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When One Buys Eternity in Hell with One's Own Money


Published in February 4, 2017

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


  We have received this question via email and we copy it here followed by our reply.

  (… Those who donate money to establish mosques, religious societies, madrassas, groups etc. assume wrongly that they spend money for God's sake, as per the Quranic command, as part of jihad with money and oneself … What do you think of those who do so, granting and donating their money for Sufi, Sunnite, and Shiite establishments? If a Quranist like you, Dr. Mansour, would assert that this is prohibited support for polytheism and has nothing to do with Islam, let me assure you that those people are not aware of Quranism, know nothing about Quranists, and have no other venues to donate for charity, for God's sake, and they consequently know nothing of the voluntary, intellectual, peaceful jihad of Quranists that need support …. Those masses have good intentions, thinking they thus serve God's cause … What do you think? … Thank you for your time …).



Firstly: donating money that leads to deep sorrow in this world and the next:

1- This donating money within the earthly, man-made, fabricated religions is used or driving people away from the Righteous Path of God and not for His sake or His cause. God says the following in the Quran about such type of donation: "Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to repel from God's Path. They will spend it, then it will become a source of deep sorrow for them, and then they will be defeated. Those who disbelieve will be herded into Hell." (8:36). We note here two points as follows.

1/1: The present tense is used in 8:36, and this clearly indicates that this is a fact that applies in all eras, including our own.

1/2: The expression  "those who disbelieve" marks the beginning and the end of 8:36. This indicates that those disbelieving polytheists who sanctify and deify the clergy of their earthly religions spend their money of zakat/donation/charity to repel people away from God's Path, and they will feel the dire consequences of this during their lifetimes in deep sorrow, as such money is confiscated and consumed by those clergymen who trade in religions to deceive the gullible masses that give away money to enrich the clergymen's bank accounts. Another deeper sorrow will be in the Hereafter, as God will annul their deeds as if never done, as they spend money while thinking they did good deeds, as per their 'good' intentions, as if such deeds were for God's sake, whereas indeed, their given money is stolen by clergy with bottomless pockets, who spend it to live luxuriously and to use part of it to repel people away from the Quran and make them follow the earthly polytheistic creeds. God says the following about their deep sorrow for their 'good' deeds rendered useless as their money was spent for the sake of the Devil/Satan: "Those who followed will say, "If only we can have another chance, we will disown them, as they disowned us." Thus God will show them their deeds, as regrets to them, and they will not come out of the Hell-Fire." (2:167). This means that deep sorrow/regret of this world will be deeper sorrows/regrets for them in Hell for eternity.          

   Those who will save themselves from this are the ones who will repent before they die and to follow the Quranic Truth. Those persons might have spent the larger part of their lives as polytheists, but they eventually would reject the earthly creeds and search for real guidance. Thus, they will spend onwards within God's Path instead of spending for the sake of the devil, and if they die as real believers, they will enter Paradise: "Every soul will have a taste of death, and you will receive your recompense on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is swayed from the Hell-Fire, and admitted to Paradise, has won. The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion." (3:185). Hence, within real Islam, there is a chance to repent as long as one remains alive; those who will not feel the deeper sorrow/regrets will be the repentant ones who thus become real believers. This is why the expression  "those who disbelieve" marks the end of 8:36, to indicate that those who deserve Hell are the ones who did not repent and died as polytheists by following earthly religions and spending money to sanctified clergy who repel people away from the Quran.     

2- The expression  "those who disbelieve" in 8:36 is the key to our topic in this article; those who die without repentance will regret it forever in Hell, whereas those who readily repent and seek guidance of the Quran alone will save themselves such terrible fate. The focus here is personal choice and human free will; those who are willing to choose guidance will be guided by God and He will increase their guidance, and those who are willing to choose misguidance, God will increase their blindness and misguidance. The guided ones will seek to get to know their fellow guided ones and seek to make their acquaintance to keep company and gain moral support.    

3- Those who are deeply engrossed in misguidance may be among those who never care about seeking real guidance all their lifetimes; they focus only on the material, tangible affairs and matters of this transient world, while disregarding religion and never thinking of defining their stance regarding religion and the Hereafter. They never care to think if they are in the wrong or in the right as far as religion is concerned. Such indifferent, errant, misguided ones have strayed away from God's Path, as they never took time to seek the Truth. They will feel deep regret/sorrow when they are dying, leaving this transient world for good, feeling that material possessions and money have never been to any real use or benefit to them; they will leave them despite spending their lifetime struggling and exerting utmost efforts for the sake of hoarding and gathering money and rich possessions. The deeper sorrows/regrets of such people will be when they reside in Hell forever after the Last Day. Another type of those misguided people includes those who are deeply religious, devoted entirely to an earthly, man-made religion/creed/cult that has nothing to do with God's True Religion. Those polytheists who remain as such until the moment of their death will feel deep sorrow/regret as they were deceived and duped by clergy/charlatans and deeper sorrows/regrets in Hell for eternity that they bought for themselves with their own money/donations granted to clergy.             

4- Those polytheistic religious dupes will feel special type of regrets/sorrows, as their 'good' intentions will be of no avail to them and will turn into grave disappointment, when it is too late for them to make amends. They donate money devoutly with 'good' intentions to clergy/charlatans of earthly religions, forgetting that God's True Religion contains no clergy at all of any type, and they deem themselves as doers of good deeds and acts of charity, while imagining that as if they were buying themselves a palace in Paradise! The source of this myth is that charlatans of the Sunnite Wahabi religion assume the authenticity of a hadith that claims that those who participate in the building of any mosque, even as small as two feet, God will built them a palace in Paradise, implying that they will enter it, however grave the sins they commit, to enjoy their 'well-earned' palaces! Such silly, nonsensical hadith, and indeed all the so-called hadiths are balderdash, prevent Sunnite Muhammadans from realizing that they buy (with their 'good' intentions) with their own money their eternal residence in Hell. This is the root of their deeper regrets/sorrows in Hell, as they have donated money to build harmful mosques that preach and call for polytheistic notions that make people shun, abandon, and reject the Quranic Truth, while thinking they have done good deeds or acts of charity! This is because they devoutly and devotedly cling and stick to an earthly religion. It is painful that they would spend money to seek Heaven and to find out later on that they have earned Hell as eternal residence because of their polytheism and encouragement of spreading it. God says in the Quran about the likes of such people: "Do those who disbelieve think that they can take My servants for masters instead of Me? We have prepared Hell for the hospitality of the disbelievers. Say, "Shall We inform you of the greatest losers in their works?" "Those whose efforts in this world are misguided, while they assume that they are doing well." It is they who rejected the communications of their Lord, and the encounter with Him. So their works are in vain. And on the Day of Resurrection, We will consider them of no weight. That is their requital-Hell-on account of their disbelief, and their taking My revelations and My messengers in mockery." (18:102-106).          

5- A worse type among those people, in the above point, is the one including the poor, impecunious persons, who earn very little, and yet, they prefer to donate the little they have, in full devotion and devoutness despite their being very needy, to clergy of earthly creeds and to entombed Sufi saints, assuming that they have pleased God and earned their place in Paradise by such polytheistic acts. Those poor ones remain poorer and needier and in bitter despicable conditions; their donation brought them no blessings in this life and will bring them Hell in the Hereafter if they do not repent. It is noteworthy that the poor masses of this type of gullible people are millions in number, and this leads to the fact that their financial donations are far more than those of the rich ones. The reason is that the masses in their ignorance and neediness need the 'spiritual haven' (or rather opium of the masses) of the earthly religions, but eventually, upon dying without repentance, they will realize that they have lost this world and the next one in the Hereafter.       

6- The assumed 'good' intentions do not count at all; those gullible duped masses who donate for those clergy/charlatans assume that they do good deeds, but they will enter Hell, in case of not repenting before death, and they will swear during the Last Day that they have not been among polytheists. God says the following in the Quran about such people: "Who does greater wrong than someone who fabricates lies against God, or denies His revelations? The wrongdoers will not succeed. On the Day when We gather them all together, then say to the polytheists, "Where are your allies/partners, those you used to claim?" Then their only argument will be to say, "By God, our Lord, we were not polytheists!". Look how they lied to themselves. And what they invented deserted them." (6:21-24). Hence, their 'good' intentions will be of no avail to them (by the way, the Quran never mentions the term 'intentions' at all; this is NOT an Islamic notion), and those people lie to themselves and assume they are monotheists, but indeed they are polytheists. 

7- Accordingly, the earthly religions of the Muhammadans in our era, the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi ones and their branches, sub-doctrines, and sub-creeds, flourish until now only because their followers practice money-donation jihad (and even sacrifice themselves and their efforts and time) for the sake of their Satanist religions, despite the fact that their religions repel people away from real Islam (the Quran alone). All of the Muhammadans are intellectual foes and religious adversaries to Quranists; they do their best to maintain media blackout as far as Quranists and Quranism are concerned, and they fight as on many fronts (including cyberspace) with all their might, authority, potential, power, and money, lest Quranism spread in the Arab countries, as the Muhammadans always fail to face or refute Quranism on the intellectual level. The deities/clergymen of these earthly religions of the Muhammadans hoard, heap, and amass countless money, like the clergy against which God warns people in the Quran: "O you who believe! Many of the rabbis and priests consume people's wealth illicitly, and hinder from God's path. Those who hoard gold and silver, and do not spend them in God's cause, inform them of a painful punishment. On the Day when their old and silver will be heated in the Fire of Hell, then their foreheads, and their sides, and their backs will be branded with them: "This is what you hoarded for yourselves; so taste what you used to hoard."" (9:34-35). Of course, apart from consuming and confiscating collected donation money for themselves, the Muhammadan clergy of the earthly religions (i.e., the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi ones), part of such money is used to establish harmful mosques that preach falsehoods and faulty notions of polytheism, and of disbelief in the Quran, and that repel people away from Go's Path and incite frequenters of those mosques to commit terrorist acts and acts of violence that spread animosity and disturb peace. Of course, the greater part of the donation/charity money slip into the bottomless pockets of the clergy; indeed, clergymen have billions inside their bank accounts, because manipulating the earthly religions to make money is the main feature of trade-world of today within the Arab countries in our era since the 1970s, and those charlatans maintain their source of funding (i.e., millions of the gullible masses) by retaining their falsehoods, lies, and myths alive in minds of people, keeping their adherents faithful and devoted to such erroneous notions. Besides, such bank accounts and donation money are never checked or supervised by the State, and are tax-free. Such countless amounts of money take the form of cash, tons of gold, silver, precious stones, etc. as well as endowments, possessions, assets, houses, buildings, lands, etc.            


Secondly: charity donations that cause regret/sorrow in the Hereafter only, and not in this world:

1- There are noble human beings who really donate for charity, not for clergy, and their charity works are well known such as the following people: the American Bill Gates has spent 28 billion $ to combat diseases in Africa and for the sake of education and economic development within the Third World countries, the American Warren Buffett has spent billions of $ for the same of promoting healthcare, education, and social services inside the USA and within the Third World countries, the Saudi prince Al-Waleed Ibn Talal has allocated 32 billion $ to the social, cultural, and housing development within the Third World countries, the American Chuck Feeney has spent 7.5 billion $ for the same of education and healthcare, the American George Soros, of Hungarian origin, dedicated countless donations for the sake of refugees and the economic development within the Third World countries, Agha Khan, the head/leader of the Ismaili Shiite sect, spends 600 million $ annually for the sake of the economic development within the Third World countries, the late assassinated Lebanese leader and tycoon Rafiq Al-Hariri had a cultural, educational foundation in Lebanon and he spent 12 million $ on re-building Beirut after the Lebanese Civil War, and the Saudi-Ethiopian Muhammad Al-Amoudi spends countless money on treatment of AIDS and cancer in Africa. Of course, the list is endless; there are so many philanthropists who either do not believe in God at all or believe in Him along with other deified and sanctified mortals and items and things, and among them those who die as atheists or as polytheists.           

2- God says in the Quran: "Whoever desires the worldly life and its glitter-We will fully recompense them for their deeds therein, and therein they will not be defrauded. These-they will have nothing but the Hell-Fire in the Hereafter. Their deeds are in vain therein, and their works are nullified." (11:15-16). The type of the people in the above examples are those who perform good deeds and charity works but without real, acceptable faith and belief in God. we know from the Quran that the Paradise dwellers will be among those pious ones who believe only in God, within monotheism, and performed good deeds in their lifetimes. Hence, this type we talk about here indeed have done great charitable acts, but they either do not believe in God or their belief is tainted with polytheistic notions: believing in God while sanctifying and deifying mortals, creatures, and items. They may die as such (i.e., either atheists or polytheists), after a long history of good deeds performed during their lifetimes, and after their avoiding donating to clergy of any type at all who repel people away from God's Path. Those philanthropists are rewarded by God during their lifetimes on earth: their profits, stature, fame, and glory increase as much as they are donating. But in the Hereafter, their fate is Hell, if they die as nonbelievers or as polytheists, and God will render their deeds as useless in the Hereafter. Their rewards for such deeds are given only in the transient realm, not in the Eternal Realm, because they did not believe in the Hereafter in the proper way (or at all). Eventually, God has granted them their immense wealth and increased and blessed it; He has granted them happiness and health in return for their good deeds of charity, but if any of them dies as atheists or polytheists, they will reside in Hell for eternity. Life is a test and it has many options to choose from by all of us; God is never unjust toward them, they were the unjust ones toward themselves: "...God did not wrong them, but they used to wrong their own souls." (16:33).


Lastly: the winners who never feels regrets/sorrows in this world and in the next:

1- They are the ones who are never distracted by this transient world, as they think of their real future in the Hereafter and work on in to deserve entering Paradise, and they believe in the Quran and apply its teachings in their lives as much as they can. They are the ones who seek guidance and fear God in piety in all their words, deeds, acts, and works, while avoiding sinning as much as they can. They are the real believing ones who know clearly the ways of evil, and avoid them, and the ways of goodness and follow them. They use their reasoning minds and thus never deify/sanctify mortals, creatures, items, clergy, and myths of clergy, because they follow monotheism in worshipping, glorifying, and sanctifying God alone, the Creator of everything, and they supplicate and pray only to Him, without invoking partners, saints, associates, deified beings, mediators, intercessors, etc.    

2- They are the ones who donate money for God's sake in piety, whenever they earn any money or income, seeking only to gratify the Lord: "He who gives his money to become pure. Seeking no favor in return. Only seeking the acceptance of his Lord, the Most High. And he will be satisfied." (92:18-21).

3- They are the ones who donate money (alms/zakat) within two major fields: (1) to donate to those who deserve receiving alms: "They ask you what they should give. Say, "Whatever charity you give is for the parents, and the relatives, and the orphans, and the poor, and the wayfarer. Whatever good you do, God is aware of it." (2:215), and (2) to donate money for the sake of jihad for God's sake and for the sake of His religion; God says the following about true believers: "The believers are those who believe in God and His Messenger, and then have not doubted, and strive for God's cause with their wealth and their persons. These are the sincere." (49:15). God says the following about this spending for God's sake and its reward in the Hereafter: "Who is he who will lend God a loan of goodness, that He may double it for him, and will have a generous reward? On the Day when you see the believing men and believing women-their light radiating ahead of them, and to their right: "Good news for you today: gardens beneath which rivers flow, dwelling therein forever. That is the great triumph."" (57:11-12).

4- They are the ones who seek to help those who perform intellectual  jihad for the sake of God by clearing the name of Islam (the Quran only) from distortions caused by the Muhammadans and to clear the name of Prophet Muhammad as innocent of all falsehoods (i.e., hadiths and narratives) ascribed to him forcibly decades after his death. Real believers in their peaceful intellectual jihad are the ones who prove that God has sent Muhammad, with the religion of peace with people and submission only to God, as a mercy to the humankind, NOT to terrorize the humankind. God has said to Muhammad in the Quran: "We did not send you except as mercy to the humankind. Say, "It is revealed to me that your God is One God. Are you going to submit to Him?"" (21:107-108). These real believers must cooperate and participate in the intellectual peaceful jihad of Quranists to reform the Muhammadans by the Quran to make them embrace real Islam (Quranism) as Muslims and adhere to peaceful behavior, as part and parcel of real Islam in God's last message: the Quran.    

A last word: there are those 'believers' in God who have been tempted by this transient world; they have been busy all their lives with possessions, money, assets, progeny, business, etc. and they did not have time to build their future in the Hereafter in Paradise; these re the real losers in Hell. Their regret/sorrow begins at the moment of their dying, and they will uselessly ask for another chance to spend money for the sake of God, but it will too late for them, as the moment of death can never be postponed. They will regret with sorrow all possessions they have left behind and the biggest regret is for their future in Hell for eternity, s they will be informed by angles of death about it. this is the meaning of the warning addressed directly by God to real believers in the following Quranic verses: "O you who believe! Let neither your possessions nor your children distract you from the remembrance of God. Whoever does that-these are the losers. And give from what We have provided for you, before death approaches one of you, and he says, "My Lord, if only You would delay me for a short while, so that I may be charitable, and be one of the righteous." But God will not delay a soul when its time has come. God is Informed of what you do." (63:9-11). As always, God says nothing but the Truth.     

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