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"And Do Not Incline toward the Unjust Ones..." (Holy Quran 11:113)

Published in March 22, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



  We have received this message via email from one of our dear beloved fellow Quranists, and we quote part of his message followed by our reply.

 (... I really admire most of your YouTube videos and most of your writings, dear Dr. Mansour ... You are truly trying to make people wake up and reject the false religion imposed on Arab people by their tyrannical rulers and Satanist clergymen, as both are agents of evil who deceive the gullible masses to maintain power, authority, and wealth by repelling people away from the Quranic Truth  ... I agree wholeheartedly with you that the evil KSA and its cursed Wahabism has deceived the whole world and committed many heinous crimes worldwide ... Preachers of the Quranic Truth who exposed the villain KSA royal family and their subservient clergymen are persecuted, put to death, or imprisoned ... I assure you, dear Dr. Mansour, that the Saudi royal family members surely know that their end is drawing nearer; they try to get out of the stalemate while keeping power as long as possible; they have no alternative but to introduce some reforms inside the KSA especially removing religious police and stifling religious authority that watch over all people ... This will leave room for Quranism to spread the more I think ... Some reformist moderate sheikhs and clergy, whose names are ....... are now allowed more room to emerge and be vociferous inside the KSA, provided that they never talk about politics and the royal family members  ... People are realizing that they are being robbed and deprived from all rights because of earthly religions, especially Wahabism ... It is funny that the Al-Saud royal family members want to appear worldwide as 'innocent' of any bloodshed of Wahabi terrorism committed worldwide, while forgetting that their Wahabi religious universities they maintain and sponsor inside the KSA make more fanatic, extremist, obscurantist people graduate from them like time-bombs threatening peaceful, innocent people while serving the Al-Saud royal family members thinking they serve God's cause! ... Thank you and I'm sorry if my message is longer than expected ...)




  After thanking the sender of this message, we assert the following.



1- At one time, we have sent a letter to the Saudi embassy in Washington in 2002, asserting that it is high time that the Al-Saud royal family must discard their pact made by M. Ibn Saud  with M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab in 1745 A.D. and that the KSA must get rid of backward Wahabism that never fits the modern age. We proposed to them further that the KSA must turn into a constitutional monarchy that leaves ample room for religious freedom and freedom of thought and expression. The one who carried our letter to the Saudi embassy was a dear friend of ours who used to work there at the time; this friend told us in 2002 that we are too optimistic and that the Saudi royal family (and the Saudi ambassador in Washington) will never listen to the voice of reason. But this friend did send to them our letter along with a copy of our book titled "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century". This friend of ours handed our letter and book to the Saudi ambassador in Washington at the time: Bandar Ibn Sultan Ibn Abdul-Aziz. Of course, we knew that our book and letter would have no effect on the Saudi ambassador or any Saudi royal family member; it is no use. Yet, we did send them so as to refute their arguments and to prove mine to embarrass them and to feel that we did our best to warn them; each human being will read his/her book of deeds in the Afterlife upon the Day of Resurrection, as we know from the Quran. we send the letter and the book despite the fact that we suffered severe persecution in Egypt within the Mubarak regime because of the Saudi influence in Cairo, leading us to seek political asylum in the USA. We knew from the very start that sending the letter and the book would be of no use and they would be sent in vain. When Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Aziz became the Saudi king, George W. Bush pressurized him to reform Wahabi education. Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Aziz held few conferences and issued some statements and declarations, promising to reform education inside the KSA (which never took place), until pressures ended soon enough and Bush forgot the whole matter as he sank deeper in the Iraqi quagmire, were the situation was volatile and exploded eventually, thanks to Wahabi agents of the KSA. We have written many articles to urge Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Aziz to introduce religious and political reforms inside the KSA, until we despaired, and we later on authored an article in English asserting the impossibility of introducing religious reform in the KSA because its royal family members need Wahabism to maintain their wealth, tyranny, power, and authority. This article in English, titled "Is It Possible to Reform the KSA?", is found on this link:       

2- Tyrants see that their wealth, tyranny, power, and authority are vital for their existence and protection, and without all these aspects they would surely die. Hence, tyrants never think about stopping their tyrannical and dictatorial ways so as not to lose their thrones, and possibly their lives. This is why tyrants never voluntarily cede their absolutist power and authority, and they never accept being questioned before citizens/nations within democratic systems. Tyrants within monarchies never let go of their absolute power, and they never accept turning their kingdoms into constitutional monarchies like some European kingdoms. Tyrants always need to ride and control obsequious clergymen so as to control citizens and nations. Tyrants typically change clergymen in their service every now and then like changing horses they ride. Accordingly, it is impossible for the Saudi royal family members to stop their tyranny voluntarily; the Saudi State is given the name of their family (Al-Saud) as if it were private property! How come that one would expect them to allow a voice to speak out louder than their own? When they are pressurized, they change horses/sheikhs and appoint other clergymen with new faces to ride. We think that there are so many hypocritical Wahabi Sunnite famous and young clergymen who are eager to serve the KSA (and rewarded lavishly and handsomely) by replacing the old uncouth Wahabi sheikhs of the 1980s and the 1990s.        

3- Let us be reminded that money (Mammon) is the supreme deity of the Al-Saud royal family members, like most human beings, and this was the case of the Muhammadan caliphs whose origin was the Qorayish tribe in Mecca. The Al-Saud royal family members typically used to rob, steal, and raid during their very first Saudi kingdom during the lifetime of their sheikh M. Ibn Abdul Wahab in the 18th century, and they went on robbing, stealing, and raiding after his death until now. When oil has been discovered inside the KSA, the Al-Saud royal family members grew filthily rich; yet, they go on stealing heavy exorbitant fees from pilgrims coming to Mecca. The Al-Saud royal family members never spend enough on the welfare of citizens, or to introduce any type of reform, or to maintain and develop the infrastructure of many cities; rather, they spend their ill-gotten money on leading the life of luxury and promiscuity. The Al-Saud royal family members use their ill-gotten money to wreak havoc and spread terrorism, aggression, and evil everywhere; for instance, they buy too much weapons and arms (from the USA) to engage into wars that destroy and massacre thousands of people, and they use their money to buy allies worldwide and win them to the side of the KSA, for no one defends the KSA for free. Hence, there is ample room for so many flatterers, hypocrites, opportunists, and mercenaries to serve the KSA in return for a lot of money, especially media figures and clergymen. Thus, the Al-Saud royal family members can pick and choose and change the ones they control and ride among media figures, political figures, and clergymen; for there are so many obsequious hypocrites who are eager to serve the KSA for money.   

4- The Al-Saud royal family members spend billions to propagate and spread Wahabism worldwide as if it were the 'true' form of Islam, thus repelling people from God's Path: the Quran. we are personally one of the many victims of this evil Saudi Wahabism, and it is impossible that Quranists would cooperate with Saudi Wahabis. We, Quranists, believe in God and His Word, the Quran, and we know for sure that God commands us never to incline toward the unjust ones so as not to imitate them or be grouped among them and share their punishment in Hell: "And do not incline toward the unjust ones, or the Fire may touch you; and you will have no protectors besides God, and you will not be saved." (11:113). Thus, those who serve and ally themselves to the unjust ones are deemed as unjust like them, and there are no people more unjust than the Al-Saud royal family members.    



1- As Wahabism has spread and reached everywhere, it has been exposed the more by us, Dr. A. S. Mansour, and by many other thinkers after us who followed our footsteps until now. Exposing Salafism/Wahabism is done excellently in the media as well by the crimes committed by Wahabis worldwide, and so many people are rejecting Wahabism now. The reality of the Al-Saud royal family members is being exposed gradually everywhere: they are the axis of evil in the globe now. Many in the West began to realize the fact that the KSA is the source of all terrorism worldwide since 9/11 and that the terrorist MB, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS are sponsored financially and intellectually by the Wahabi KSA. People worldwide now know that millions of Syrians have become refugees because of the Wahabi KSA. As for the Muhammadans, most of them now know that the KSA is never a 'holy' State with spiritual influence over hearts of millions, because the corruption and promiscuity of the Al-Saud royal family members have emerged in the media and so is their involvement in massacring the innocent  and destroying countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Those Arab and non-Arab Muhammadans who work temporarily inside the KSA return to their homelands with unforgettable sentiments of resentment, humiliation, and bitterness. The generation of the sons of Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud has ended (the last of them is King Salman now) and the generation of the grandsons has its role now, as we see in the Crown-Prince and his successor, and this generation will cause and witness the downfall and collapse of the third current KSA. Let us not forget that organizations created and sponsored by the KSA, such as the terrorist MB, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS, have rebelled against the KSA. No cosmetics or makeup would be enough to beautify the ugly, horrid face of the KSA; the third current KSA will collapse as it had done before twice within the first and second Saudi states. God willing, this generation of grandsons of Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud will witness its imminent downfall within the big process of redrawing the map of the Middle-East.        

2- The Saudi military that aggressively attacks the Yemeni nation now with rockets and warplanes has recently attacked a Yemeni drone that costs 300 $ with a rocket that costs 3 million $. This wasteful, lavish, crazy spending is typical of the spendthrift Saudi royal family members that spend billions on promiscuity, luxury, and disgraceful ruining of other countries and nations, including their own. In contrast, we have extreme difficulty in trying to maintain our Quranism website within our modest means; Quranist school of thought is the only trend intellectually facing alone the tyranny of the Middle-East and the Wahabi devils, within our only website that has been infiltrated by hackers, who attempted to destroy it many times, and suffers media-blackout in most countries and limited media coverage in the West. Some countries even block our website form their cyberspace. If it had not been for the voluntary work, meager donations, and the patience of Quranists since 2006, our website would have been forced to disappear by now. Sunniest and Shiites fight one another now in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, but they unite against Quranists. The secular tyrants fight power-seeking Wahabis, but both Wahabis and secular tyrants unite against Quranists. The foes of Quranists have much money, power, influence, authority, and resources, while the impecunious Quranists face everyone intellectually and peacefully with their brains, their Quran, and their patience. No tyrannical regimes would allow Quranists to emerge and be vociferous in their countries. Yet, the future is pregnant with hopes for Quranism and Quranists; the accumulation of writings of Quranists raises the awareness of thousands of people, and these writings are never wasted and it will carry enlightenment for so many decades to come. "... Thus God exemplifies truth and falsehood. As for the froth, it is swept away, but what benefits the people remains in the ground. Thus God presents the analogies." (13:17). We feel glad that our voice reaches slowly but steadily to the minds of so many people, and our foes who would read our archive of writings – as we tackle taboos and smash holy cows – would sometimes at first curse us and vent their fury on us in email messages, but their minds are inevitably and irrevocably changed, in spite of themselves. As for those who are confused and bewildered and seeking the Quranic Truth and hope for something better on all levels in the future, they find what they are looking for within our Quranist writings and convert to Quranism as the true religion of God. This means that the number of the enlightened ones increases exponentially every day, whereas the number of the backward obscurantists decrease daily as well. The number of Quranists certainly increased and their trend gains more popularity. Change on all levels is thus inevitable and it will occur with the passage of time. Soon enough, many tyrants will be forced to leave their throne, God willing, and Quranists will manage to be vociferous and outspoken in the Arab world spreading the ideas of reform on all levels. The whole world will come to know that the higher values of mercy, justice, peace, freedom, charity, democracy, equality, human dignity, and human rights are originally higher Quranic values as well, discarded and rejected for centuries by the Muhammadans in their earthy, man-made, fabricated religions and doctrines, especially the cursed Sunnite Wahabism.                        

3- All that is needed from Quranists is to have patience and remain faithful; all Quranists are to adhere to God's Path (i.e., the Quran), and leave things to the Omnipotent, Dominant God, our Lord Allah. The best discourse: "We thus inspired you spiritually, by Our command. You did not know what the Scripture is, nor what faith is, but We made it a light, with which We guide whomever We will of Our servants. You surely guide to a straight path. The path of God, to whom belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. Indeed, to God all matters revert." (42:52-53). As always, God says nothing but the Truth.   

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