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The Holey mosque
By: - Ahmed Mansour

Asalam Alikum dearest Brother. Alhamdullilah and thankyou for your work and sharing your knowledge. I have many asks and have been in Quran alone Journey for around 5 years. I am so sorry for the long email I have tried to keep as short as I can. It's just 5 basic questions at the end. I converted to Islam nearly 10 years ago and have no close contact with any other Muslim or in Quran only Islam. I was divorced from a salafi who after 5 months of marriage left me pregnant with with his child to look after alone with no help since. Since realising it was a blessing but of course hugely difficult to cope alone especially with no other Quran only Muslims. I have 5 questions and only pwith Allahs blessing I pray to hear your reply. It's so very very lonely with no close contacts. 1. The Kaaba built by Abraham. There are many differences in Muslim views with Quran. Some say no facing kaaba or non physical salat. My problem is I do not speak arabic. Translation apps are not reliable so I try to use only the Quran. I read a post I have copied it below. My ask here is if the kaaba being built is used allegorically. The use of the word "house" and the word "raise" This is a post I read below. I have also added photos of a quran that translated theword in question "raise" as sent. Here is the post //especially strict religious Jewish would not have let Kaba go at any cost if it was really built by Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh). However, the same pagan myth that Kaba was constructed by Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was falsely brought in Islam by fake translation of the verse 2:127 in which our blind scholars invented this biggest lie, that Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) and Prophet Ismael (pbuh) raised the foundations of Kaba, by taking the fake meaning of the word to mean foundation walls. Whereas, a common man knows that the definite noun is a plural of ۃ the correct meaning of which is the rule or the regulation and the definite article makes these rules and regulations () of Allah. The word does not refer to make something new or to construct something but in fact is the derivative of its root word to mean highlight or promote. Again the word has been never used in Arabic to mean house but due to our false knowledge about Arabic language it has been stuck in our memory to mean house. Arabs has been calling to their house in their own Arabic language// My questions are. 1. Could it be possible that raising foundations of house is not the physical house in mecca? 2. Does Quran tell us to face the Kaaba when prostrating? Quran says wherever we are face it Or does it mean wherever we are face the direction and system/way of Abraham I.e Muslim way oneness of Allah etc. Also Make homes in to.a Qibla? Surely cant mean face houses towards Qibla. These are the allorgies I do not understand due to my non arabic. 3. I uploaded a photo of other verses to show anotherIn verse with raising/raise being in only one translation corpus besides others. Do you know if this word in 2.127 is meant metaphorical_Allegorical? 4. know of anywhere in uk that has a network or place of prayer and meeting for Marriage or forums speaking English? Please cn you help in this we are stuck and future generations I fear for them so much with no community. 5. Dear brother do you know of a good Quran translation or can recommend any that you use? Also Arabic translation apps/books Peace and blessings to you. Thankyou so much.

Thank you for this email.

This is my response:




 About Al Masjid Al Haram ( The Holy Mosque in mecca )


1 - It is the physical house. This is meant in the literal sense of the word. Abraham and Ismail “rasised” or “built” the house to restore it as a place of worship for generations to come.

The Quran calls the Kaaba “ancient house”  which means that the Kaaba was built before Abraham, after which it was used by Pagans, until Allah (swt) pointed to Abraham the place of the ancient House  and ordered Abraham to purify the Kaaba, destroy all the idols, and rebuild it on its old foundation , and ordered him to invite people to preform Hajj from all over the world.

2 - More details :

In Sura Al Imran (3:96), Allah (swt) says that the Kaaba is the first house that was ordered for people to perform pilgrimage

In Sura Al Haj (26-28), Allah (swt) say:  remember when we appointed to Abraham the place of the House, and ordered him not to worship idols, and to purify my house..) ( And invite the people ( for Al Hajj) they will come to you walking or riding, from far distances. )

In Surah Al Baqara (127), Allah (swt) says: remember when Abraham and Ismail raised the foundation of the house, saying “Oh Lord accept this from us, you are the all hearing, all knowing”

Muslims are ordered to pray all five prayers facing towards the Kaaba.

In Surah Al Baqara (144), Allah (swt) says: face towards the Kaaba whever you are, face towards. And it was repeated again in ( 149: 150) wherever you go, face towards the Masjid

However, there are two contexts for this. If you know the direction, your should face the Kaaba.

 If you do not know the direction, you are free to choose any direction.   Allah says : (  Allah (swt) possesses the East and the West, and no matter where you turn, God is abundant in his knowledge  ( 2 : 115 ).



About the Quranic language :


  The Quranic  jurisprudence is based on one single meaning, and is not an allegory.  Read ( And fight in the cause of allah those who wre fighting you and do not transgress, truly , Allah does not like the transgressors )

 In my opinion, all the translations are influenced by the opinions of the old traditional tafsirs. And that is why we reject them . We ubderstand the Quran according to its very Arabic unique terminology . That why we are AhlAl Quran, the people of the Quran . We are experts in Arabic language and its history over centuries , and experts in the so called Muslin history and traditions , and use our knowledge in ubderstand The Holy Quran from within .

I advise you to read our English section.


Lastly :


 1 - You are very welcome to our Ahl Al Quran trend.


One of my relatives lives in UK . He is Quranist and looking for one Quranist woman to marry. I can mention you to him if you are interested.


Shiekh Dr .Ahmed Subhy Mmansour

The International Quranic Center (IQC)

5314 Pillow LN, Springfield, VA 22151

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