Money: the idol of a materialistic society

Ezz Eddin Naguib في الجمعة 21 اغسطس 2009

; text-kashida: 0%">A person whose aim is solely getting money, will soon sacrifice all his values one by one. He will soon steal, cheat, and even murder for the sake of his idol. A doctor will squeeze his patients dry by making unnecessary investigations and operations. A lawyer will twist the law to get his client free and pocket the large fee. Officials will take bribes and use their authority for personal gain. A father will sacrifice his daughters into marriage to dishonourable persons for the sake of money. Gradually that money worshipper will lose his friends one by one. He will lose the inner satisfaction and serenity of the true believer, and when he reaches his deathbed, he will wonder, "What if there is a God after all?" He will die in agony anticipating the fires of hell enveloping his body in its everlasting flames.
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