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"…But the guilty will not be asked about their sins" (Quran 28:78)
The Test of Succession in the Land between Moses' Pharaoh and the Israelites (1 of 2)
The Veritable Danger Posed by Wahabism to the World Requires the Immediate Elimination of Wahabism
Having Islam in our side against Wahabists
The So-called Al-Aqsa of Jerusalem Is A Harmful Mosque, and Palestinians Will Never Be Successful as long as they Cling to It
Quranic Terminology: Synonymy between the Terms "Dhan" and "Doubt" in Relation to Assumptions of Disbelievers
Stealing from the State?!
The Relation between Human Beings and the Metaphysical Realm of Barsakh
Questions about Afghans and Chechnya
The Egyptian “Taliban” State
Fatwas Part One-Hundred-and-Twelve
An Unpublished Interview with the Daily Telegraph on the Occasion of the Catholic Pope Visiting Egypt
Fatwas: Part Forty-Five
Dealing with Afghanistan
A propos de l'article précédent intitulé (Un appel adressé au président égyptien...)
Concept of Jihad, the core of war of ideas
Torment and Torture within a Quranist Vision
Seeking Knowledge, Even by Traveling to Mozambique!
The Curse of Terrorism and the Efficiency of Egyptian Police Officers
The Concept of Terrorism (Irhaab) In the Glorious Quran


October 24, 2009
7 - 9 PM
The Potter’s House
1658 Columbia Road NW
Washington, D C  20009
(202) 232-5483
Gaza Freedom March
December 2009 - January 2010
Reality of Life in Gaza Today and
the Role of Americans
Shelley Fudge & Pam Rasmussen,
CODEPINK Delegation May & June 2009
Music and entertainment before and after
Light refreshment (hummus & pita bread, mint tea, pastries)
Donations can be made by cash, check or credit card
Checks:          JOJ Way to Jerusalem
Mail To:         c/o Potter’s House Church
              1658 Columbia Road N.W.
              Washington, D. C.  20009
See attached menu available for pre-ordering:              PLEASE CALL AND ORDER     (703) 862-3622 or                                    Email –
By October 22
 Couscous with:        Lamb & vegs                                    Chicken & vegs         vreast or leg                                         Vegetables only                        $10
Includes -                Pita bread
                   Tomato diced salad
                             Cucumber w/ yogurt
Middle East desserts
Mint tea

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