This is life

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is life

You spend a lot of time fixing things when they go wrong.

Be sure to put just as much time and awareness into enjoying life when things go right.

You work with focus and diligence to tend the garden that is your world.

Spend some peaceful, quality time in that garden, simply taking-in its beauty.

There are plenty of challenges that come into your life.

Take care that you don't view life itself as a struggle.  

Reflect instead on the miracle of your existence.

Feel intensely the beauty and wonder that you're able to know, simply because you are beautiful.

Even in the complicated, challenging efforts, find and revel in the joy that is surely there.

Remind yourself often what a privilege it is to be.

Breathe in the fresh, cool fragrant air and relax into the wonder.

This is life, and it is truly amazing.

-- Ralph Marston


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