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In Egypt: Interrogating the Quranists under torture
Most contravention women issues in Islam
This Shiite Abdul-Hussein
The Poisonous Mission of 'Correcting' the Book of Al-Bokhary
An Outreach to Muslims
Fatwas: Part Six issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy
"Territory of Peace& Territory of War"
Repentance and Marrying One's Girlfriend
Why Islam?
Taksim is not (yet) Tahrir
Al-Makrizi as an Eyewitness within the Era of the Big Criminals during the Plague of 833 A.H. – 1
Human Beings and Jinn within a Quranic Vision
The Actual War on Christians
To defend America and the its policxy in the Middle East
A Guide For The Puzzled In The Affairs of Iran
Post-Mubarak revolutionary chances
The Holy Quran refuting the Qurayshi war of ideas
An inventory of extremist Islamic texts in federal prisons.
The Struggle of Abbasids against Arab Tribes in Egypt
This Quranist Man's Problem with Prayers in his Old Age
Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia
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"Center Center for Islamic Pluralism

Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia

by Stephen Schwartz Interviewed by Jeff King
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