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Only Thirty Million US$ to Peacefully Put an End to the KSA

Only Thirty Million US$ to Peacefully Put an End to the KSA


Was published in Arabic in March, 18, 2016

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


N.B.: This article has been written years ago, but forgotten by us; yet, it is still valid and very readable as if it were written just now!




 We do NOT ask for this sum for ourselves, Quranists, as a donation at all; rather, the sum of 30 million US$ is to be used in order to establish a project run by experts and specialized people in many fields, including Quranists. This project is a company that will realize huge profits and achieve the greatest goal! The KSA regime is bound to collapse; its downfall draws near, as it was established and it collapsed twice, and the third current KSA will eventually come to an end for the third time sooner than we think in the 21st century. The KSA regime has waged countless wars and caused countless troubles worldwide via its Wahabism. The inhabitants of Arabia are the first ones to suffer the woes of Wahabism. Now, the KSA regime is wreaking havoc and causing bloodshed and destruction in the Middle East. The KSA regime is bound to fall, either in bloody violent manner that will make millions of innocent victims pay the price, or in a peaceful manner. We hope for the latter, not the former, via raising the awareness of the KSA royal family members themselves and their cronies and agents as well as the awareness of the inhabitants of the Arabian peninsula ruled by this family. We hope that reasonable thinking will lead eventually to safe removal of this ruling family out of Arabia, peacefully leaving rule to make room for the creation of federal ruling regime that respects human rights for individuals, groups, and minorities. We fear that the current deluge might result in Wahabism controlling the Arab and Islamic worlds, to their detriment.

1- The current map of the Middle East is about to change.

2- Sykes-Picot Agreement after World War I resulted in, among other things, the establishment of countries like Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel. This agreement consolidated the presence of the current third KSA. This agreement has been kept for about a century in the Middle East. The above-mentioned countries have not collapsed yet, despite the changes in the political map of the world after World War II, like the establishment of Pakistan and Bangladesh splitting from India, the collapse of the USSR, changes in Eastern Europe, and the splitting of Yugoslavia into smaller countries. Meanwhile, Sykes-Picot Agreement goes on (Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel). However, this agreement undergoes changes now due to the so-called Arab Spring. The KSA is making use of such changes after it gained advantages from Sykes-Picot in former years. The so-called Arab Spring has led to more spread of Wahabism to control Egypt. The Wahabi influence has reached Tunisia and Yemen, and it is about to engulf and gulp down Syria and Lebanon. Meanwhile, the so-called Arab Spring never occurred in Bahrain, in order to perpetuate the persecution of its original inhabitants the Shiites. Shiites of the KSA are the rightful owners of the oil-rich Eastern Province. Endeavors for liberation and democracy are aborted in the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar due to their being controlled by the terrorist Wahabis. When Wahabis hijack fully the so-called Arab Spring, the Wahabi deluge will drown everything; we fear that in that case, Egyptians, and all Arabs, will have to choose between two evils.

3- Yet, there is a third option that might save the region and its peoples from the woes and evils of Wahabism. This cure will cost only 30 million US$; read on to see how and why.


Firstly: why only 30 million US$?


1- The sum of 30 million US$ is nothing compared to what countless sums that have been looted and smuggled by the KSA royal family from the rightful owners of the oil-rich Eastern Province (called Al-Ahsa), which is more than 30 trillion US$, deposited in American banks, in accounts and coffers in the names of the KSA royal family members. Until when would this looting and smuggling go on? In our YouTube videos containing episodes of our Quranist program titled "Salafism Exposed", we said in Episode 31 that 270 billion US$ is the sum of the inheritance of Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul-Aziz, one of the KSA royal family members, and it is evidence that the KSA Wahabism is utter disbelief in Islam. Why would the rightful owners of such wealth remain silent? This is the right of the coming generations for centuries, stolen by the KSA royal family members. What would the coming generations say about this lame, weak stance of their forefathers' letting down of them?


2- The sum of 30 million US$ is nothing compared to countless sums stolen annually during pilgrimage from tens of millions of pilgrims since 1926.


3- The sum of 30 million US$ is nothing compared to the liberation of Mecca and the Kaaba shrine and pilgrimage rites, in addition to other holy sites for Shiites and Sufis from the evil control of the KSA royal family members.


4- The sum of 30 million US$ is nothing compared to the liberation of inhabitants of Arabia from the shame and disgrace of the tyranny of the KSA royal family members. It is a shame to be formerly belonging to the tribe of so-and-so to belong now to the Al-Saud family; to be a Saudi! This shows that all inhabitants of Arabia are slaves and akin to be possessions of the KSA royal family members, who are like deities in heaves and on earth. Al-Saud family is now the homeland and the real religion, creed, or cult practiced by all Arabia! This shows how people submit disgracefully to tyranny and looting of some self-deified individuals! It is a disgrace if Egyptians leave their nationality to belong to a ruler: Nasserite, Sadaty, or Mubaraki. The same goes for any nationality anywhere. Why on earth the Arabs in Arabia feel content to be called Saudis?! This is belonging to tyrants who think they actually own the souls of people! Tribes of Arabia in history conquered all surrounding countries, allowing the sons of the conquered people to belong to the Arab Empire, swearing allegiance and fealty to Arabs: even Al-Bokhary (his first name was Ibn Berzaweih, coming from the city of Bukhara) was allowed to have the 'honor' of belonging, as a subject and servant, to an Arab family name, as customs were at the time. He held another surname to ensure this: Al-Jaafy. The contrary happens now; tribes who were famous formerly in history are now slaves to a family of unknown origin: Al-Saud royal family. This is utter disgrace, bound to come to an end by all freedom-seekers among Arabs of Arabia. This will not cost more than 30 million US$.


5- The sum of 30 million US$ is nothing compared to more than nine millions of victims murdered (or caused to be killed) by this KSA royal family members, in the Levant, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, among other countries, via Wahabism, within the first, second, and third current Saudi monarchy. The first Saudi regime existed from 1745 to 1818, and the third one was created between 1902 and 1932, and goes on until this very moment. Victims killed via Wahabism everywhere were in almost every country: Arabia, Iraq, the Levant, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan, North Africa, Europe, the USA, Nigeria, and Mali. To force the KSA to come to an end after being established via bloodshed and skulls of victims is NOT by arms and weapons; rather, it can be realized by the sum of just 30 million US$.   


6- The sum of 30 million US$ is nothing compared to what the Al-Saud family members looted from treasures of Shiite shrines in Iraq and the shrine ascribed to Muhammad in Yathreb, during the establishment of the first, second and third KSA.  


7- The sum of 30 million US$ is nothing compared to bank accounts of foes of Wahabism, inside and outside the KSA, worldwide. Shiites and Sufis of the entire world have more than tenfold of that sum. Some of the KSA royal family members own individually more than 20 times this sum. Shiites and Sufis are not the only victims of Wahabi persecution; Wahabis are the real mortal archenemies of Christians worldwide, causing the murder of thousands of them, and threatening to end their existence in Egypt and the Arab world, and in all Islamic non-Arab countries.


Secondly: The sum of only 30 million US$, how come?!


1- How such a sum can help in getting rid of the KSA and its tyrants? The sum of 30 million US$ is to be used in order to establish a project run by experts and specialized people in many fields, including Quranists. This project is a company that will realize huge profits and achieve the greatest goal!


2- One can never wipe out a regime based on theocratic rule and ideology with just military force; rather, one should use intellectual war and confrontation to undermine the bases of such theocracy. We, Quranists, take pride in the fact of being the very first researchers and scholars who are pioneers with peerless expertise in waging intellectual war of thought against Wahabism since the early 1980s, in Egypt, until now. So far, Quranists are successful in in this intellectual war, despite their being impecunious, and who have nothing but intellect, reasoning, school of thought (Quranism), pens/keyboards, and the desire to sacrifice everything in order to peacefully spread Quranism as the only form of true Islam. Quranists are successful so far in their endeavor to refute Wahabism; the evidence of this is the fact that our enemies, the Saudis and their agents and cronies, are never able to refute Quranism or respond to it in debates and free discussions; they respond only with more persecution and exerting power and influence to hush down voices of Quranists in media worldwide. Evidence we cite to prove the success of Quranists in their intellectual war waged against the evil Wahabis is the online echoes and reverberations; all 'holy' things and notions of Salafism/Wahabism are open to questioning, refutation, and debunking in free discussions by non-Quranists, after centuries of being apparently unassailable and ostensibly irrefutable. Evidence we cite to prove Quranists' success is that countless disillusioned persons worldwide have rejected Wahabism to convert to moderate Sunnite creed, in the middle in the continuum between extremist Sunnites and Quranists, resulting in Wahabis trying in vain to defend their notions by force and imposing terror and terrible punishments for anyone who dares to question and undermine Wahabism; yet, in vain. No Wahabi can intellectually refute Quranism or contradict Quranists' criticism of Wahabism. Wahabis' losses increase in that field with the passage of time; the more they persecute Quranists, the more Wahabis lose ground, Quranists gain more ground, and Quranism spread more online. Quranists are ready to sacrifice everything and they resist all pressures and face all persecution with patience, persistence, and insistence to go on. Yet, Quranists who resist Wahabis alone bring disgrace to Shiites and Sufis who do nothing to combat Wahabism, despite their being the primary victims of Saudis and Wahabis worldwide. Iraqi Shiites are perfect examples of that since the very first KSA until the third one now. Quranists of the International Quranic Center (IQC) in Washington never relented in their call to Shiites and Sufis in the West and in the Middle East to cooperate together against the Wahabi/Saudi foes, but Quranists receive no response at all from Sufis and Shiites! Among our calls is the one for liberating Hejaz and mecca from the KSA invasion to be controlled by international Islamic committee to supervise pilgrimage and the coming of pilgrims worldwide in safety.


3- Adherence to peace and eliminating compulsion in religious matters are the basic tenets of Quranists; they respect the right of every person to choose creed/faith freely, with no imposition from anyone. Hence, the uniting of all peaceful Muslims worldwide against terrorist aggressive Wahabis is a must for the sake of Islam; this is an obligatory peaceful intellectual jihad. We are to clear the image of Islam, tarnished by Saudi/Wahabi terrorism. It is a shame and a disgrace to allow Wahabism to go on in the 21st century. The third and current KSA must come to an end as soon as possible. We are certain that the 21st century will witness the event that all Arabs, Muslims, and the human civilization will get rid of the Wahabi/Saudi cancerous cells via a safe and peaceful operation that will not cost us more than 30 million US$,


4- The sum of 30 million US$ will be used to develop the aspects of the intellectual war against Wahabism of the KSA, within a single website of Quranists as a starting point, to be developed into the following:

- A network of tens of Quranist websites

- A strong satellite channel, the starting point of a network of subservient channels

- A company for production and distribution of movies in all languages used by Muslims worldwide to reach out for all Muslims around the globe, especially Muslims in the West, with a margin for a big advertising company focused on the Arab and Islamic world: about 1.5 billion of people.


5- The practical steps of achieving such goals are as follows.

5/1: Translating, copying, sharing, and distributing this very article to reach out for all people concerned to be open for discussion as a very important topic for all Arabs and Muslims.

5/2: Contacting the IQC to discuss an agreement to form a big profit-seeking joint-stock company for artistic production and distribution along with a satellite channel, with people buying shares in it. This is to be done along with a non-profit organization that receives donations to supervise the network of websites. The USA is the best and most secure place for such a company and the non-profit organization, to be liable to transparency and inspection as per American laws. American authorities post 9/11 scrutinize transfer of money and how it is spent as far as religious – and Islamic – societies and groups are concerned, and this will assure any donators and shareholders of all activities. Furthermore, the artistic company that                                 will produce dramatic movies and TV episodes may finance, via its profits, the online networks of websites as well as the non-profit organization, with the latter being the umbrella for all Islamic anti-Wahabism centers and societies in the felid of intellectual freedom against extremism and terrorism, to coordinate their activities, to hold conferences, and to issue researches, brochures, and periodicals.




1- All of the above can be achieved within the possible means which are easy to use and be realized. The capital of 30 million US$ will be entirely dedicated to the production company, to allow shares to be sold within the reasonable sum of 100 US$ per share; this means 300000 shares, in accordance with American laws.


2- It is not difficult to procure the sum of 30 million US$ via donations and shares within weeks to establish the production company and the non-profit organization in the USA. There are tens of thousands of thinkers, scholars, imams, scientists, cultured elite members, intellectuals, artists, and experts all over the Islamic world and among Muslims of the West who would so much like to participate in this project. There are tens of millions of free Muslims who care very much for the success of this project and would like very much to donate and buy shares in it. The grand and serious start is of paramount importance here.


3- Discussions of this project, and all its related proposals and views, is needed, especially that execution of such a project is possible and easy. A grand beginning is required; it is no longer acceptable to bear such humiliation and disgrace of the existence of the KSA and Wahabism that tarnish the image of Islam.


4- We are screaming to reach out for everyone, would anyone respond to our call?!


5- We implore God Almighty to bear witness that we have called everyone to face the threat and terrorism of Wahabism!



Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour 

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