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How Nations Would Guard Themselves against God's ýTorment in This Wor
How Nations Would Guard Themselves against God's ýTorment in This Wor
By: - Othman Ali


How Nations Would Guard Themselves against God's Torment in This World

Published in October 3, 2017

Written by: Dr. Othman M. Ali

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

   The Quran tells us about the unjust, affluent ones who have been the worst type of criminals and have incurred the wrath of the Lord God Who has smitten and destroyed their nations (or "towns" and "villages", to use the Quranic words), as this has been their punishment/torment in this world because (1) they have been ungrateful and unthankful for the bounties granted to them by our Lord God, (2) they have disbelieved in His verses and signs/miracles given to them, and (3) they have repelled people against the true belief and spread corruption in the land. The query raised now is as follows: if those criminals and sinners may be destroyed by God now in our modern era, why others inside these destroyed nations who are innocent and never participated in the sins, crimes, corruption, and disbelief of the affluent ones would be harmed? We rephrase this question here in reference to Egypt as an example; Egyptian population is 100 million citizens, and at least 2 million persons of them belong to the affluent class of sinners and criminals who steal the wealth of Egypt within corruption while they control the regime, the national wealth, institutions, economy, politics, etc., and they make their children inherit their high-rank posts within may eras. If Egypt is destined to be destroyed by God for corruption and lack of justice, why the rest of the poor, helpless, innocent, and weak citizens would be harmed within such a destruction? Of course, we do not wish that this might occur in Egypt.

  The Quran provides us with the answer to this pivotal question and the remedy for such crisis to make people surmount it in safety and peace; the Quran asserts that the solution lies in preaching reform outspokenly and vociferously all the time on all levels and in never concealing the Truth; all the unjust ones must be given pieces of advice to be warned; when the time comes, those criminals and corrupt  must be resisted and deposed, and their possessions and assets must be confiscated to save the nation/citizens and the homeland from being destroyed, smitten, or tormented by God. in the following steps, we trace the perfect process of this solution to spare Egypt (or any other nations) God's torment or punishment that may smite people in this world.

Firstly: The vital importance and obligational duty of declaring and pronouncing the Truth and never to conceal it; otherwise, God (and cursers among pious people) will curse those who conceal the Quranic Truth and never call for justice, as we infer from this verse: "Those who suppress the proofs and the guidance We have revealed, after We have clarified them to humanity in the Book – those – God curses them, and the cursers curse them." (2:159).

Secondly: The dynamic, continuous processes of reform within the social, political, and legislative levels so that the whole nation gets nearer to the justice, equity, and fairness required by God in the Quran, as per these verses: "Your Lord would never destroy the towns because of any injustices, while their inhabitants are righteous." (11:117); "...Were it not for God restraining the people, some by means of others, the Earth would have gone to ruin and corruption. But God is gracious towards the humankind." (2:251).

Thirdly: When preachers of the Truth conceal it partially or wholly, and the processes of reform come to a halt, God will certainly destroy and smite the nation or the country in which this occurs, as per this verse: "And beware of torment which will not afflict the unjust ones among you exclusively; and know that God is severe in punishment." (8:25). This means that those who avoid preaching the Truth and call for justice will be tormented along with the affluent criminals and sinners.

Fourthly: It is of vital importance to confiscate money, wealth, assets, and possessions of those who steal the nation/citizens so as to restore it to the country, because all citizens are the rightful owners and God has made the bounties bestowed on them for the welfare of all of them, as we infer from this verse: "Do not give the unjust, extravagant ones your money which God has assigned to you for sustenance. But provide for them from it, and clothe them, and speak to them with kind words." (4:5).  

Fifthly: Readers could not help but notice – like the writer of this article has noticed – that the Quranic phrasing of this remedy or solution to reform any given society comes in the previous verses that address groups of people; i.e., citizens of a given nation, and they never address one person (e.g., ruler or tyrant). This indicates that reform processes, preaching/calling for reform, and resisting corrupt, affluent ones is the responsibility of the whole nation, and not few individuals or rulers. When nations/citizens are reluctant to perform this religious duty of applying and calling for reform and justice and to resist injustices, tyranny, and corruption, the Quranic laws stipulate that they will be tormented, destroyed, and smitten by God, without any exceptions to those who wish to be spared such torment.    

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