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Questions to Test the Fanatics Muslim leaders in the US


Edited by: Ahmed Fathy




   God says in the Quran "And fight in the cause of God those who are fighting you, and do not transgress; God does not like the transgressors." (2:190). Hence, the real Islamic jurisprudence or Quranic sharia legislations of fighting consist of: ‘orders’ like: “fight”, and ‘rules’ like: “in the cause of God those who are fighting you and do not transgress”. This rule controls the order to "fight". Hence, the Muslims are not to fight anyone but only who are attacking them; this is ONLY in cases of legitimate self-defense. This Quranic law was distorted and intentionally misunderstood by scholars who have concentrated on the order ''to fight'' and neglected and overlooked its governing rule. Accordingly, 'Muslims' (or rather Muhammadans, as we call them) fought in the Middle-Ages those aggressively (as an act of transgression) those who did not fight them in the first place, fought not in the cause of God, but in the sake of the riches and vanities of this transient life and to establish the biggest empire in the Middle Ages.


   They also have invented sayings (i.e., hadiths and narratives) and attributed them to the Prophet Muhammad to justify this fabricated 'Jihad' which is indeed deemed by Quranists as an outrageous transgression forbidden by God, Allah the Almighty. These false sayings are still being advocated, propagated, and spread by the Wahabi schools and mosques until now in the West, and in the USA, and in the so-called 'Muslim' World countries. They claim in their fabrications that Muhammad said (..."I was commanded to fight all the people until they testify that there is no God but Allah and that I am His messenger."...) It means simply that all the non-Muslims should be fought within aggressive fighting deemed by the Muhammadans as 'jihad' until they are forced to be convert! This was the quasi-religious justification for Arabs during the Middle Ages to invade and occupy most of the known world at the time. As it was impossible to kill all the Jews and Christians inside the Arab empire, they invented other sayings ascribed to Muhammad after his death to persecute and humiliate them, such as the following hadith: (..."Do not begin the Jews and the Christians by greetings, and when you meet one of them in the street, harass him to let him walk into the narrow lane."...). As it was, again, impossible to continue in such aggressive wars for decades, every male Muhammadan is commanded to keep such erroneous notion of 'jihad' in his innermost heart and mind beliefs according to this hadith attributed to Muhammad after his death: (..."Whoever (Muslim) dies without (performing actual) conquest, or without talking with himself about desiring conquest, they will die as hypocrite"...). Conquest here means 'jihad' as per the notions of the Sunnite Wahabi religion.



Questions to test fanatics:


   Firstly: ask if they are Sunnite or not; if they answer by asserting that they are just ''Muslims'' not ''Sunnites'' and not ''Shiites'', then you should ask them these questions: Do you let the Shiites pray inside the same mosque? Some of the Shiites should be there to prove that they are not preventing them from praying inside this mosque. If they insist on asserting that the mosque’s doors are open for all the 'Muslims' – as the case should be in moderate Islam – then they must deliver the invitation to all nearby Shiites to come to the mosque and to pray according to their rituals inside it. If they refuse to invite them, this means they are fanatic Sunnite Wahabis, as the Saudi Wahabis think that the Shiites are 'heretic infidels' and should be persecuted and insulted. Hence, the Shiites are persecuted inside the KSA, and this mosque propagates and maintains the same fanatic extremist ideas.


  If the answer is as follows: Yes, we are Sunnite Muslims, then the next question will be: Do you believe in the intellectual entity called as ''Sunna'' as a holy revelation from God to the Prophet Muhammad and it is not merely lies and fabrications? They would feel bound to answer in the affirmative. Then say to them that this means you believe, in your faith, that 'Muslims' should fight and persecute the Christians and the Jews according to this religious Sunnite jihad because of the two above-quoted hadiths.


Background about their Wahabi faith:


   According to the Islamic pluralism, all the human beings are equal brothers and sisters who belong to the same father and mother,  regardless of their different colors or religion (see Quran, 49:13). But the Sunnite fanatic bloody jurisprudence (fiqh), according to its Middle-Ages religion, has divided all the world into two realms/camps: the camp of the believers (Dar Al-Islam) and the camp of the infidels or the camp of the battlefield (Dar El-Harb). All 'Muslims' (or rather the Sunnite Wahabi Muhammadans) should belong to this camp as the nation of Muhammad or (Umma of Muhammad) united against the Jews and the Christians. Every Muhammadan should uphold this faith-notion (Al Walaa wa Al-Baraa), which means to ally oneself only the camp of 'Muslims' and to deny and to fight the 'enemy' in the other camp. A Wahabi male has to declare this faith if he possibly can, but if he resides in the camp of the enemy (i.e., the West), he has the permission to conceal and hide this faith and declare overtly something else to protect himself in order to deceive the 'enemy' according to the principle of "Taqiyya'' in the Sunnite and Shiite jurisprudence/fiqh: to hide one's true stance for fear of being harmed or persecuted by those who do not share your faith.


   As the Sunnite Wahabis make themselves the nation/Umma of Muhammad, they assume Muhammad as the master/leader of all the prophets and the owner/master of the Day of Judgment who will intercede on their behalf, and they believe that Muhammad were alive in his grave/tomb, turned centuries ago into a mausoleum where people come to worship him (!), and after pilgrimage, they usually visit his tomb to attain his supposed 'benediction' and 'intercession'. Furthermore, they put the name of Muhammad as an immortal deity beside the name of God, Allah, in their mosques (like what they are doing in the mosque of Boston online site), in their prayers, in the call for prayers, and even in the testimony of Islam (There is no God but Allah), they add the name of Muhammad as a second part of a dual testimony: (and Muhammad is His messenger), thus ignoring and belittling other messengers of God by making Muhammad distinguished among them, in violation of the Quranic commands to make all prophets and messengers alike to all believers; besides, it is very insulting to God to add the names of any mortals beside the name of God, Allah, in the testimony of Islam. Thus, All of these Wahabi notions  contradict Islam (Quranism); Muslims are forbidden to make distinction among the messengers of God; see 2:136, 2:285, 3:84, and 4:150-152, as Muhammad is just a follower of Abraham and the religion of Abraham; see 2:95, 6:161, and 16:123, and no one of the prophets has any authority at all in the Realm/Kingdom of God. This real Islamic faith and Quranic values are upheld by many Quranists intellectuals within the Quranist trend, and they are persecuted because of the fanatic Wahabi influence and dominance in the Arab world countries.


   Hence, the Sunnite Wahabis of the Boston mosques must be asked to define their Wahabi faith and their notion of the Wahabi jihad. Most of the Muhammadans are divided into three main religions: the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions. The Sufis are more peaceful than the Shiites, while Sunnites are the most fanatic ones. Inside the fanatic Sunnite religion, there is the extremist Ibn Hanbal doctrine which is the most fanatic Sunnite religion doctrine or sect. The hardest line inside this fanatic Sunnite School is the trend called the Salafist/Wahabi movement, propagated and maintained currently by the KSA, which produced Osama Bin Laden. The KSA is responsible for the rise of this fanatic Sunnite Wahabi trend all worldwide, especially inside the so-called 'Islamic' schools, centers, and mosques in the USA and in the West countries. By the Saudi funding and influence, this terrorist Wahabi trend is hijacking the name of Islam and the American freedom of speech and belief, threatening the USA and all the free world.

The KSA insists to keep this Wahabi fanatic religion in its Middle-Ages form, without any reform at all from inside Islam (i.e., the Quran). Moreover, the Saudi influence helps persecute free Muslim thinkers who struggle for reforming the religious life of the Muhammadans.

For instance, because of our more than 30 years of expertise in that field of intellectual religious reform, we could define the earthly fanatic religion of those people when we once visited their mosques in Cambridge. According to their notion of Taqiyya inside the "Dar Al Harb", they have the permission to use two discourses, one to deceive the enemy, and the another discourse among themselves in brainwashing their children and followers. After being exposed in the media, they concentrate more in practicing Taqiyya and become more cautious. Hence, the Arabic newsletters which have their real discourse have been concealed and their public discourse has been changed to seem overtly 'moderate'. But it still has many fanatic aspects and features that prove the real nature of their blood-thirsty Wahabi religion that is hijacking the name of Islam. Let us quote some of their Arabic flyers which were issued in February 2003 to celebrate the beginning of establishing their new mosque by the help of the City of Boston and its leaders. They have acknowledged this help and support which come from the Christian and Jewish leaders of the City of Boston. Hence, they should have appreciated it and celebrated the values of tolerance and the peaceful coexistence granted to them and to their mosque. This is very important because in their countries of origin, the Christian minorities and even the Shiite minorities are persecuted. In Egypt, to repair a bathroom in any church, this entails the prior written permission of the Egyptian President; otherwise, the fanatic Sunnites  will destroy or burn down the church. Other Shiites and Christians are being massacred now by the fanatic Sunnite Wahabi criminals in Iraq because of their faith. The Sunnite Wahabi people know very well how the religious minorities suffer in Middle East countries within the so-called 'Islamic' world. They know also how they enjoy the unlimited freedom of belief and speech in the West countries and in the USA. They use this freedom to satisfy their innermost evil feeling by insisting on buying the churches and change them to be mosques, as if to 'Islamize' the West gradually. This gives them the feeling of triumph and victory in their incessant efforts in battling against the West while this West is giving them shelter, equality, and human rights. In their flyers, they had written how they take pride in how they bought a Catholic church in Wister and turned it into a mosque. They are also trying hard and non-stop to convert the non-Wahabis to Wahabism (as though it were Islam). Wahabism is never, of course, the real Islam (i.e., the Quran) which they have abandoned, but the Wahabi fanatic faith and its blood-thirsty religious culture and notions. Their hope is to establish a new generation of the American Taliban members to help them in their war against the West and the USA, or (Dar El Harb).
These are some aspects from this Arabic flyers which are embedded among the lines in spite of their careful cautiousness (Taqiyya )
Let us translate some of their statements:
1- In the beginning they write: “In Boston, the practical actual building of the civil center of the Islamic Society has begun. It is a great step in rooting Islam, converting the non-Muslim to Islam, and to defend it in the American soil.
  Here, they are talking about war against Islam while the title of the paragraph is saying: “The mayor of the City of Boston says: This project is very important for the Muslim generation.” The City of Boston has helped them and celebrated the event with them, so why they are talking about defending Islam? The only answer is as follows: because they have come to the USA to fight and to convert others to their Wahabi religion and to prepare for the actual war inside American soil.
2- “It has become more imperative for us to establish it after 9/11...’’ says one of them inside the flyer, who was encouraged by establishing this mosque, “We want to move to the stage of effective, active action, not to remain in the stage of passive reaction.
What does this mean?!
3- “We will establish our mosque and the non-Muslim people will come to convert to Islam” says another one of them inside the flyer, “And for the religion of Muhammad, we will establish a mosque every day.

3- “We pray to Allah (God) to make you (O Muslims) among those who defend Islam and defend his Prophet and defend other Muslim brethren.
4- “This is a call from the innermost of the active Muslim advocates who sacrifice their energy to establish this organized foundation to defend you (O Muslims), to defend your religion, and to defend your Holy Prophet. Will you leave them alone facing the mighty flood?!
  In that flyer, they are proud to have in their team Dr. Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawy and Youssef Islam, the singer Cat Stevens; they have written: “Al-Qaradawy has prepared a special paper for this project.


   Questions that must be posed to Wahabis inside the USA are of vital importance; they should be questioned about everything mentioned in their flyers in the light of the above background. It is up to you to choose the right questions accordingly.



P.S.: If they answer all the questions in the best way to please and appease you, then you must declare the right of all the Muhammadans of all denominations and sects to pray and to give lectures and deliver sermons inside this mosque according to the assumed 'moderate' Islam of the Boston Wahabis. They must also declare the right of the American society to test their applying of this assumed 'moderate' Islam in the future; otherwise, they are fooling and deceiving the people and the society of Boston.


     Thank you and good luck.



Dr. Sheikh/ Ahmed Subhy Mansour

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