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  Part two:  Part Two: Fanatic Muslims violate the religious freedom in Islam                                            

 Section 2: Some samples of the war of ideas in the field of religious freedom, done by the Quranists during the last twenty years:

Preface: Our struggle for religious freedom

1-Through this expose’, we got acquainted with true features of Wahhabi fanaticism, away from hypocrisy and the concept of double dealing displayed by the Saudi regime and the Muslim Brotherhood. With that deceiving double faced policy, Wahhabism was able to infiltrate societies that used to refuse it, as it happened in Egypt, and from there, it spread penetrating the rest of the Muslim World.    

2-Because of the struggle of the Quranists since 1980’s, the Wahhbism was exposed, and its sacred Sunni traditions and it holy sacred scholars have been become discussable and exposed for criticism.

The contradiction between fanatic Muslims and the religion of Islam has been well known and highly accepted by all the open -minded Muslim trends. Many of the secular scholars have now the courage to criticize and analyze the sacred tradition of the Sunni Wahhabist as it has become no longer untouchable.

This great triumph has done by the peaceful helpless Quranists. But it is not easy because the leaders of the Quranists in Egypt are under persecution.

3-the second section will give samples of the war of ideas in the field of religious freedom, done by the Quranists during the last twenty years. This effort has a real difference in Muslim World.

It gives here additional evidences that confirm the real contradiction between the religion of Islam and the fanatic Sunni Wahhabists. It also gives tangible accurate proof that confirms the importance of war of ideas against those terrorists and their scholars. It also raise the question : If the helpless Quranists are successful in waging war of ideas against this powerful enemy, what if they are protected and supported by the US and the West in this global war ?

4-Then it gives some aspects of persecution that the Quranists are suffering in Egypt. The powerful enemy uses its power and influence against the helpless poor Muslim scholars who have only knowledge and the courage and commitment to face that ardent enemy and defeat him.

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