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You Have Caused Your Own Destruction!
Asking People to Repent and Postponing Judgment till the Day of Resurrection
"…I did not do it of my own accord …" (Quran 18:82)
Questions about Afghans and Chechnya
Fatwas: Part Six issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy
Whom we grant him long life we reverse him in the creation, then they will not use intellect
The true story of the called ( Al Majed Al Aqsa ) in Jerusalem.
Quranic Terminology: Truth/True/Truly/Truthful: (4) Regarding Charity Donations
They Do Not Hate the Truth, But They Are among Hell Dwellers!
Repeating the same mistakes
Secularism between Quranism and Earthly, Man-Made Religions of the Muhammadans
Resurrection and Ending the Relation of Human Beings with the Metaphysical Realm of Barsakh
Arguing with the People of the Book and with Disbelievers who Refuse the Quran as the Only Discourse in Islam
A Reminder for the Egyptians and the Arabs: "Do not give the immature your money..." (Quran 4:5)
They Ask You about the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Group
Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies <
Quraan and the Arabic language
The Interview of Dr. A. S. Mansour with "Egypt Post One" Website
To define its missions: Mission 3: Reform Muslims
Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia
By: -

"Center Center for Islamic Pluralism

Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia

by Stephen Schwartz Interviewed by Jeff King
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