When Will the Saudi Kingdom Collapse?

آحمد صبحي منصور في الإثنين ١١ - ديسمبر - ٢٠١٧ ١٢:٠٠ صباحاً


When Will the Saudi Kingdom Collapse?

Published in December 10, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



Between the Saudi kingdom and North Korea:

1- A strong nation is one that rules itself within democratic mechanisms and whose military armed forces submit to executive authorities chosen by the citizens and watched over by elected parliament, within the presence of free media, national surveillance, and strong influential civil NOGs that represent all of the social spectra. Within tyrannical countries, the military armed forces submit to a tyrannical ruler who use them to oppress unarmed citizens, and security apparatuses are so many and they overlap with military armed forces employed by tyrants to oppress unarmed citizens.

2- The Saudi tyranny exceeds the tyrannical regime of North Korea; the North Korean rulers never gave their family name (Kim) to their country. The current North Korean president,Kim Jong-un, succeeded his father, the late president Kim Jong-il, and his grandfather the founder of the state was the presidentKim Il-sung. This means that Kim Jong-un is the third of the ruling family (Kim), in power since 1948. No president of this family ever thought about giving his family name to the country; they adhere to the name of Korea and seek to unify North Korea and South Korea. This is in contrast to the Saudi royal family members that insist on giving their  name to the kingdom they own.    

3- The military armed forces of North Korea seem apparently – until now – to be under the control of the young tyrant, Kim Jong-un, who controls the country and the citizens, and this president fearlessly faces the USA and the whole world with his military forces. The North Korean president does not need mercenaries for his protection, in contrast to the young crown-prince M. Ibn Salman.


Mercenaries of the crown-prince M. Ibn Salman:

1- Ibn Salman has employed Blackwater mercenaries to oppress both citizens of his kingdom and his Saudi family members. We could not help but notice two points in this event: (A) Ibn Salman does not trust his Saudi security forces and military forces, and (B) he has gone to extremes in punishing princes of his family; he has ordered his mercenaries to torture some princes to the extent that the shoes of the Blackwater mercenaries crushed their heads of these princes. This torture might be deemed there as 'normal' when inflicted on poor, helpless citizens inside Arabia, but unimaginable to occur to Saudi princes – the intention here has been to crush their souls so as to teach them (if they would be released alive from prison) never to dare oppose Ibn Salman.   

2- With these mercenaries, Ibn Salman has grown too powerful and he has gone to extremes in his tyranny and oppression inside and outside the Saudi kingdom. Ibn Salman has failed in in his political and military battles in Yemen, Qatar, and Lebanon. If Ibn Salman were ruling a living nation, this nation would dethrone him as a punishment for his failures. The only field in which Ibn Salman has achieved success is crushing, punishing, and torturing those potential opposition figures among his family members before his eminent enthronement and before they would harm him. before the media cameras, Ibn Salman kneeled and prostrated before Ibn Nayef; yet, once Ibn Salman has grown too strong by the USA and the mercenaries, he has ordered his mercenaries to torture Ibn Nayef to make him lose his dignity forever. Ibn Salman would never have committed such violation if there were some authority to an entity of national guards or to an army. Hence, Blackwater mercenaries are the new Mamelukes hired by Ibn Salman to help him rule; soon enough, those mercenaries/Mamelukes will control Ibn Salman himself.     

3- The presence of such mercenaries shows that Ibn Salman is a reckless, extremist tyrant who seeks no compromises and never trusted his family members, Saudi armed forces, or security apparatuses. Ibn Salman has passed the whole route and there is no turning back for him; he has reached the point of no return; i.e., his existential struggle against many foes, inside and outside the Saudi family members, has commenced, and it is either he or them. Ibn Salman has empowered himself in advance with all available authorities confiscated by him, and he has not left any choices for his foes, except that they kneel and prostrate before him. Ibn Salman can easily fire and/or imprison anyone among the military leaders and security leaders and confiscate their money; he is the judge and the executioner at the same time.

4- Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, grandfather of Ibn Salman, has established the Saudi kingdom using the savage Najd Brothers, and they rebelled, opposed, and fought against Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, but he managed to defeat them. Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud reinforced his kingdom by marrying daughters of major tribal leaders to attain their loyalty: e.g., from tribes of Al-Sedeiriyya, Shamar, Al-Rasheed, and Al-Sheikh. It was possible that the line of kings would be confined to the issue of Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud from his wife of Al-Sedeiriyya tribe, if it had not been for the tribe of Shamar who supported prince Abdullah, whose mother was from the tribe of Shamar, and who forced king Fahd to make Abdullah as the crown-prince instead of the powerful prince Sultan. Ibn Salman has treacherously crushed princes Mutaib Ibn Abdullah and Ibn Nayef, among others, and this shows that the strong influence of the tribes has waned years ago and so is that of powerful princes belonging to these tribes. Ibn Salman clearly relies on his good relations with the West powers, as he serves their interests and his, and on mercenaries inside the Saudi kingdom. This reliance on the American support is proved by releasing Saad Al-Hariri (the Lebanese prime minister) and the prince Mutaib Ibn Abdullah based on commands of the USA and other West powers.        


The Saudi kingdom has been established on dangerous mines:

1- We see here how Ibn Salman places his fate and that of his kingdom in the hands of Blackwater mercenaries an their American masters. The very existence of Ibn Salman and his kingdom depends only on serving American interests. The imminent collapse of the Saudi kingdom is only a matter of time; the West powers are thinking about when to decide to cause such collapse, now or later on, and which of the two options would better serve their interests. Apart from The West powers, other factors that influence such a decision (i.e., to cause the collapse of the Saudi kingdom) include oil, Russian and Israeli interests, and the threat posed by Iran. Egypt and the Arab countries have nothing to do with this equation; sadly, the major role of Egypt has waned since it has become subordinate to the Saudi royal family.

2- The USA has discovered oil in the Saudi kingdom and made much use of it in return for protecting the Saudi kingdom; the Saudi-American alliance has been formed since Roosevelt. American banks invest US$ trillions of Saudi royal family members' money and keep the Saudi currency gold standard. The USA is keen to accelerate the collapse of the Saudi kingdom to confiscate such Saudi US$ trillions owned by the Saudi royal family members. The US$ billions smuggled by Kaddafi in Egypt, South Africa, EU, and the USA are confiscated now. Yet, assets, possessions, and bank accounts inside the USA owned by the Saudi royal family members are not the whole wealth; the original source of wealth is Al-Ahsa region oil, whose revenues are confiscated from the Shiites dwellers of this region by Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud who renamed Al-Ahsa as (the Eastern Region), which is located above the largest oil reserves in the world. The USA will never cede Al-Ahsa oil to the Shiite Arabs whose loyalty is to their religion (and to Iran, ipso facto) and not to their country. The Americans fear that when the Saudi kingdom collapses, Iran would invade Al-Ahsa. Besides there are other complicated issues such as the stances of Russia and other powers worldwide.   

3- Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud invaded the Hejaz region (where Mecca and Yathreb are situated) and controlled pilgrimage to make his kingdom the leader of 'Muslim' countries. There are rivalry between the Najd region and Hejaz region that has lasted for centuries, since the renegades' war in the 1st century A.H until now. When the Saudi kingdom collapses, would be the fate of Hejaz? This question pertains to all Muslims (or the Muhammadans: Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis), as they would never accept any interference by foreigners (and Christians) in pilgrimage and 'holy' sites in Hejaz. Even as the fury of the Muhammadans is too much about Jerusalem, it is limited because Jerusalem is a matter of religious interest to Jews, Christians, and Muhammadans. As for Mecca and Yathreb, the USA and the West powers cannot interfere in them or indeed in the Hejaz region, as this interference (which will be deemed as a 'crusade') will lead – without exaggeration – to thousands of Wahabi suicide bombings inside the West countries and the inside the USA. This is why when the Saudi kingdom collapses, the interference of international delegations is due to ensure safety and regulation of pilgrimage and possibly to establish an independent state in Hejaz. This entails the interference of all countries of the 'Islamic' world, including Iran. Russia will never be out of the picture; Russian influence extends to hundreds of millions of Muslims/Muhammadans in Central Asia. Thus, we assert here that this volcano is dormant now, but it will erupt when the Saudi kingdom collapses.  

4- Yemen has suffered a lot because of the Saudi kingdom; Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud humiliated Yemen and interfered in Yemeni affairs, whereas Ibn Salman has destroyed Yemen now. The Saudi kingdom has invaded some Yemeni regions and within agreements with Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Saudi kingdom annexed other border regions as well. When the Saudi kingdom collapses, the Yemeni people will seize the chance to restore their land and to take revenge against the Saudi royal family members.  

5- Iran poses a big problem now as it is a very strong regional power and it is the leader of Shiites worldwide. Arab Shiites form a majority among dwellers in regions of oil in the Persian Gulf, but they are ruled by Sunnite Wahabi royal families. The USA and the West powers desire to limit Iran and to stop it from getting nuclear weapons; this is NOT because they fear the Iranian military forces, as Iran never engaged into military attacks against Israel and the West countries. Even terrorists worldwide do not include even a single Iranian person. The reason for the desire to limit Iran is to stop it from having a share in the oil of Arabia when the Saudi kingdom collapses. Iran is a real, ancient, deep-rooted State like Egypt. Politically, the states in the regions between Iran and Egypt are temporary ones – they will be removed from the map later on, and this applies first to the Saudi kingdom. Hence, the USA and the international powers fear that if the Saudi kingdom collapses prematurely, Iran would be the only one to get the benefits of this event.  


Those who covet the Saudi cow when it will be slaughtered:

1- The Americans are not the only ones who covet to have the largest amounts of spoils after the downfall of the Saudi royal family. This is the important question studied now by all parties concerned. The Saudi cow is weakened and is about to be slaughtered: there will be those who will have the lion's share of its meat and those who will have very little chunks.  

2- Let us remember that the Tsardom of Russia was very eager to cause the collapse of the Ottoman caliphate, nicknamed at the time as the sick man of Europe. The policies of the Tsardom of Russia were based on weakening this sick man of Europe to inherit its lands in Mid-Europe later on and protect the Slavic race under its banner. What protected the Ottoman caliphate for a while against Russia was GB and France who elongated the duration of the Ottoman caliphate because GB and France desired to get – and they actually got – the lion's share of the Ottoman lands, whereas Russia received very little from the spoils when the Ottoman caliphate officially ended.



1- When an agreement is reached by the USA, the West powers, Russia, and Iran, the Saudi kingdom will collapse by shooting just one bullet. The USSR collapsed without shooting even one bullet; but the Saudi kingdom will collapse by one bullet shot by a mercenary of Blackwater who will point his gun at the head of Ibn Salman, and this will bring the story to a happy ending.

2- And wait; we too are waiting!

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