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Almarsad Press Relase
The administrative court delays addressing the quranist release to the end of this month
Mahmoud Basiouny in 07-07-05

The Administrative court has decided to delay address the release of the arrested Quranists to July 21st after the general attorney refused the defendants’ request to appeal their arrest orders.
In the same time, a number of International and Egyptian organizations are discussing sending a complaint against the Egyptian government to the UN Human Rights Council as the Egyptian authorities are after the Quranists because of their ideology, to demand Egypt to commit to the international agreements that protects freedom of speech and belief.

Almarsad Almadany for Human Rights has described the arrest of the Quranists to be a political game in which the government will arrest the Muslim Bothers members and in the same time appear as the protector of religion by arresting the Quranists.
Almarsad urged the government to use activate Article 18 of the of the International Agreements on Politic and Civil Rights that states the freedom of speech and belief for every one, implying that Egypt’s membership of the UN Human Rights Council will be international criticism as a result of the practices

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