ßÊÇÈ Slavery: A Fundamental Historical Overview

في الجمعة ١٩ - أغسطس - ٢٠٢٢ ١٢:٠٠ صباحاً


CHAPTER I: Slavery in the Islamic Quranic Sharia:

Why We Are Writing this Book – COMMENTS – Terminology of Male and Female Slaves between God's Sharia Laws and Legislations of Muslims – COMMENTS – General Replies to Comments of our Fellow Quranists on the Last Article – COMMENTS – More Detailed Replies to Other Questions – COMMENTS.

CHAPTER II: An Overview of Slavery in the History of Muslims:

Slavery during the Reign of the Pre-Umayyad Caliphs and Arab Conquests – COMMENTS – Enslavement and Forced Military Service – The Power and Authority of Castrated Slaves in Palaces of the Ottomans – COMMENTS – The Eunuch Kafur Al-Ikhshidi Is One of the Best Sultans of Egypt and the Levant – COMMENTS – Between the Moralistic Genius of Kafur and the Immoral Genius of Al-Mutanabbi: Between Kafur the Noble Eunuch Former Slave and Al-Mutanabbi the Mean Free Man – COMMENTS – A Female Slave Appointed as the Supreme Judge – Female Slaves in Rule: Al-Khayzuran: the Matriarch and Mother of Many Abbasid Caliphs – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Rule: Qabeeha: the Mother of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Moataz – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Rule: Shaghab: the Ruler of the Abbasid Caliphate for Twenty Five Years – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Rule: Shagaret Al-Dor the Sultana of Egypt – COMMENTS. 

CHAPTER III: Slaves in the Sunnite Religion:

Slaves at the Early Beginnings of the Sunnite Legislation: Anas Ibn Malik – COMMENTS – Enslavement within Falsehoods of the Biography Written by Ibn Ishaq – COMMENTS – Malik in his Book Does Not Consider Slaves as Human Beings! – COMMENTS – Contradictions in the Legislations Related to Enslaved Female Singers.

CHAPTER IV: Some Types of Slavery in the Middle Ages:

Enslaved Female Singers – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Bedchambers of Sultans – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: Forced Labor and Impalement – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: Forced Labor in Egyptian History – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: Forced Labor during the Digging of the Suez Canal – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: An Overview of Eunuchs – COMMENTS.


Freeing of Slaves between the Quranic Sharia and the Laws of Europe and the USA – Firstly: Europe Has Abolished Ancient Slavery that Has Been Replaced with a More Cruel Widespread Type of Slavery – Secondly: The USA and Slavery – Thirdly: The Genius of the Quranic Solution – COMMENTS – Slaves in Our Modern Age – Firstly: The Last Countries to Formally Abolish Slavery while Retaining the Culture of Slavery – Secondly: Reports on Contemporary Slavery – Lastly: To Accuse the Great Religion of Islam of Endorsing and Justifying Enslavement Is Utter and Adamant Stupidity – COMMENTS.