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Corrupt Egyptian People

Ahmed S. Mansour

Friday April 19th 2013

Translated By Mohamed Dandan


   In any political discussion, Egyptians may differ on many issues but agree on one; that America and Israel are both responsible for what befalls Egypt of corruption, tyranny, economic and moral meltdown .Or, that Egyptians are God’s chosen people among other nations, that they are void of any and all ills, but all evil comes its way via America and Israel. In other words, if America and Israel were to cease and  desist  their evil manipulations, Egypt would become clear of corruption, tyranny, moral or economic collapse, alluding that pure and innocent Egypt is but a defenseless, powerless corpse manhandled by them two, and that if both stopped abusing her… Qatar, Emirate, Bahrain and Mozambique will take over the game, a lame excuse and logic, indicative of a corrupt and depraved collective psyche.

2-Throughout my long professional and academic career, I always thought that Hosni Mubarak and his circle were the worst and vilest, until Mohammad Mursi came along and proved me wrong .I can’t tell, are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis?  Marshal Tantawi has the worst record in the Egyptian Military, his job that he was so proud of is to protect the legitimacy (Meaning Hosni Mubarak) , when he, along with the Military council took charge, they did not hesitate to murder demonstrators with armored cars, or to violate the sanctity of Young patriotic Egyptian women’s bodies…Those murdering criminals …commanders or foot soldiers……. Are they Egyptians or Americans and Israelis??.... In the contemporary Egyptian history, you will never find corruption, viciousness and Wretchedness as that found in the Minister of Interior, Hebeeb El Adli . He, along with high ranking officers in the ministry committed heinous atrocities ...Those murdering commanders, officers and foot soldiers, are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis??..During Mubarak's reign, the magnitude of corruption was never surpassed  previously, quantitatively or  qualitatively, cancer-contaminated drugs, sacs of contaminated blood, spoiled consumables, rotten wheat...these conditions continued after him, evidenced with the poisoning of university students, and smuggling of butane gas and fuel. Those all types of corrupt, depraved immoral individuals, are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis?....And those enormous cases of negligence, which killed and is still killing thousands, along highways and thoroughfares, along railways, along shipping lanes and along ferryboats, even tourists balloons...This negligence, was it committed by Egyptians, Americans or Israelis?  Also those public carnages against demonstrators in streets and public squares since the eruption of the January 25th revolution, then during the period of the Military Council, and now during the Brotherhood reign, in Cairo, in Port Said, in Suez, in Ismailia and other cities and regions in Egypt...Those criminals who committed those atrocities, are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? ...Then those hired hooligans, under Mubarak and his Ministry of Interior, and now the Brotherhood hooligans, and those belonging to private business tycoons, who always appear from nowhere, plundering looting and pillaging, those hooligans, are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? Those lowlife mobs who violated , in plain sight, the honor and sanctity of that Christian lady , removing her cloths and denuding her without shame, screaming "Allahu Akber"...Are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? Those who are addicted to disseminating sedition and turmoil, promoting terrorism in the name of Islam? Are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? Those who murder Christians, transgress against their churches, since the time of Sadat (The Khanka and Ezzaweya El-Hemra incidents), and during Mubarak reign (El Kesh-h..Abu Qurqaas..and the church of the two saints in Alexandria), leading to the (El-Khusous) incident last week....Are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis?...Those who are professional  at  making improper advances towards women, molesting them publicly, for political or brotherhood objectives...are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis?..Furthermore , who yielded and submitted to Mubarak for thirty years of humiliation and degradation ? Were they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? Also, those who gave more than 95 % their votes in the presidential elections to candidates from the Brotherhood, the Salafi and the remnants of the old regime,(Mursi, Abul Futouh, El-Awwa, Shafiq and Amr Mousa), and those who did not give( Hamdein Sabahi),The Nasserite candidate, the enemy of America, except the crumbs of their votes, were they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? and those mobs, riffraff who cheer on and applaud the Sunni extremists while they persecute Christians, Shiite, Baha'i and Quranists....are they Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? look around you in any street as you trample over heaps of uncollected garbage, as you enter any mosque to hear the most depraved of speeches, in the name of Islam, playing on God's words and His religion for political and worldly ends, as you  check out the underdeveloped backward curriculums, both religious in Al Azher and civilian education, the widespread of bribery, favoritism and dirty deals, the utter corruption and depravity  of local and national governmental agencies, all this moral decadence, is it committed by Egyptians, Americans or Israelis? Furthermore ,who stole from Egypt more than 70 Billion dollars and was the primary reason behind Egypt losing more than 4 trillion dollars as stated by Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union, was it Mubarak, the Americans or the Israelis? Besides , who is selling Egypt  as scraps after Mubarak destroyed it, is it the Brotherhood (Mursi-Elshater-Badee'-Malik), the Americans or the Israelis? And who turned Egypt into a surrogate of the Gulf mini-states (Saudi Arabia and Qatar), was it the rulers of Egypt, the Americans or the Israelis? And that corrupt judiciary branch and Abdul Majeed and whoever came after him as an Attorney General ,and this corrupt government information and press agencies and this all around state of failure in everything, who are its champions?  are they the Egyptians, the American or the Israelis? Also this attitude of forced labor, degradation and enslavement of the Egyptian soldier ,be it in the army or in central security ,by his superiors, officers or non-commissioned officers, are those Egyptians, Americans or Israelis?

Egyptians torture each other, murder each other , steal from each other, plunder each other, then claim its America's or Israel's fault... Is it colorblindness or heart blindness?

3- This not a complete and total vindication for America or Israel, rather a diagnosis and evaluation for the Egyptian sickness. There is a genuine disease, an epidemic ravishing the Egyptian body, America and Israel did not create, but since politics is the art of interest, both tried to take advantage of the situation to suite their interests, and by doing so, like  when dealing with a contagious sick person, they paid a heavy price, exactly like dealing with a scabies infected person.

4- As an evidence to corroborate what we are saying, America did not invent Wahhabism. Sheikh Mohammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was not an American citizen from Texas. The Saudi family was not from New York. The first Saudi state was demolished by Egypt, the second Saudi state withered away without any American interest or concern, then Abdul Aziz Al Saud establishes the current state. To protect it and to prevent its collapse like it happened twice before, Abdul Aziz promoted and propagated Wahhabism in Egypt, by forming Sunni Salafi Wahhabi associations and organizations, the most dangerous of which was the Muslim Brotherhood, he also strengthened his ties to America, granting her oil explorations rights, thereby opening the door to enter this region through the Saudi oil fields. During its feud with the Soviet Union, after the Afghan invasion, America was compelled to ally itself with Wahhabism, it paid the price after the emergence of Al-Qaeda, the different terroristic bombings and 9/11. Israel too toyed with fire. It indirectly welcomed and assisted in bringing about Hamas on the scene, hoping to weaken the influence of the PLO. Israel replicated America's mistake by engaging the scabby ,to be contaminated by the disease, thereby suffering by far more than it did with Arafat and Abu Mazen.  For America and Israel to avert Hamas's wrath, it struck a deal with Hamas's Mom (The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), a prelude for them both paying a heavy price. The reality of circumstances, is that America and Israel are dealing with a status quo, hoping to advance their special interests, and since this status quo is a very contagious sickness, they both will pay the price. America and Israel , both are innocent of creating this epidemic of corruption in Egypt and in the Arab World. What is going on right now in Egypt and the Arab World is a severe case of epidemical Wahhabism, its culture of  corruption, tyranny, enslavement, extremism, terrorism ,rigors and  backwardness. America and Israel tried to exploit those corrupt conditions to their own advantages to become victims of this scabies.

5- Before America even existed, a mere ten centuries ago, the Sunnis were massacring the Shiites in Iraq and they are still practicing this Sunni Jihad with exceedingly high rate of success even today. America thought it was in its and Iraqi people's best interest to abolish  Saddam Hussein's regime. We warned America back then , in one of the most prestigious research institutes , not to entangle in the Iraqi quagmire. America succeeded in bringing down Saddam's regime, and failed miserably in reforming Iraq, in spite of establishing a democratic regime there. America sustained billion of dollars in losses, and thousands of dead and wounded, was forced to withdraw empty handed, and the Sunnis are still murdering the Shiites, though the latter are in control. It shows that corruption is not merely within Saddam's regime, rather imbedded in the Iraqi Psyche. America interfered lost.

6-Likewise in Syria, The Sunnis have always persecuted the Christians and the Shiite Alawites, Nuseirites  since the Mamluks Era .The persecution was exasperated with the emergence of the Wahhabi epidemic, as the worst form of Sunni extremism and terrorism. They committed atrocities in Lebanon and Syria during the mid 19th century in 1860, causing a substantial segment of the Christian community in Syria to immigrate to Egypt, north and south America, creating what later came to be known as "Overseas literature". To avoid persecution, the Shiite of Syria, the Alawites,  adopted Arab nationalism and enrolled in the Baath Party in droves, and through it all, Hafez Al Assad  managed to seize and hold on to power, to take retribution from the Sunnis. They in turn , took advantage of the Arab Spring turmoil to rise up against Bashar Al-Assad ,and since it is a genetic disease, the revolution rapidly turned into a civil war, each one of the warring parties, reveling in slaughtering the other. This time, so far America and Israel refrained from interfering. Yet , there are still some domestic animals who think it's an American Israeli plot.

In the end....

The civil war which the Egyptian people are heading towards, is the biggest and clearest indicative for the presence of the permeable corruption that penetrated to the bone marrow...The proper treatment starts with a proper diagnosis, which attests to the fact that the Egyptians as of now, are corrupted. For it to heal , it requires a genuine reform, in its educational ,informational and legislative systems.  This reform should start by annulling any and all legislations that restrict the flow of and freedom of opinion, freedom of thought and freedom of religion to ....all .

Without it, this people will commit collective suicide as it is chanting : Allahu Akbar... There is no god except Allah .                                    

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