 3rd class citizens. This is why the Sunnite religion is based on fabricated hadiths like the ones  about massacring those who refuse to convert, changing 'vice' by brutal force, eating ill-gotten money by killing and looting, putting to death those 'infidels' and 'apostates' who reject the Sunnite religion, etc. Those brutal desert-Arabs found that the river-side dwellers have feasts of harvest and spring, etc. in Persia, Iraq, Egypt, etc. and such feasts were never known to Arabs in Arabian deserts, and this is why they felt envious and prohibited in the Sunnite religion such inherited feasts that cause harmless happiness; Wahabis followed the same needless prohibitions as they hate to see people happy.     

2- The best and greatest Egyptian historian in the Middle-Ages was Al-Makrizi – yet he hated Christian Copts of Egypt, as we have detailed in our book titled "The Persecution of Copts after the Arab Conquest" (found in English on this link: In the book (Al-Khetat) by Al-Makrizi, he mentions all feasts celebrated in Egypt at that era, including Coptic ones especially the spring feast of Nayrouz that was celebrated in the first day of the Coptic calendar. He mentions that the Egyptians used to make bonfires, throw water at one another, dance and eat copiously during this feast of mirth and merriment. The Sunnite religion of Al-Makrizi made him hate merriment of any type; Sunnite extremists are always sullen, morose, and grim. Likewise, Shiites specialize in mourning rituals since the murder of Hussein till now, and the Shiite Fatimids after conquering Egypt felt furious because Nayrouz is against Shiite mourning rituals, and they cancelled Nayrouz feasts for many years; some Copts who celebrated Fayrouz in mirth and merriment despite the orders of the caliphate were imprisoned and publicly disgraced on backs of camels by the Fatimid caliph Al-Moezz. Thus, those Copts were harshly penalized because they were happy!       

3- Decades later, Fatimid rulers lessened their traditional Shiite mourning rituals and were greatly influenced by the Egyptian culture; they celebrated many Egyptian, Coptic, and Shiite feasts with banquets, pomp, and multiple sumptuous processions. Later on, the majority of Egyptians converted to the Shiite religion, thinking wrongly that it were Islam. Fatimid caliphs attended feasts of Nayrouz and people vied in all acts of merriment, laughter, and the famous Egyptian political ridicule and satire when things are allowed to be topsy-turvy; i.e., an actor would play the role of the caliph under the name of prince of Nayrouz and he would imitate the caliph by holding a mace and giving commands in a rudimentary theater to mock the Fatimids. People were inebriated and threw water at one another and would strike one another jestingly with their hands and pieces of leather; those who wished to be spared being beaten in streets were forced to pay money first! Male and female dancers and singers gathered in squares to perform before the caliphs and their retinue members and the merry masses. These practices were hated by Al-Makrizi the Sunnite historian, as he accused people of being promiscuous and foolish to engage into such acts of folly as the sang, danced, drank, performed on musical instruments, and some of them engaged into debauchery after throwing wine and water at one another while being watched and encouraged by the Fatimid caliphs and their viziers!             

4- When the Fatimid caliphate collapsed, the Ayyubids took over and were keen to retain the Nayrouz festivals to please masses of the Egyptians who feel frustrated and annoyed all year long. People at the time threw unclean water and eggs at one another and beat one another with pieces of leather. 

5- Nayrouz feasts went on until the Mameluke Era until banned all over Egyptian cities and villages by the sultan Barqoq in about 786 A.H. under the pain of severe penalties, and Al-Makrizi mentions that the sultan fought promiscuity and desired to impose order in streets of Cairo, especially that previous Nayrouz feasts before his ascendancy to the throne witnessed few men who were killed accidentally. People from that date on celebrated the spring quietly in parks by eating and merriment that included no violent acts, and markets and daily life activities were no longer stopped within such a holiday. 



 There is a huge difference between Halloween of today and Nayrouz of the Middle-Ages. There is a huge difference between the West people who enjoy life and Wahabis who prohibit permissible things in life and cause themselves and their followers to enter into Hell for eternity as polytheists who have rejected God's Quranic sharia laws and invented devilish laws of their own to supplant the Quran. Thus, the Muhammadans (esp. Wahabis) never enjoy in this world nor in the next one.   

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