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The Reasons of Why Terrorism Arises in Particular from the Muslim Immigrants in the West

Was published in Arabic in November 03, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


Firstly: Possible Questions:

1- Immigrants of Japanese origin in the USA, who became American citizens, were sieged and persecuted after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. On the popular levels, books and movies have been produced until now to apologize for this: no Americans of Japanese origin have anything to do with Japanese policies; they cannot possible bear the fault or the blame for anything related to Japan. The USA committed the most horrible and foul crime in its history by throwing atomic bombs on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki; hundreds of thousands innocent civil people died as a result. Apart from any military justifications, this was a most horrid war crime. Yet, the Japanese nation has dealt nobly with the American one; now, both countries are allies and engage in financial and economic competition, turning the hateful page of war forever. No Japanese terrorists emerged within immigrants of Japanese origin in the USA to threaten the Americans with the desire for revenge.

 The USA committed massacres and most horrible war crimes in Vietnam. Yet, a huge number of American citizens of immigrants of Vietnamese origin are peaceful and hard-working people whose restaurants have invaded American cities. No citizens of Vietnamese origin thought to take revenge from their new home. American movies, both drama and documentary, still remind people of American atrocities committed in Vietnam.

 American troops stormed Panama and imprisoned its president who used to be a CIA agent. Bloodshed ensued in streets of Panama and responsible for all such atrocities was the USA policies at the time. Another American crime was the USA involvement in the assassination of Leftist President Salvatore Allende who was elected democratically. Right-wing, extremist rule took over, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people who oppose right-wing extremism. Some of them were killed by being thrown into the ocean from planes and some by being buried alive in groups. American policy was responsible for such atrocities by being silent and overlooking all of them and sometimes by supporting such crimes.

 Cuba used to be an American colony in which Americans spent their nights of fornication and sin. A revolution broke out in Cuba led by Castro, who has been a communist who enlisted the help of the USSR to save himself from the American wrath. The USA sieged Cuba and spent millions of dollars to conspire against it and against Castro. The USA was involved in killing Che Guevara. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans immigrated to the USA. Some of them were drug dealers in the USA. With money-laundering, Miami and Florida have been flourishing. No American citizen of Cuban origin thought to take revenge from the USA.

 The USA is known for its conspiracies, meddling, and interference with the affairs of all Latin American countries like Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, with dire consequences. Latin American citizens in the USA are the largest part of all immigrants. At least, ten millions of them have stayed in the USA illegally. The Spanish language is the second language, after the English language, in the USA, and it is the first one in some states. Most Latin Americans in the USA are religious, but no terrorist groups emerged among them inside the USA.

 The USA sieged, humiliated, and imposed sanctions on communist China. The USA let even Taiwan to occupy the chair of China in the UN Security Council. There are countless immigrants of Chinese origin in the USA, to the extent that there are Chinatowns in major American cities. Did any American citizen of Chinese origin turn into a terrorist to take revenge from the USA in the name of Buddha or Mao Tse Tong? Of course, the answer is no.

2- Great Britain humiliated and punished China with the First and second Opium War and cut Hong Kong from Chinese land and made as an independent state. Did Chinese people living in the current UK take revenge from the British? Of course, the answer is no. Great Britain stole the wealth of India via the East India Company and by occupation of Indian lands that ended with splitting these lands into India and Pakistan. The British Indians in the UK never committed any terrorist acts to take revenge from the UK. The same thing happens with Asian and African non-Arab and non-Muslim immigrants whose countries were occupied by the UK. All of them integrated and acculturated into their new home. Why the immigrants amongst the Muhammadans have turned into time bombs in Europe and the USA, then?

3- We have the right to pose this question: If the USA, France, the UK, and the West in general, have committed such atrocities during colonial periods, why immigrants from formerly occupied nations did not turn into terrorists?

4- Australia and Canada never had any ''bad'' history with the Arab countries of the Muhammadans, and both countries host many immigrants of Arab origin. Why terrorism emerged in both countries? Why terrorism of the Muhammadans has reached Germany and Scandinavian countries? Such countries have never harmed Arabs and Muslims.

5- Undoubtedly, terrorism is an insidious ailment within the Muhamadan immigrants in the West.


Secondly: Diagnosis:

1- Such insidious ailment is not in the genes of the Middle Eastern; so many of them in the West are peaceful citizens of Egyptian Coptic origin, Kurds, and Amazigh, who were never involved in terrorist acts. Even not all Muhammadans have such terrorism gene; there are countless peaceful immigrants from the Bangladesh (Bengali Muslims) in the West whose man-made, fabricated creed is the Sunnite/Sufi moderate one. The same creed is spread in Indonesia, the most densely populated country of the Muhammadans. Indonesia was occupied by The Netherlands. Immigrants of Indonesian origin in The Netherlands are peaceful and differ a lot from those terrorist Muhammadans in Europe.

2- The Muhammadans on the planet are about 1.5 billion people, and the vast majority of them adhere to the moderate Sunnite Sufi creed (i.e., Sunnite sharia in acts of worship, plus the Sufi tenet of the belief in the so-called saints and their tombs/shrines/mausoleums, and sticking to peace and tolerance in dealing with fellow human beings regardless of creeds). A minority among the Muhammadans are the Shiites (who remain peaceful as long as they do not reach the rule seats in any country). Another minority among the Muhammadans is the Sufis; they spend their lives dancing as dervishes and worshiping the so-called saints and their tombs/shrines/mausoleums and sticking to peace and tolerance in dealing with fellow human beings regardless of creeds. Fanaticism and terror is the mot d'ordre to a minority of Sunnite Wahabis and Salafis whose enmity and animosity towards Sufism and Shiite creeds as well as other creeds and their followers (Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity) know no bounds. The most fanatic among this type of Sunnites are the followers of the Wahabi doctrine, originated from the Ibn Hanbal doctrine of the Middle-Ages which is known for its fanatic rigidity and call for terrorism toward assumed foes. Hence, Wahabis/Salafis are a minority/ a slice among the Sunnite Muhammadans. They are a few millions worldwide, with thousands of them living in the West countries. The problem lies in the fact that such a minority are most fanatic and vociferous, with highest power and authority and impact on the rest of the Muhammadans. They specialize in terrorist crimes and take pride in them and continue to announce their presence by indiscriminate killings of innocents everywhere. They call their atrocities jihad. Their worst crime yet is making the West media call them ''Islamists'', as if they were representing Islam. This disaster exceeds the enormity of their terrorist crimes worldwide.

3- Fingers of accusations are pointed at the KSA and its Wahabism. Riyadh is the center of Wahabism, the creed of terrorism, spread from Riyadh to all countries with the call to kill all people different in creeds and doctrines from Wahabism worldwide. Wahabism is a devilish creed invented by Satan, spread everywhere in all times: the reason for that is the fact that it justifies and endorses bloodshed via religious mottoes: to kill under the name of the Wahabi god under the guise of such crime deemed as Islamic jihad. Some people believe such falsehoods due to their Islamophobia or due to sheer ignorance. Tyrants in Middle East make use of Wahabism and its clergymen to justify tyranny and injustice. Wahabi clergymen of the KSA did not have qualms in legalizing the incestuous relations with one's sister and mother, if this one is a Wahabi fighter or jihadist! Let us not forget legalizing fornication as a form of jihad, as the case with ISIS. Wahabism justifies tyranny and injustice of tyrant rulers, yet it justifies opposing them and rejecting them as infidel apostates for any reason. Wahabism then has turned into a fatal epidemic whose germs originated in Al-Derayya, the former capital of the first Saudi state destroyed by the Egyptian ruler Muhammad Ali Pacha in the 19th century, and later on in Riyadh, and it is still being spread and continues to mushroom insidiously like cancerous cells all over the planet.

4- Fingers of accusations are pointed as well to the USA and the West; due to the cursed oil, the Saudi royal family has acquired an international stature and influence inside the USA and the West Europe countries. Hence, the KSA since the era of King Faysal has established thousands of centers, organizations, and ''Islamic'' schools and institutions in the USA and Western European countries to control all Arab Muslims immigrants in these countries. With countless sums of money, the KSA has controlled all branches of Islamic, Arab, and Middle Eastern studies in all American universities so as to prevent their discussion/analysis/refutation of Wahabism and to turn these branches and faculties into centers to spread Sunnite Wahabi creed as the only form of Islam! The USA and the West in general opened their doors to the terrorist MB group members so many years ago as well as to other radical Wahabi organizations that work hard to topple regimes in all Arab countries to unite all Muhammadans into one empire of caliphate! Such terrorist fanatic regressive thought is ingrained in Wahabis/Salafis who think that our planet is divided into two realms: realm of Belief (the Arab lands) under their hegemony and control as soon as possible and the realm of Unbelief (the rest of the planet; especially the USA and the West) that ought to be fought and forced to convert to Wahabism. Some of these fanatic terrorist Wahabis live in the west as agents and spies working hard in service of the above-mentioned goal. The same notions reside in ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Salafis, and the terrorist MB. The only difference is that Wahabis (i.e. Salafis) and the terrorist MB members have more ruse and cunning ways and therefore more dangerous in comparison to ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists. The USA and the West have brought Wahabism inside their countries and provided terrorist fanatics with livelihoods and stable life in safety with full liberty of self-expression within democratic rules. Hence, their evil influence spread in all mosques and in the hearts of the oppressed youth, whose vigor and anger is channeled to brainwashed fanatics who command them to commit suicide attacks in order to win houris in heaven! West media aggravate matters when such terror is called Islamic jihad or Islamism. Terrorists welcome this so as to claim that they are the representatives of Islam! Most peaceful Muhammadans are not Islamists at all. Islamists are terrorists or theoreticians of terror and fanaticism.                           

The Remedy:

1- Remedy begins with the immediate realization that there is a difference between Islam as a creed and ''Muslims'' or rather Muhammadans as individuals. Islam is a set of moral orders and commands with elevated values and faith to God the Almighty, whereas the Muhammadans that call themselves Muslims are individuals with human history, heritage, civilizations, and differences, with bad and good people, and earthly fashioned, man-made creed of their own, as well. Such issues and history is not part of Islam at all.

2- With the above-mentioned fact in mind, terrorist thought ought to be faced intellectually from inside the Islamic faith in the Quran to assert and prove the enmity of Wahabis toward the Quran. This solution is easy; we, Quranists, are doing it with great success until now with very little help or means via this website. This endeavor is difficult in terms of how to spread it among all the Muhammadans in every city, mosque, university, etc. all over the world to know true Islam as per the Quranic text, away from Sunnite and Wahabi distorted interpretations of it.



 Let us imagine our world without the cursed Saudi royal family and its terrorist Wahabism; the Muhammadans would have evolved naturally into the transition into secular, civil democratic states, as the case in the West. Once this happens, millions of souls will be saved from bloodshed; Christians and Muhammadans will never have to hate and fight one another in the Middle East. No danger will arise from the Muhamadans who immigrate to the West. Islam would never have been accused of terrorism, backwardness, bigotry, and fanaticism.        

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