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My interview in BBC Radio Completely

My interview in BBC Radio completely


Interviewer: we will stop with some of some story with (Salah Elnagar) who leaves his country because religion views.

Salah Elnagar : this already terrible because many people in my family had been arrested,  our problem in my Egypt that we are quranists, and our problem is known in Egypt and all the middle East. The quranists thinker had been founded by dr. Ahmed SubhyMansour is an Egyptian American activist, whose website describes him as an Islamic scholar with expertise in Islamic historyculturetheology, and politics. My uncle has written many articals, fatwas and books to show the people the contradiction between the Islam and the culture of Muslim people which is completely different about really meaning of Islam     

1 - We believe not only quran but in all heavenly books” the messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his lord, and so have the believers. All they have believed the God and his angels, his books and his messengers (saying) we make no distinction between any of his messengers.

2 – We believe that prophet Mohammed is as any other prophets. We believe in a message (Quran), we do not believe in the person.

3 - We believe that Islam has two meaning; the first meaning that Islam literally, and in terms of faith in one's heart and mind, means submission and surrendering oneself ONLY to God. None among all human beings has the right to judge others as far as religious faith is concerned; otherwise, such judgmental human beings are deifying themselves. The Quran asserts the postponement of judging people, a right reserved for God the Almighty alone, concerning differences in religious faith until the Day of Resurrection.

4 – The other meaning is peace; peaceful existence and peaceful dealings with all human beings regardless of religious faith differences or their lack of any type of faith. Let us remember that the greeting ordained in Islam among people is the phrase:  "peace be with you". Peace is one of the divine epithets of God in the Quran. All these facts assert that the religion of Islam underlines its regard for spreading peace among humanity; this is affirmed by the meaning of faith in Islam: it is derived from the Arabic term (Aman), which means protection, safety, and security.

5- Any human beings who achieve the meaning of behavioural peace (Islam in demeanour) in dealing peacefully with others in daily life, and never violate, assault, or attack others or others' rights, and at the same time achieve Islam in terms of faith by never worshipping any mortals or deities beside God the Creator, then such persons deserve peace from God in the Day of Resurrection

5 – We believe the people who killed the other by name of the God like (Daesh,Taliban,BokoHaram and Mujahedeen) they are not Muslim. Islam is peace. Islam is international religion is not for the only group people who live in the Middle East. The one who loves the peace and his, her behaviour is peace with the other apart from what he, she believes, she, he Muslim.

Interviewer: well, Salah when did you leave your country?

Salah Elnagar: last year.

Interviewer: did you have incredible journey to come to England?  

Salah Elnagar : yes, I have horrible journey and I saw the death by my eyes.

The arduous trip to Europe on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea took five days and one night, in the dark of the raging sea. I lived Einstein’s theory of relativity as five days seemed like five years. I had studied the physics of the dark sky but I did not find more darkness than the sea, which was accompanied by the symphony of crying women, children screaming and the waves hitting the ship. Five days of anxiety, insomnia, fear and grief. For five nights I did not know the taste of sleep, I closed my eyes but my ears stayed awake listening to the motor of the ship and the collision of the waves.  Insomnia was killing me and I thought “I do not know what tomorrow will bring, will I even see tomorrow? Or will I be food for the hungry sea fish??”

My second anniversary with a ship was in the English Channel between France and England after three months of serious attempts, great effort and adventures such as that of James Bond, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. My lucky night came on the 14th October 2015. I was an unwelcome guest in a lorry on the ship. I stayed thirty six hours, lying still in the same position, sharing a one metre by two metre box with one other person unable to move an inch. Our eyes wide open, alert to the movements of the lorry, we had to mute our breathing in order to avoid the sniffs of the dogs. Eventually, we heard the announcement on the ship that we would arrive at our destination in ten minutes. We shook each other’s hands with happiness as if we had just won a prize. 

Four months of fatigue, pain and adventures, risking my life to break through the fences of Europe, like the adventures of James Bond, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. But unlike these actors, I did not want my adventures to be famous, displayed on the TV, or rewarded with an Oscar to cheers and applause from the public. Also, I did not want money in my bank account. My goal was the greatest prize of all: liberty and security, a crown that should be on every individual’s head. Freedom is the greatest thing that God granted humans but its true meaning is unknown until lost, as I had experienced in my country.

My third meeting with the boat and water was during my trip in the town of Beccles, but this time was completely different from what came before. This time I was a welcome guest, the boat crew welcomed us with smiles and great interest. Their smiles were like bandages and medicine for my injuries and pain. My patience was not in vain and the seeds were planted, buds and flowers began to bloom, my future began to appear through the fog of persecution. Light was finally visible after the long night. I concealed my tears in my eyes, drew a smile on my lips and turned my head to the window of the boat so my emotion. I felt the spirit of the writer enter me once again, the buds of creativity beginning to flourish, enabled by the fertile lands of freedom and safety here in the UK. 


Interviewer: well, would you talking about religion views again?

Salah Elnagar

1 - I am as Muslim qurinst believe only Quran noting but the QuranThe prophet Mohamed was ordered to follow the Quran alone and to uphold the holy Quran alone. I believe in the holy Quran as the only hadeeth.

2 – According to the Quran, I keep the five daily prayers, fasting Ramadan, giving alms and doing pilgrimage to the only scared mosque of Allah in Mecca and uphold the Islamic values of peace, justice, freedom, tolerance and resection human rights and human dignity.

3 – believing in Allah, the creator the only God means to reject idolizing the prophet Mohamed, making pilgrimage to the so called his tomb, reject the fabrications about his intercession in the day of judgment, making him better than other prophets and the false saying and the false shareeah attributed to him after centuries of his death .

4 – I reject idolizing the so called the (Righteous Khalifates). They used the name of Islam in invading other nations, occupying their lands, stealing their wealth and enslaving siblings and raping their women. This contracted the Islam values of peace, mercy, justice, freedom and human rights. 

Interviewer: we heart that you have new story.

Salah Elnagar : yes, I wrote story about me , it will publishing in near future and I have many articles were published in magazines in the UK. This is a peace of my story

Would this be my lucky night or not? Would it mean the end of my suffering or would it be a wasted unfortunate adventure like all the others?


It was nearly 10 o’clock in the evening and I was preparing for a lone adventure. I asked myself whether this would be my lucky night or not. Would it mean the end of my suffering or would it be a wasted unfortunate adventure like the others?


I dressed myself, making sure I was wearing water proof coat because yesterday it had rained heavily. I had returned to the jungle shaking with the cold. My clothes in the tent had disappeared and I sadly had to take my neighbours dry clothing to keep me warm and dry whilst I slept. 


I called the Smuggler on my phone and I asked:

“What is the plan for today? And where will I meet you?”

“At the highway, the same place as yesterday”, he replied

“Will anybody from the jungle be joining me today?” 

“No, you will be travelling alone and do not be late because the highway is very busy today.”  


I left my tent. The darkness was full of the sounds of dogs and firing of guns. I followed the familiar roads to meet the smugglers. I walked for nearly two hours alone in the dark without friends. During my journey in the dark, I watched the stars of the sky which made me remember my time studying physics at university in Cairo. I smiled. Then I looked to either side of the road through the darkness and I was frightened. I heard the barking of police dogs which seemed so close. I was scared. I remembered my bitter memories, my time on the Mediterranean Sea and my sixty days in the jungle. I was overwhelmed with sadness. To overcome this sadness, I remembered better days of joking and laughing with the smuggler. I remembered the humorous times watching lorry drivers with their surprised faces. I laughed. 


Finally I found one friend who agreed to travel with me through the long dark routes. I found him in my desperate situation. His name was Hope. Without Hope we have nothing to help us carry on. Hope gives us happiness and safety. Hope motivates us to withstand and persevere. It takes us away from laziness, depression and frustration. Without Hope we remain in the darkest room, consumed by bad situations and a negative outlook. This prevents us seeing the beauty, the goodness and joy of the world. We become isolated in our sadness. The words of Hope from others are like gold. They empower us. They intensity the beauty of the world.

Interviewerdid you able to come back your country?

Salah Elnagar: no, I cannot. The life in Egypt horrible with people who called human right, the president of Egypt is the worse president in the modern history of Egypt. He killed many young people and many in the prison now. What you heart in media in Egypt and read in newspaper are false. 

Interviewer: what you see in the UK?

Salah Elnagar : I am thankful to UK which gives me the safe, human rights and all the British people . People here so kind and helping so much. I am like a fish which stay in the water, without water will be dead. Human rights and freedom are my water I can not stay in the life without them and England gives me what I want.

Many thanks for England and the British people.














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