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Zakatul Fitr

This is a translation for a question posted at this link:

Zakatul Fitr

Question Text:

What is Zakatul Fitr(Charity given at the end of Ramadan, the fasting month), and what is its legitimacy ?

Ahmed Subhi Mansour’s reply:

Zakatul Fitr is a jurisprudential invention with no basis in Islam. It is imperative upon the believer to take out charity, during daytime or nighttime, in secrecy and publicly, as soon as Allah provides him with sustenance. It is not conditional upon the turn of a year or Al-Fitr Festival, as stated by the Sunni man-made religion, or should the needy and the starving poor wait for the year to pass by, or for the Al-Fitr Eid or for Christmas or the Revolution anniversary to roll by for them to get the charity due them

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